Designer Dress - Size 8 !!!


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OMG - Can't believe it.............:8855:
Went Charity shopping today and saw a 100% wool Louis Ferraud dress. US Size 4/UK Size 8 . Loved it Tried it on.It fits me beautifully. £6.75 MINE.

plus - The lady in the shop said
"How can you be so slim?"
I had to tell her it's a recent novelty for me.
She then said the same lady had brought a nice jacket in at the same time and showed me a wool Liberty red tartan jacket Size 10 for £4. That fitted too and I like it a lot. So I had to have that too.

Successful shopping for me. Photos in my album and on here. They are both beautifully made,fully lined and feel wonderful to wear.
Happy Bunny tonight. I have never been a Size 8 in my adult life.

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loving that dress on you


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Wow, look at you, you look great!

Louale x


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You do look amazing! And deserve that happy bunny feeling!


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Bargain! Looks fabulous! You look so teeny weeny!

***Goes off to make mental not to go charity shop rummaging***

B x


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Thanks everyone

Thankyou everyone for such kind comments,especially Beki for taking the time to look at my album and send me comments xxx You are doing so well yourself Hun, won't be long now.
I can't believe it is ME putting my pics on here and inviting people to look and comment. It goes against everything I felt before - hiding from the camera for years.
I've still got a challenge to learn to maintain. I feel as though I'm half way there.
Good luck everyone and thanks to everyone here for their support. It has been a really important part of my success at LL.


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SB always looks good, you are a dead knock out SB :)


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Thanks H.
He looks fab- especially without the woolly hat.
Have a NICE day.


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thats fantastic sb!!!
size 8 - i'm in awe
daisy x


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Once again looking amazing.... a true inspiration to all those starting or on their journey!!!!!

Love Nas x


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well done you! Your tansformation is truly astounding. And you're so tiny now too. A fabulous figure. You'll be the envy of many women when you go out wearing that dress trust me!

I hope you're areally proud of yourself. You should be xx


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You look lovely in your new clothes! Well done! xx