Depressed :-(


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OK, so week 5 now and I have lost 24lbs so far, making my size 20 trousers way to big. I thought that as a treat I would go into town and buy myself some new trousers which fit. I found the perfect ones and took a size 18 into the changing room. Would they fit? NO CHANCE!!! Feeling silly I hung them back up and got a size 20, even they did not fit!
I ended up buying a pair in size 22 (which I have never done before) so instead of going down a size I have now gone up 1 instead.
Worst than that, my mum was with me and found it so funny that I thought I would get my bum anywhere near a size 18.
Am so fed up!:cry:
It has taken everything I have to stay 100% today.
I know all shops size differently but I feel so pants after this.
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TracyAnne... don't lose the drive honey to keep going. I have a pair of brand new jeans that I bought ages ago from Asda of all places which were a size 22 ...I've lost a good 6 inches off my waist already since doing this diet and guess what the 18's that I have fit now ...but the 22's I've only just got into about a week ago!

Certain shop sizes are stupid and I actually held up these so called 22's next to a pair of 18's and guess what ....the 18's are bigger than the 22's!!!! I mean come on ...the bigger girlies have a bad enough time as it is with getting clothing to fit...don't mess about with sizes in such a stupid way!

Have you measured your waist along the way... I have a belt which is needing new holes adding to it ;) that's what I go by ...On the label of your clothing just put these words " the perfect size for me" doesn't matter what they say in the shop long as its fits its perfect for you x x x

P.s. I think your mum should be ashamed of her behaviour today ... just saying x x x


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I know u must of heard it b4 but some shops there sizes r wayyyy 2 small..I know it's hard but try not 2 let it get 2 u,just think ur on the rite track and ur doing something u should be so proud of ur self 5 weeks with no food..try n 18 from another shop cuz ur 20 is to big so u have defo lost a dress size..and there was nothing funny about u picking up an 18 u have earned it xx don't b upset soon the 18 will b hanging of :) :)


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I've lost 25.5 lbs and I thought "let's see if I fit in a size 10" so went to new look last Saturday and I could only get 1 leg in and the trousers didn't go over my calves! Went to Asda to try a pair of tens there and got them over my bum but can't get them closed just yet. as the other gals say, sizes differ per shop and I also measure by my belt. don't be disheartened, it's not you, it's the shops! And if I were you, I would tell your mum how much she has hurt you by laughing cos she thought it was funny. don't want to slag off your mum but that is absolutely NOT DONE!
Big hugs xxx


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Thanks all. Am feeling better about it now, to hell with what the label says, they look nice!!
As for mum, I don't think she meant anything by it, just not thinking. She is also the only one not to say 'well done' for what I have managed so far. Her attitude is that I won't get anywhere without hard work!! (in her view there is no hard work involved in opening a packet 3 times a day, would love her to try it!!) She is more interested in how I'm doing this time next year ('if you lose it that quick you will only put it straight back on again')
Boy am I going to show her!!
I may be 38, married, with 5 kidz, but she still knows how to make me feel like a child!!
Roll on next weigh in, every loss is 1 step closer to making her say 'well done'
x x x


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dont be disheartened at all, as others have said, different shops although say they are a certain size are very different sizes indeed.

I have been shopping for new clothes at the weekend, and although I selected a 12, was only is some shops that actually fitted me the rest was to small. Also, in some shops I bought size 10 tops that fitted me perfectly but in other shops they where way to small. So cheers up, you are not the only one in the same boat and it will get easier to shop, in the end you will be able to just see by looking at the item of clothing if they will fit or not with out trying stuff on!!

I would also, go shopping on your own in future for clothes as people laughing at you for trying on smaller size clothing that doesnt fit you just yet are a total disappointment and they do not understand what you are trying to achieve.

Keep your chin up and remember you are doing this plan for YOU not for anyone else!!!


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Ah hun please don't go by sizes. When I first did LT I simply stuck to it and didn't pay any attention to my clothes or sizes, probably cos I just didn't believe I could actually get smaller! Until one day my work trousers literally fell down my bum on the way home I bought a size down. I went on to lose 8 stone with that mind set.
In recent times after regaining, I'd be trying on smaller clothes every week and would give up after 2 weeks when I was left disappointed.
This time I'm happy to keep wearing the clothes I have until they fall off :) will save a fortune and they're tight enough for me to lose a couple of stone and still be able to wear them.
Good luck hunny, mothers are strange at times but don't fall out or take it to heart cos there'll come a day you'll wish she was here to make little "motherly" comments.x x


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Totally ignore dress sizes. I remember (vaguely lol) being a 12 and going into h&m and trying on a dress. The 12 wouldn't go near me. After trying on the next size and the next and the next I finally fitted into a size 20!!!!! On the same day in the same shop I bought a pair of size 12 jeans and they were loose. It's demented.
One shop I usually find is a bit more consistent is Dorothy Perkins and unlike a lot of the other shops it realises us bigger girls are a different shape and just scaling a size 10 up doesn't work.
Buy whatever makes you look and feel good and only judge your size by clothes you already own - them getting too big or fitting back into something too small will always be the best measure
Good luck, keep going and don't listen to a single negative word regardless of who it comes from. The only opinion that matters is your own

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Hi, yes I can only echo everyone else's comments, who is going to start the campaign to "Ban Size Labels" !! Chin up girl, let us know how much weight you lose next weigh in.