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I suffer from really bad bouts of depression have done since the birth of my second child who is almost 3. Sometimes on days like today I feel like crap and just can't get my head around not eating 5 bags crisps and 10 bars !! My kids are 3 and 5 and my husband works away Monday till Sat (and when he is home not much help anyway) I have recently been offered a fantastic job starting after Halloween however I am worried if I will be able to cope with it all especially as somedays I have to force myself out of bed . Does anyone else have similiar stories.. Life is tough sometimes xx
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X X X X Hug & kisses X X X X X

Sounds rough honey. You could try the job, see how you like it and if it is too tough don't do it. You'll never know till you try


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And if you do like it - you know what they say. Where there's a will there's a way! You just have to make it happen. Do you have family around you who can help? x
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i suffered PND and have had ups and downs ever since (my girls are 6 and 9), am a major comfort eater and some days i feel like i cant be bothered either so i do understand. But i do know that most days when i feel like that i make myself go to work ( part time) and usualluy it does help ,better than staying in and wallowing !!

I think you have nothing to loose by giving the job a go, and everything to gain if it works out !!
Thankyou everyone . Have family but to be honest they do very little considering I am practically a single mum !! They might collect the kids are something sometimes but mostly I try and get on with it cause sometimes the moaning you have to put up with when ya ask is not worth it !! The thing is I used to be such a such a confident outgoing person and althou I have good days today is defo not one of those !! xx
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Omg do i know what that is like with family, have stopped asking unless i am REALLY desperate for the help. My husband works away sometimes, but much less often than he used to, but i do have a couiple of friends who are willing to help me sometimes so i am not on my own.
The confident happy you will come back,mine has, she just takes a few days off now and then.
Hope you feel better soon hun!!
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Yes hun.. I do, more so anxiety though and i am constantly on a high.. then i come crashing down and i am so depressed! I was a single mum up untill the past year.. (althought been with oh for 5 years long distant) I have a 10 yr old and a 2.5 yr old! Hard work!

I also have same fear about working, for me i get stressed so easily, cleaning the house (ocd) picking up after everybody, then the thought about going to work is like omg.. BUT i need to, for my own sanity.. I am going to start looking after xmas, i am hoping to get into home care.. Or any kind of job working with the elderly or mentaly handicapped!

SO my advice is to go for it, for your own sanity!! You can get through it! It will do you the world of good..

big hugs x x


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I had awful PND after both my sons (and my mother snapped that we'd never had "that sort of thing in the family!" and don't tell anyone! Actually my sister had it but she had the sense to keep quiet!) I have had it sporadically since. At it's worst it was even an effort to get dressed and then I had to sit and rest as I felt exhausted. At least now it's understood and talked about. I also tend to get it in winter and reckon it's more related to SAD.
I seem to be able to ward it off with exercise, but I'm not good with stress. I think you lose your sense of worth, and that's why you lack confidence, but you will have gained all sorts of skills from having 2 children which can be translated into coping strategies at work.
I'd take the job, you'll be scared stiff at first, but they must think something about you for you to be offered it! Make sure you have your child care sorted out, is it part time? Don't expect to be able to do the job from day one, and if it doesn't work out, then it's just too soon. You won't have lost anything, and you can put it down to experience. Good luck!
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I was in exactly your position. My hubby worked away too, then came home weekend. It almost got to the stage where i dreaded him coming home, cos then I resented the act I was still doing it all! In their defence, they really are so detached from it, they don't know what to do. There were days Sundays where I didn't get out of bed. The only day I could, but he would jsut leave them and go to the pub suunday lunch, so I had to. I got a job as a registrar. I would ahv loved that job, but in the end decided I just couldn't cope with it in the state of mind I was in. I went the opposite and actually gave up eating altogether. I couldn't see the point. You ate to live, and I wasn't sure I wanted to. I also did other daft things like gave up wearing a seat belt. Eventually, me and hubby split, and he moved out, when my girls were 3 and 5. Strangely, that was the start of the up for me. I got stronger and stronger. I have a job, my 2 girls who are now 7 and 9, a boyfriend, albeit living way too far away. I am also fat again!!! And though I have days where I am fed up, and very occassonally a day where i really struggle to get out of bed, I am so much stronger. I'm not advocating a marriage break up, but jusdt to let you know, that those feelings will pass. The kids are full on at that age, but mine are a peasure so much of the time now. They become less time consuming in many ways. You can jump in a car, and halve a shower without a worry. Two very small children, 100% of the time, is a bloody hard task. I think your hubby needs to see this and give you time off, but that's easier said than done. Mine goes to their dad for a day and a half every weekend. Their bind with him is so much stronger now, he has had to take some responsibility. I get much needed time off. You will get through it though. Promise. Don't beat yourself aboutfinding it tough. It is bloody tough when it all falls on one pair of shoulders. You are strong. Take the job if you at all can. Ig gives you strength, and time spent with other adults. That can make all the difference.

Big hugs. You really do need them


after have my first daughter i didn't, but with my third child i had it bad, it scared me at first because people didn't talk about it as much as they do today. i cried a lot and i slept a lot too. the problem was i didn't know what was wrong and all my doc did was put me on vitamins and iron, because i had three young children 1 and 3 when i had my third everyone assumed it was just natural. but i new something was wrong with me i finally convinced my doc to put me on anti depressants which help a lot. so i would say today the best thing to do is talk to your doc and read as much about is as you can. following my doctors directions on coping really helped even if some of them sounded silly.

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