Depressed - slow weight loss - help!!!

Hi Everyone,
This is the first time I have posted a thread on this site so hopefully I'm doing it right!!
I have had a really terrible 2 weeks. I am on week 6 of Lighterlife and for the last 2 weeks I have only lost 2 lbs each week. Has anyone else experienced this? I have stuck to the program 100% at all times, drunk more than 6litres a day (as I heard the more you drink the more you loose) and never once cheated and yet I'm getting poor results.
I felt particularly down yesterday as 2 girls in my group (who both cheated the previous week) both lost 8lbs each!!! I was obviously pleased for them but for myself I felt cheated :(.
My counsellor is concerned too - but I checked my ketone level and I am still in Ketosis so that is not the answer.
I wonder if anyone else out there has had weeks like this and can offer any advice as right now I am desperate.
My chatterbox keeps saying things like 'maybe if I cheat and then start again I will have a big loss too'....but I don't want to break. help!!
Thanks for listening, Heather x
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Hi Heather
Im on week 7 of LL and I have had 3 weeks loss of 3lbs in a row and then last week I had a 4lbs loss?I come on so maybe thats it?Are you due TOTM?Sometimes its also water retention,even though you are having 6 litres a day a bit more maybe needed?Are you having 4 packs everyday?If you dont your body can gointo starvation mode?
I know and agree exactly with what you sat regarding people who cheat and lose loads isnt far and I said this on another post,but someone wasnt pleased I said it?It is hard and I will say it again when we have stuck to it 100% and have a slow loss then people cheat and have a huge loss it makes us want to cheat also doesnt it,thats human nature.
BUT BEFORE you cheat THINK will it stop at once,imagion if you cheated had a bigger loss what would you do then?Cheat again?BUT then you may gain?2lbs is great I know its not what is said we lose and if I lost 2lbs 2 weeks running id be peed off I was at 3lbs,but its better than a gain?
Have you uped your exercise?We need to start exercising otherwisw we dont learn in the future how to keep the weight off?,also it helps to lose the weight now??
Thanks illdoit,
My totm was the week before last (the first week that I only lost 2lb) so I put that week down to that and expected more to come off this last when I stood on the scales yesterday to see 2lb again I was mortified!

Yeah I know what you are saying about the cheating, and I know I probably won't go down that road - I'd be too afraid of gaining the first time I did it!!!

I have been having all 4 packs a day and the water intake is supposed to help the fat loss - apparently the more you can drink the better - the 4litres is a minimum :confused:.

I think you are right about the exercise though - I am going to join the gym tonight and see if I can burn some more of those pounds off!!

Thanks for replying to me though :D and don't be down about your 3lb losses - that is apparently what you should level out on and it really does add up week on week! I'll just concentrate on the fact that at least the weight is going down not up!!!

Take care x


Hi Heather
I think its annoying when we dont lose when we stick to it,i have read others on here losing 2lbs a week ,theres a lady in my group who loses 2lbs a week and shes stuck to it.
Well done you on joining the Gym FAB,fingers crossed it will slice those lbs off for you


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PLEASE, PLEASE - don't worry

Hi Hun
Had to post reply to you as I had EXACTLY the same issue within my group. Infact I actually ended leaving the group and moving to another one to get away from it!
Get out your tape measure - you maybe pleasantly surprised!
You can 'cheat' even for a couple of weeks & get away with it but its very, very upsetting & resentful for those who don't.
My weightloss, like yours has also been slow - even stayed the same for a fortnight! So do not worry, it'll gradually shift you may have a couple of weeks at 2lbs then a couple at 4lbs!
Please make sure you're drinking min 4lts - anything less does slow things down.
Please make sure you speak to or email your counsellor & explain what's happening & how you are feeling.
Keep going - TRY to forget about the others & just focus on yourself & how well you're doing xxx :)
Thank you Clucks,
It's so great to know that it happens to others too and you know how I'm feeling! I don't want to feel resentful to anyone else in my group but I cannot help a little of those feelings creeping it when I've stuck to the plan 100% and they cheat! I'm glugging the water today like no tomorrow and I'm off to the gym tonight so fingers crossed this will be a better week for me. My counsellor is going to be calling me mid week to check I'm still sain!!
Thanks for the support!
Heather x


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After my intial few weeks on diet my weightloss slowed down to between 2lbs & 2.5lbs per week. Sure it's disapointing, especially when others in thr group are losing more but try to look at the bigger picture. Just over 14 weeks ago i was a stretching a pair of size 14/16 elasticated waist tracksuit bottoms over my size 18 bum! Today i slipped on a pair of size 10 fitted trousers! (and cried a little, shh don't tell anyone!)

It might seem slow but believe me the inches are coming off!


