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I had been so depressed all week after only loosing half pound last week, i got into a habitual weighing myself morning noon and night routine (stupid i know).... i couldn't see any weight coming off, despite sticking to the diet 100%. Weighed myself on Sunday night and i weighed the same as i did the previous week, so when it came to Monday night class i knew i was gonna be disapointed... SHOCK HORROR....when i got on the scales i had lost three pound!!!! Amazed.. just goes to show this crap habit of weighing myself through the week is pointless and just makes me depressed. So my challange to myself is not to get on the scales till next Monday at class.... Hope i can succeed lol!!
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well done, try to keep to the plan of not weighing yourself it sounds like a good idea :D:D
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i have done slimming world twice before,looking back at my record cards both previous trys were slow starts...loosing very little then maintaining then loosing .everybody is different.as long as you are heading in the right direction thats good isnt it.and get rid of the scales you know they are not helping its better to go by how your clothes are fitting.
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I like your challenge as Im the same as you!! I get on the scales 3 times a day sometimes too lol.Its pointless and it spoils the suprise you get just doing it once a week :)

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Lessons should be learnt! Stay off the scales until you go to class!!!! Lol
If you cant, bin your scales, get other half to hide them, or give them to a relative!


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I also try to avoid getting on the scales as it really is an up and down emotional thing. I just put them in the loft, so won't be going up there any time soon! Congrats on the 3lb loss!
i love hopping on and off my scales, but it sets my mood for the day.

I try to do it less, but some weeks i cant help myself, so i know EXACTLY how you feel.

my scales are very accurate - they measure in 0.2 of a pound...(woohoo) and this means i can see how much ive lost each day - but i always worry about weigh day if i have been hopping on and off them!

I weigh myself on weigh day morning religiously - and know i will be about 2lbs heavier at class if i eat and drink 'normally' on weigh day (my class is in the evening)

Its a nasty habit - but i dont smoke, and i drink less than i used to, so its not the end of the world. I am trying to quit....! ;)
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hey would love to give u words of wisdom but WE ALL DO IT LOL dont we...ok dont be 2 disappointed then coz u know ur scales wont be the same as the weigh in club!
i,ve actually managed to get scales that weigh the same as the docs and the same at the gym..just means this morning i weighed my self at home..at docs..at gym obsessed i think so..i bet bet you dont feel so bad now
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i'm terrible I weigh myself in the morning before i go to work! One thing I have noticed though is that it goes up and down from day to day, but all evens out in the end. I don't let myself get down when it fluctuates!
I should stop doing it too i guess!!!
hey would love to give u words of wisdom but WE ALL DO IT LOL dont we...ok dont be 2 disappointed then coz u know ur scales wont be the same as the weigh in club!
My scales weigh me exactly the same as the ones at SW, maybe that why i'm obsessed... hey at least i'm admitting to my problem lol!!!! i have managed to walk passed them today and not get weighed... might be tempted in the morning lol!!..... it's a hard habbit to quit lol!


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I weigh myself every morning too. Since yesterday i've put on 3 lbs which i don't see how is possible, so im not looking to WI which im off to now!

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