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Depressing Trying already!!

Hi Guys,

I just want to have a little moan and see if there is anybody else out there in the same boat or am i just thinking about it too much!

Me and the OH have started trying this month. we both work full time, his day starts at 430am and he gets back at 5ish the same time as me. so we are both pooped during the week, so making love time is usually the weekend. but then we dont want it to be a routine thing so some times we dont do it 'every' weekend! so it could be 2 weeks until we do it again. sometimes i get stroppy if we dont do it and have all sorts of things going through my head cos we havent.

but now i have come off the pill i feel that we should be doing it more now!! i had my fertile part of my cycle last weekend. we did it on wednesday night (which was very unusal) i tried my luck and he was up for it. then we did it again sunday morning.

I wanted to again last night but was thinking 'am i doing it because i want it or cos i want a baby' and got it in my head we have to do it all the time!! arrgghh!!! i dont want him to feel like a sex machine!! lol.

Its getting me down, i went to bed early last night cos i was tired. but then was wide awake when oh came to bed. then was awake tossing and turning all blooming night, just thinking about blooming babies!!!

I even did a test this morning!! i knew it wouldnt show anything cos it must be too early. my period is due a week on monday.

I am really hoping that i can feel better about this. I should be enjoying the 'trying' really!!

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Hi hunni,

I wasnt trying when i got pregnant, but my boyfirend is in the army and so is away monday to Friday, hence we only every have naughty time at the weekend's hence why i didnt think we would get caught!

like you some weekend it was TOTM and some weekends we were just knackered form full weeks at work,

I wasnt using any contraception from Christmas, and got pregnant on the 6th May...

So dont be disheartened, life happens around you when you are busy making plans!

everything crossed for you xxxxxxxx
I can totally understand where you're at, as all I seem to think about just now are babies. However, I've had to be realistic in that I have lots to consider such as I need to chart my cycle and get into a routine of when I'm fertile so that we can try at the right time so that we don't end up knackering ourselves trying at times when there's no chance of conception. But more importantly, I'm getting myself physically ready, by losing weight, exercising and taking folic acid every day so that when and if we strike gold I'm in the right place.

Also, a lot of this is about destressing yourself, cos they say that the more you want it then less chance you're going to be of falling pregnant right away and then trying will become a chore. And this is a time where you want to relax and enjoy yourself.

If anything, I've never felt so emotionally ready for a baby, so I'm really focused on doing what is necessary.
thanks Guys, i have been a bit tearful the last few days and finally had a chat last night with the OH. I told him all my worries and got it off my chest. felt better for talking it through.

I woke up this morning feeling much better. We made love this morning and it was lovely. cos we made love rather tried to make a baby. So i am thinking the same as you 10472 and gona try to remember to take my folic acid, (seem to remember every other day) i think i will transfer them to my handbag. i will concerntrate on the weight thing and get my rountine back at the gym.

and will note my cycle so i know when i can pester him for the sex!! lol.

Thanks guys.

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