S: 14st4lb C: 13st1.5lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 35.8 Loss: 1st2.5lb(8.25%)
last week I lost one pound, the week before two, previous weeks were all three per week (apart from the bigger 1st week) I had a cold and the counsellor said it was probs just that. I try not to say 'only one' or 'only two' as after all even a pound is actually quite a lot of weight.

Have faith if you stick to it the weight will come off, if you cheat you have no guarantee and you may find you are unable to stop at one small cheat and throw away all you have worked for.

at the end of the day even with fairly low losses I have lost the weight of my (nearly 2 yr old) daughter in 6-7 weeks. I know how heavy she feels when I am carrying her around so I can only imagine how much better off my body is for not having to carry the same weight in fat about all day!

Don't allow other peoples results to get you down, at the end of the day we each follow a LL journey on our own, sure we share along the way and thats healthy but ultimately its all about ourselves as individuals.

It seems that those who cheat more than once (there are exceptions so I don't mean to generalise) are the most likely to drop out before they reach their goals. We have had 3 people in my class cheat, 2 of them cheated twice and they have chosen to leave. The other lady who cheated once is still with us but she has found it very hard to stick to having 'got away' with it once.

don't let it get you down, you are doing really great!!



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Please stay focussed. Cheating is not the answer, although I know it is tempting. I have had weeks where I've been 100% good - drunk the water had only the packs etc - and only lost a pound - then other weeks its been 5-6 lb. The important thing is it is coming off, and try to look at your AVERAGE loss - over the time I have been doing LL my average is 3.5lbs per week. Yes sometimes more, sometimes a lot less, but it is coming off. Of course I have felt diasappointed when the scales register only a pound but I say to myself - could I have done anything else - the answer is "no" - and I get on with the next week. If you cheat - the only person you hurt is yourself, not the others in the class who "cheat and get away ith it" - that is their issue and the weight loss/gain will catch up with them in the end. All our bodies are different, complex, and this fat has built up over a while, it will take a while to shift it too.
Remember its not a race - its your personal journey - how you get there is irrelevant, it is reaching your personal goal and holding your head high that is important.

Good luck.
Joolz xxx


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I had weeks like that too, but in the end it averaged out, but I really wouldn't join the gym, this is not the time to start serious exercise. swimming and walking are good but anything that is to vigerous will slow your weight loss down.
This happens time and time again.
Toning and gentle stetching are also good but if you do anything more energetic, you will seriously slow things down. remember just how few calories you are having, you dont have enough to spare to keep you warm let alone to use on exercise.
be patient it will come off, ignore the cheaters, they are on the slippery slope, dont join them, stay strong and keep going, you will be the one in managment doing it properly and keeping it off,they will be the ones who continue to cheat and think because they got away with it once they can do it again, but the writing is on the wall for them I'm afraid, they are only cheating themselves, in the end you have to be true to yourself .

good luck and just keep doing it right.


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When I went to the gym I either stayed the same or put on - so I would say hold back until you're in maintenance for strenuous exercise. Use the stairs, take the lift, go for walk at lunchtime - the usual intro to exercise things! Xmas shopping is on the horizon which will be lots of walking round & round xxxx


S: 16st13lb C: 16st5lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 37 Loss: 0st8lb(3.38%)
I have to say I agree with Clucks, when I started on LL the OH bought us both bikes so we could get fit and lose weight together. Living in a particularly hilly part of Yorkshire I couldn't understand why, when we were out for a couple of hours at a time 2 or 3 times a week the weight wasn't dropping off me (I was losing a couple of pounds a week). Then someone told me that when you do strenuous exercise (especially when you're not used to it) your muscles "hoard" water and glycogen as they can convert it to energy more quickly then fat, so it's a double whammy you're carrying the extra weight in your muscles AND you're not burning the fat you think you are!! My LLC agreed so I cut back on the cycling (haven't given it up - just go for more sedate ambles along the (flat!) canal banks instead!) and within a couple of weeks my weekly weight loss had doubled. Having said that if I miss a week and don't do ANY exercise I always get a lower weight loss, so obviously moderate exercise is the answer for me!
BTW - WELL DONE Heather, on sticking to it - just think, if you can manage to stick to it when it's really tough and you think you're not getting anywhere (though you are - any weight loss is great!) then everything else will seem easy!:D
Thank you so much everyone!

Hi Everyone,
I have had so many replies since I last logged on (I couldn't log on yesterday!) but thank you all so much - the support is really helpful and means a lot to me - I find I can feel a little isolated in the week between my group meetings, just me and my diet ;) - but not any more, so thank you!

It's interesting what a couple of you have said about exercise. I used to be a big gym go-er (when I was smaller in the past and lived 100 yrds from the gym!) and I have always partly blamed getting out of shape on my reduction in exercise so it is a habit I want to get back into to help me maintain my weight in the future. However, it sounds like I should stick to toning for the time being - I love swimming so I'll do lots of that rather than the spinning class I was off to this evening!!!

