~Designer Divas Diet Diary~


Losing the mummy fat
S: 16st5lb C: 16st5lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 37 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hya chick
Sounds like you're doing well with the food control so far!
I reckon you'll be more motivated to exercise once you're energy levels rise from eating more healthy food.
Keep up the good work xx
Hello doodlelover. Thanks!
I just can't get myself into exercise mode AT all.
Unfortunately it all went to pots today at brekkie :( lost all self control that I geared over the weekend.

Had a few glasses of Pepsi Diet
FOUR waffles!!!
one fish finger
1 fried egg
1 cup of tea

(Not all at once tho.. lol)

AARRGHHHHH. I am so disappointed with myself. It was just so easy tho..looking at the snow outside and wanting something warm and cosy for breakfast. Damn you winter!

I hope I have a better dinner or make up for it by doing SOME form of exercise. Dance moves from videos? Haha:(


Losing the mummy fat
S: 16st5lb C: 16st5lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 37 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
We all have off days, keep your chin up!
Stick a music channel on and just go crazy lol thats what I usually do! x
Oh my goodness.

What a disasterous day! That's all I can say. When I said that I think I have my bad habits under control, I bloody well spoke TOO soon. What a horrible horrible day! :( One of the worst I've had in a LONG time!.

I had so much fizzy drink, a chocolate bar, waffles,fried egg,beans,freezer fish pie, LOTS of bread and tea. Oh dear. I feel SO full.

I feel more guilty. Why the hell didn't I stop myself? :confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused:

I went to the shop to buy the new Glamour magazine but it wasn't there so what did I end up doing? Buying 2 share size Diet Coke and Dairy Milk. ARGH! Why?????? I should not have gone out. Plonker.

I really don't think I'm gonna lose any weight :wave_cry::cry:


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Hi DD I saw you post in my detox thread so thought i'd stop by. I couldnt read & not post. I think your being too hard on yourself girl, if you fail one day just make the next day better. I'm sure you know that the fizzy drinks are noooo good for you, limit the fizzy drinks replace with water or squash, the carbonated crap does your body & motivation no favors!

I too had a really crappy 2009 and put on about a stone and a half, i was so shocked when i climbed on the scales in 2010 as i've been avoiding them for a while. Anyhoo i said last Monday right thats it time to get the show on the road, healthy eating, detox etc and I failed too. I woke up everyday with the intention to go to the gym, eat pure clean food but never actually went like that lol. I didnt motivate myself to go gym once and i certainly didnt eat good food but i cut back on what i usually stuff my face with. Anyway I started again today, woke up early and went gym and i felt good for it, it killed me coz im so unfit now but it felt good to know i was taking the first step in taking control - ''to climb a steep hill requires a slow pace at first''

Anyway lovie Tuesday is your Monday!! Get up, go to the gym or for a run and plan your diet as you mentioned above, you CAN do this xx
Hi ,

Hope it goes better for you tomorrow. Is there a reason why you have so much bad food in the house? I find it easier when the house is free of crisps and "nice" foods!

Hi, thanks. I think the food is there cos of the teenagers in the house. My mums just in abit of buying junk as a snack in between and if she doesn't buy them in packs of whatever, they will buy individual packets of crisp/chocolate/fizzy pop from local shops and that works out more expensive etc.

Boring reason but sad truth. We do have alot of fruit and veg too in the house but do I steer towards it? No.


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From Detox thread

Thanks but it went down the pan :(

Hi Diva, I tried while I was on hols to do a detox. I really wanted to, but I was not able to stick with it.Have you considered something shorter ? I am now doing a softer detox over 3 days.Fruit, soup, plenty of warm water and green tea.You could even slot the mini 2/3 day 'soft detox' in with your regular diet and it won't feel like a detox .

keep on keeping on.


Bad bad bad bad week! Going the opposite of losing weight. Oh dear.


Mug of tea + 3 Digestive biscuits(!)
Small portion of noodles + half a glass of water

I can't exercise today, my neck is SOOOOOO stiff for some reason :s

Come on woman! Think slim

I've partly deserted this diary but I have a motivation! I am attending a wedding in 3 months time so I realllyyyyyyy want to lose some good weight for that, about half a stone (fingers crossed)

I ate badly yday because it was T-O-M so I just craved junk food but today, I am on my second glass of water and have had 2 croissants for breakfast minus any butter or jam! Not sure what I'm having for dinner but I'm going to go gym for about 6 and work out as much as I can.

Fingers crossed some serious weight will be lost!

Jonny B

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Glad to see you are back on track and have motivation to lose weight. Just a word of warning though, a medium sized croissant (57g Butter Croissant) has 230 calories and 33% of your daily intake of saturated fat.
^ Hiya, thanks for that. No more croissants for me lol.

Well well well diary...it has been a rollercoaster. I've been going through some VERY stressful times in the last few weeks and what have I turned to for comfort? FOOD! Lots of unhealthy food. I just can't stop. Weighed myself yesterday, obviously no loss but im just gaining more and more weight...

why do i have no motivation?

i need some inspiration.


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Diva do you mind if I ask you how tall you are and what your current BMI is?

Only cos I've just read through your diary and I'm going to be a bit brutal here but I think you are being way way too harsh on yourself and a lot of your problem is not your weight but your self-image.

Reason I say this is that being a shortie myself you actually currently weigh around my goal weight :eek: which from past memory (way past lol) will put me in a size 10 and tbh unless you are waaay under 5ft tall you probably don't actually need to lose a huge amount of weight. You may need to tone up a bit but if you start working on that you could well find that some weight drops off at the same time.

Why not set yourself a smaller target to start with, if you could lose half a stone it's not such a huge and daunting journey and you will have lost 5% of your current body weight!

Once you have got there, reassess yourself, have you lost any inches? How do you feel? How do your clothes fit? Etc. Then decide if you want/need to lose another half a stone and if you do, go for it.

Lastly, find yourself a free online calorie counter or buy a diary and a pocket-sized book of calories to keep in your handbag and use that to keep track of what you are eating each day, I know of a couple of sites but we can't post the links up here I don't think. Google is your friend!

Good luck with your journey, I reckon you can do it if you just focus a bit more on where you want to be and why!


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Hang in there

Hi you really sound down. I also feel fat and frumpy but keep reminding myself everyday that tomorrow is another day when I can be good diet wise. Doesn't particularly happen and I can identify it through my diet diary. It is that late night snacking whilst watching tv that does it, especially after a hard day at work. Comfort eating has a lot to answer for!. I am going to give up a load of things for Lent, eg chocolate, alcohol and as it is for 40 days at least puts a time limit and I will feel guilty if I break this. Also I am going to pick up my knitting needles and knit whilst watching tv or do the ironing to break that cycle. Hope this helps because I need to keep my goal weight loss of 37 lbs in perspective, and have not lost a thing for the past three weeks!