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Think this is part of my problem. I just tried to exercise to music and found that I really couldn't face it.

My limbs feel like lead and I have no motivation at all. I could weep.

Needless to say my studies are beyond me right now and time is running out.

Suddenly I realise how depressed I really am and it's horrible.
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hi hun, first step to recovery is done, that is, you recognize what is happening to you.
depression is a hard condition to overcome, but you can do it, you do have that inner strength deep in you somewhere, you just need to bring it to the surface.
but you can't do it alone, please seek some professional help, and let us also be a listening ear for you.

we're with you xx


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Hugest ((hugs))
We're here when you need us


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Sorry to hear you are feeling so low. I suffered from depression a few years ago and I went to my doc and sort professional help. The low periods still come and go but never as bad. I do too much and therefore begin to feel overwhelmed. Advice given to me was 'how do u eat an elephant?'. Answer..... One bite at a time. Starting a new WOE then exercising AND your studies is a considerable amount. If ur physical signs say ur not up it then listen to urself. U r the expert of u. ((((((((((hugs))))))))))). U can do it u, just have to believe what positive people say about u, including U!! Hope u feel better soon. We r here if u need us xxx


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Hi girlygirl. Hope you have had a good day?

I think, like other posters, it would help if you had a chat with your Dr. I found writing a letter describing how i felt much easier than talking to my Dr at first. I just let him read the letter and we went from there. It was after the birth of my youngest ( shes 14 now) so a while ago.

Hope this helps.x


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I know how you feel. I was signed off work for about 2/3 years with depression. I dont think its something that ever goes away. Like what other people have said, I still get my down days. I can cry over everything and nothing at all.

Doctors are always good, but it took me a long time to go and speak to mine about it, and all they really did was give me anti-depressants. Tried 101 different kinds - felt like a guinea pig in the end and just stopped going to see him.

If you need someone to chat with, pm me.
darling im so sorry you are feeling like this. You have had a lot going on for a while and maybe its all just catching up on you?
I think you do need to go and speak to someone. Dont let yourself get any lower and we are all here anytime you want to talk xxxxx


A thin person in disguise
We are with all the way hun!! You are not alone xx


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My limbs were like lead for the first 4 weeks when I started. I walk 4-5 miles a day & it was a struggle to manage for me & Steve. We looked it up & it's normal, you strength will come back.
Talk to your Dr if you are feeling down. Try Sorcha's advise & write a letter for the Dr to read. (((hugs)))
Thanks everyone. I am still grieving for my Dad, and although it gets a bit easier as time passes it is still pretty raw.

I will go back to my doc. There's not much they can do, really, for chronic depression.


Likes to change diets...
Hi girlygirl. So sorry...didn't realise you had lost your Dad ((((hugs)))) to you sweetie and sending you love and light.x


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So sorry for the loss of your dad and that you are feeling so low. I lost my mum 15 months ago and grief hits us all in different ways and at different times.

I've been on anti depressants since December and off work since January with depression. This is not the first time I have had depression but this is definately the worst. Do go to your GP they can be helpful, mine has referred me for counselling and for a further assessment with the mental health team.

Its not easy to ask for help but help is there and you will get better in time, depression is a horrible illness, listen to your body and be kind to yourself xx


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Yeah, counselling sounds like it would be super helpful. Sometimes all I wanted was someone to talk to, even if it was about nothing in particular, its always good to have someone to listen.

Endless amounts of pill popping did nothing for me, I have to say. I hate to say it, but BT is right "its good to talk"
I have a lifelong history of depression, anxiety and insomnia!

Usually I can fight it off. I gave up sleeping meds years back. Today I was talking to my tutors and even they say I need to go back to my doc lol.

I made up my mind a few days ago to simply stop feeling down. Yeah I know how ridiculous that sounds but Mark Twain once said 'most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be' and there is a lot of truth in that.

I cannot go on endangering my degree studies (finals in April/early May) and my health any longer by isolating and giving in to the sad thoughts and doubts. I need to kick ass, now! My sons are grown and independent, they have their own lives, which is as it should be. I live alone and find it very challenging. Solitude does not suit me.

However I am in ketosis, I have a weight loss target to get me back to 10st 8lb and then maybe 7 to 10 pounds less than that, I have a study plan and I have friends here and elsewhere who understand and support me.

Yes I miss my dearest Dad terribly but that is perfectly normal. Getting my weight under control NOW, before it goes over that extra stone, is paramount. I used to weigh nearly 21 stones and life is so much better now, even when I feel down.

Thanks everyone. I love to support others here and I am grateful for the support of my Minimins pals xx


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hey honey :) you do sound a bit more positive. xxxx shame you couldnt come to brum this weekend we would help xxx
Hi babe!

I would love to make Brum but money and study time do not permit. Besides I would certainly drink and maybe even eat which I manifestly do not want to do at this delicate stage lol.

I do feel better, not out of the woods totally but on my way. I have lost four pounds this week which is a cause for celebration. Now it will get harder!

I look forward to hearing all your stories after the meet!


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