I am feeling a whole lot more positive now than I felt at the beggining of the week, as you all have said - I'm focussing on how far I've come and any weight loss is bloody brilliant right?! Just knowing that slow weeks happen to everyone is such a comfort - I was terrified it was going to stop working for me!

Carrot_tit - I'm so chuffed for you and your size 10's - I'm dreaming of that moment :) I started at a size 18 - and yep did the same squeezing into size 16's and pretending - now I'm a size 14 - how brilliant :D

Thanks again, (Happy again) Heather xxx


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Can only reiterate what the others have said. My weight loss has never been fantasticly huge like some peoples (was on LL then CD) and at one point thought why was I spending all this money to lose 2lb per week when I could have done that for less on WW or SW. But the point being that on WW or SW I would have maintain weeks, gain weeks and never weeks where I lost more than 3lbs. With LL/CD I had weeks where i lost 2lb .... but never maintained, never gained, and sometimes lost 5lb per week. In the 4months I did it last year, I followed it religiously - never cheated and always averaged out losing my stone per month.

So carry on doing well - and here's hoping this weeks loss will be a good one for you.


I STILL mean it!
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I agree with whats been said before about excercise -
When I started going to the gym, it was the only week I actually PUT ON some weight! so be careful.
Also don't frink TOO MUCH water, I think this idea about "the more you drink the more you'll lose" is dangerous. If you want to know why, look up water intoxication on Google.
4 - 6 litres should be fine though, as long as you don't drink it faster than 1 litre per hour.
If you stick to the diet, the weight WILL come off - not at a nice uniform rate - but it WILL come off. Make a graph by sellotaping as many sheets as it takes so you can allow 1 square upwards for each pound and 1 square across for each day. Draw a dotted line down from your starting weight to your goal weight at a rate of 4 lbs per week. You will then have some idea of what you will weigh and when, if you stay focussed. Sometimes your actual weight will be above the dotted line, and sometimes below. When you get a "I'll never do this" day, make yourself go and look at your chart until the feeling passes. Worked for me.
Good luck, and stay strong - and PATIENT. I used to use the analogy of gardening, doing the diet is like sowing seeds - the flowers WILL arrive, if you look after the seeds!!!!
Ann x
hehehe - I also have a chart already!!!
My line shows a pound loss every other day and it's funny how, like you say, it is sometimes above and sometimes below but somehow always manages to end up back on the line :) - and you're right it's very motivating to look ahead and think - 'oooh I'll weigh such and such on Christmas day!'
Loving your flowers analogy :)


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Just to motivate you further.....

Glad you're feeling so much better - like I said I was in exactly the same position & know exactly how you felt earlier this week! :mad: :mad: :mad:
I have 'friend of friend' who WAS currently over 16st * started Slimming World approx 6 weeks ago - in that time I think her total loss is 9lbs! She's either staying the same or losing 1/2lb a week, soooooo your 2lb is quadruple that - and the same as mine. :eek: :eek: :eek:
I'm approx 11 & half st now and ideally want to be 10st BUT may settle at 10 & a half as I don;t want to look skinny & old so being that I've only got stone to stone & half left to lose 2lb a week works for me! :)
Anytime you feel like you are not getting out of it what you really need, come here make a post & see what response you get - lots & lots of warm fuzzies which will really help!
Have a great day Heather - my weigh ins this eve & I'm fingers X'd for 2lbs x
Luv Clare xxx
Glad you're feeling so much better - like I said I was in exactly the same position & know exactly how you felt earlier this week! :mad: :mad: :mad:
I have 'friend of friend' who WAS currently over 16st * started Slimming World approx 6 weeks ago - in that time I think her total loss is 9lbs! She's either staying the same or losing 1/2lb a week, soooooo your 2lb is quadruple that - and the same as mine. :eek: :eek: :eek:
I'm approx 11 & half st now and ideally want to be 10st BUT may settle at 10 & a half as I don;t want to look skinny & old so being that I've only got stone to stone & half left to lose 2lb a week works for me! :)
Anytime you feel like you are not getting out of it what you really need, come here make a post & see what response you get - lots & lots of warm fuzzies which will really help!
Have a great day Heather - my weigh ins this eve & I'm fingers X'd for 2lbs x
Luv Clare xxx

Thanks Clare! You are very right, on any other diet 2lbs in a week would be a great week. I did join the gym (don't worry I'll stick to toning!) and they were offering a diet boasting a loss of 8lbs in 12 weeks - I thought, my god if people think that's good then I am doing marvelously!!!
We are at very similar positions in our weight ambition stakes..I too want to be 10 stone - 10.7 and my scales told me that I was 11.12 this morning - I was delighted (and hoping it will read the same or less on sunday!!) so I'm getting there! I really hope you got the weight you wanted off at your meeting last night ;)
Take care Heather x