Depressing weigh-in


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You cannot be serious?

You have just lost 1lb of pure fat from your body .... thats the equilivant to 8 sausages - i wouldnt be dissapointed in a 1lb loss ... at the end of the day atleast you are going in the right direction :)

hayley morgan

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well said summer gurl. another way to look at it is, choose a body part any one just one that you dont particularly like its a bit wobbly, now immagine what a lb of lard looks like. a lb of fat has just melted off that body part, be proud of your loss no matter how big or small it is, its a loss. xx

irish molly

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Don't panic!!! That was the same story last week for me and this week, I am down 5lbs!!!! Depressing at the time but over the weeks the losses will balance. Look forward to next week's WI.


1ib loss is better than 1ib gain...look at it this way you have lost the equivilent of half a bag of sugar..dont punish yourself, you have done well..


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I know, and I had a -6 last week. If someone had told me I would be down 18lbs in under a month I would have laughed in their face!

It's jsut a bit demoralising not seeing the numbers on the scale going down...but it's a very large block of cheese. Gone!

(weight of cheese, not actual cheese)


on the up lol
well done , 1lb is better then nothing :) LOL i think bk to last time i did LT for 26 weeks and in 1 of them weeks i lost NOTHINK :sigh: , had a row with chemist he thought i was cheating lol but i never, like all say its better off then on ;)


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sweetie better off than on..and irishmolly lost a pound last week and lost 5 this week!!!! IT IS COMING OFF dont worry,,,dont be disheartened just keep it up and know your doing all you can to make it drop! xx


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Tempting to dive into a mountain of food, but will see what the scales bring next week.....

Please dont give in to the temptation and emotion, you'll feel worse afterwards.

I felt like that over the weekend after a sneaky weigh in at home and stupidly gave in to my emotions. I ate a ham salad sandwich and then 3 crackers. Felt really bad and guilty afterwards and have wrecked my weight loss. By saturday I was only 1lb down and now im level with what I weighed last week. Cant face going to the chemist tomorrow for weigh in as I know im not in ketosis as im starving hungry again. Fortunately I have a full weeks supply of lipotrim so dont 'need' to go tomorrow.

Think of the inches that you have lost, if you are loosing inches your also loosing weight. Fingers crossed your feeling happier in yourself and all the best for a great result next week. The actual loss fluctates each week like all the others have said. Eventually it will balance out and you will consistently lose the same each week.

Fingers crossed for you. x


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Like everyone else has said, losing a 1lb is good, its better than putting on!

xx Cathy xx

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Just an idea to put this into a visual perspective. At a WW meeting I went to ages ago our leader had weighed out 1/2lb, 1lb and 2lb weights in lard/fat and wrapped them in clingfilm so they were all squishy. This made it seem more real as we were holding the 1lb of fat we had just lost and its actually surprising how heavy a lb it. She then brought out grocery bags full of items that totalled half a stone and a stone and oh my god I can't believe I'm carrying 6 extra of those and I'm still able to walk!!!!! Might be worth giving a go hun and get something you can see coming off you. Best of luck for next weigh-in xx


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1lb is good hun i have stoped doing lt again as i dont have the will power and i was geting pains in my belly i dont think im ever going to get in my bloody wedding dress at this rate xxxx well done eveyone


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Good glad your morale is getting boosted mrs!!!

Hang inthere and im sure you will be rewarded next week :) xxx


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I understand you being down, it's not that you think it's bad really but it's hard when everyone else seems to be dropping weight in much bigger numbers, left, right and centre. I know we shouldn't compare but it's hard not to. Good luck with next week lady!


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hang in there 1lb of is 1lb less that your carrying around this diet is brilliant however it does throw some spanners in the works sometimes keep an eye omn your measurements as the weeks where the 1bs seem small the inches usually give the boost need your doing really well keep focused xx