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Depressed that I can't lose the weight

Hi everyone, I'm new here and this is my first post. I suppose I'm just looking for some advice and support. I am getting married in 3 weeks. I bought my wedding dress in a store about 1 year ago. At that time I weighted 120 lbs (I am 5 ft 3). The dress was a UK size 10 and it was beautiful on me. Well, in the last year my weight has ballooned to 140 lbs and the dress will not even zip up on me. I went out and bought the same dress in a UK size 14. I look absolutely horrible in it. I have been dieting for the past 2 weeks now and I have not lost a single pound. Typically I will have a bowl of porridge made with water around 10 am, then fruit for lunch and something like half a tin of beans and 2 slices of wholemeal toast for dinner. I have drastically reduced my calorie intake but it seems there was no point. I am extremely depressed over this as even when I was lighter I was very self conscious and absolutely hated having my photo taken as I always look ugly in photos. Now I am really really dreading my wedding day. I don't know what to do. I want to enjoy my wedding day and not worry about what I look like but I really don't know how to do that. I fell so fat and ugly and it's all I can think about. Any words of advice or support would be great

thanks for listening x
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If I'm honest, I don't think you are eating enough. Your body will think its starving and starts to lower your metabolism and hold on to fat.

There is good news. You *can* lose weight. Its just a matter of doing it in the right way. You can't cut down your calories to hardly anything and starve your body because it will just make you unwell and you won't be able to carry on that way.

You need to get a proper plan which has been designed by the experts and stick to the plan. On this forum there are thousands of people who are doing established weight loss plans and they are losing weight. Unless you have a medical problem (such as underactive thyroid) there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn't be able to lose weight just like everyone else.

I would advise you to join a club like SW or WW and get the support you need from other people. The person who runs the class will help you and will look at your diet and give you tips.

I've lost weight in the last three weeks and here is a typical day for me:

Breakfast, 1 slice wholemeal toast with fat free cottage cheese and chopped tomatoes. A pear, an apple.

Snack: fruit or veg, a boiled egg, or a crispbread with cottage cheese or laughing cow light cheese

Lunch: Salad with a whole chicken breast, peppers, tomatoes, one boiled egg, fat free salad dressing

Dinner: Pasta and bolognese made with Quorn (sauce made with tinned tomatoes, onions and garlic and a stock cube mixed in)

As for the wedding - your fiance loves you, your family love you and you need to love yourself a little.... a size 14 is not huge at all and I'm sure what you see in the mirror is just made worse by your own mind (I bet you actually look lovely).

Eating that little is probably why you haven't lost any weight, if you dont eat enough cals your body goes into 'starvation mode' and you wont lose anything.

If you are looking to lose weight fairly quickly/just want to do it for a few weeks, have you thought about trying a vlcd (very low calorie diet) such as Lighterlife, Cambridge or Exante?

Good luck with your weight loss and have a fabulous time on your wedding day.

Well, as she said the wedding was in 3 weeks and this post is 3 weeks old, I am guessing the wedding is imminent. What a shame it ended up in the wrong forum to get spotted.

Hope your wedding day went/is about to go well. I am sure you will look beautiful.
[FONT=&quot]I think you are very excited about your marriage .This excitement and depression work together and affect your body negatively. Try to give attention to other interesting things and try to be busy always so that you can reduce your depression.[/FONT]
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Weddings are a stressful time and i know about it. I bought my dress in a 16 and it was a little tight doubt i would be able to sit down in it. But eating little isn't going to help. If you want to eat little portions of food make sure you do it regular and often and also lots of water

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