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Depressed today

Feeling a bit down about how long this is going to take, I have such a long way to go it seems like forever. I went to mums and tots today and felt like such an outsider. I just want to look "normal" and get some confidence back. Has anyone got a magic wand to make me a size 12 tomorrow? x x
Hey Sappho - sorry to hear you're feeling down today......:( your confidence will grow as the weight comes off....it might take a while but it's a journey that's so worth staring on......

what's the alternative ?? keep feelin as you do today....eat more, get bigger, feel worse, eat more, get bigger, eat more.....we've all been there and that's exactly why we chose to do LL / Cambridge / Lipotrim - there is no quicker (safer) way to lose the weight as quickly as possible.

Try not to focus on the amount you want or need to lose....focus on geeting down into the next stone bracket...then - when you get there - focus on getting to the next one down....and before you know it - you'll be where you want to be and will feel so much better than today !

I know it must seem like a daunting task BUT any journey has to start with that first step....the time will pass anyway, so why not make the most of it and start your weight loss journey as soon as you can :)

good luck with whatever you decide.....


Debz xx
just spotted your signature - very very good !!! have another read.....

I took a little step today
towards the real me
I took a little look inside
at who I want to be
The road ahead seems very long
and the end so far away
but I know that all that I can do
is take it day by day
One day soon I'll look up to see
the end is there in sight
but until that day it's baby steps
to help me win this fight
Sappo you have your own magic wand and it is inside you. You can do this each month things will improve you just have to patient a little longer.

Keep your chin up SMILE:)


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It does feel like such a long journey doesn't it? And the end is so hard to picture, I felt almost afraid to look forward to it!

I've found it better to set mini goals because you can focus on them and the success will spur me on. Join in the Easter Challenge thread and concentrate on that for a while.


If you feel you're struggling, take yourself off for a warm bath, or an early nnight with a good book, or a trip to the cinema, or taking your little'lun to the park etc. Just do something that makes you feel special and doesn't involve food.

When this feeling passes (and it will!), remember to think to yourself 'wow, I struggled, I felt bad, but I coped! I didn't turn to food and that proves I can do it.'
When this feeling passes (and it will!), remember to think to yourself 'wow, I struggled, I felt bad, but I coped! I didn't turn to food and that proves I can do it.'
VERY wise words - THANK YOU !!!

Debz xx


Happily pro pointing!
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It may seem like a long journey to your final goal, I think we all feel like that at the beggining, however, you don't get to the end of the 100 days and suddenly it all falls off, you will lose about 1 stone per month and 1 dress size or there abouts, it really doesn't take that long before you start feeling good about yourself (and more 'normal'), and then one day you will wake up and it will be 'tomorrow', you will try on that pair of size 12 jeans and they will go on, do up and feel fab.

You need to set smaller goals to lead the way.
I have about 12 goals, 8 of which I have met already. Write them down and tick them off as you go. It has really helped me.

14 weeks isn't that long, my 14 weeks is up tomorrow. I can't believe I have done it, and it seems like it was just yesterday when I was wading around in size 20s.
Hang on in there, you can do it!
wow alibongo your 14 weeks is up tomorrow?? does it go fast honesly? good on yer girl!!
So how much have u lost in total?
xx :D xx
:superwoman:Sappho, mine will be 1ostones weightloss in total, pls do step by step, stone by stone, digit by digit, i have 4 stones yet to go and yes I still als feel depressed at times, but think of what I have achieved in a short time frame, Good luck and we are all here to support one another


Happily pro pointing!
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Yeah, it really does go that fast, I remember starting my ticker and stuff, thinking oh god, this is going to take forever, how am I going to cope, but as you know, you soon get into the swing of it and before you know you have dropped 2 dress sizes and have nothing to wear that doesn't look ridiculous.
My mind has had trouble keeping up with what my body was doing. It wasn't until I got down to a 14 did I realise that I had shrunk (mad I know). I just looked in the mirror one day and thought 'Wow, this is really happening' LOL

Well, I have lost 50.9lbs so far but have a weigh in tomorrow so will see what my 100 day total is then.
Still got a couple of weeks to go til RTM, I am feeling quite impatient now though.
thats amazing! another reason for us all to keep going.
I hit day 20 tomorrow- cant believe that I have done 20% already!
Thats so cool that your in a size 10. Looking at the photo of you from before- makes me feel proud =]
good luck tomorrow!
well done you!! xxxx

Deb G

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Time will fly by - I never thought I'd manage a week, and here I am (size 10) in week 21!!! I can hardly remember the fat unconfident woman I used to be - its like she never existed. There is only one way you will feel how you want to feel, and that's by carrying on doing what you're doing!

You've done GREAT so far, and soon people will start to really notice the changes in you. Don't lose heart now!!!
Thanks guys, all your nice comments made me cry (in a good way!) It is lovely to know I have all this support and people who really understand. It is true that the alternative to this is just getting bigger and bigger and I definitely want to carry on with it, I just get soooo cross that I let myself get this big in the first place! I will sit down tonight and set myself lots of mini goals (in fact I might do it now - bored at work!!). You are all an inspiration, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Deb G

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Glad we could be of assistance! Join up with some in the century club too (on this forum) for people who have 100lb or more to lose! The way I see it, I dedicated 6 months of my life to do this. When you you think that I am 34 now and may well live into my 80s (or more!) then that is a TINY amount of time to set aside to become the person I know I am inside!
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GLad to see you feeling more positive Sapho!! It can seem very far in the distance, and I catch myself looking waaaaaay down the road, then I reel it back in and try to look closer. Not necisarily a day at a time, but a month.

This past month has gone SOOOO fast. And has been so easy. I was terrified of this diet. I fetl like I may has well have been giving up oxygen. But it's so satisfying seeing the weigh go so fast, and feeling so good and positive naturally.

I have the same amoutn of weight at you. Started at 281 and my goal is 140 too. We'll get through it!!! As long as we keep our eyes on the prize!!!

You are doing great - keep at it and we'll be halfway there before we know it! Then its all down hill!!


(Us hippys, born again or not have to stick together!! :D)
Thank you. I know I dont want to go backwards and knowing I am in this with so many others does make me more motivated. its just that naughty voice inside my head telling me whats the point, I will never be thin!! I am beginning to ignore it but it will take time. I am not giving up though!

Bit miffed that I dont seem to have lost any weight so far this week though and last week only 3lbs. I guess I am too impatient.

God I sound like a right moany moo, gotta snap out of this!! Hippy power :character00238:
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Sappho just look how well you're doing already - that should make you smile.

I've also got a lot to lose and I do mine in mini goals - I look to do the usual 1/2 stone and stone weight loss but also going down to a new number or hitting the ? stone 6lbs etc --- count anything and everything that will make it pass better for you.

You can do this honey xx

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