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Hi guys, I can see you're all doing really well so hopefully you'll be able to help me get a bit of positivity. I've been trying every diet going for years but instead of losing weight it's just going up. I'm nearing the 20 stone mark now and despite waking up every day saying 'i'll do it today', whether I'm trying slimfast, calorie counting or low carb I make it to lunch time before giving in without a thought and only realising how stupid I was to give in later that day. I feel so desperate and out of control, I don't want to go on like this, every attempt just makes it more difficult and I have no motivation or strength left. Have any of you ever felt like this? How did you move forward? Xx
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Hi SarahFairy, I don't have any wonderful advice I'm afraid. No magic wands are available yet though I wish someone would figure out how to do it. :giggle: I just want you to know that you aren't alone and that you will be able to find something you can stick to but remember that even once that happens there will be days where it isn't easy and days when it feels completely impossible. Getting back to it the next day is the key in my opinion. I think the problem is that we 'know' how to do it and why we should and want to but our minds and bodies won't play along. To someone like me who got super super fat and ill and didn't even try to do anything about it until this year the fact you keep trying shows you have a lot of control and want to do it. Don't beat yourself if it doesn't happen that time but don't let it be the last time you try. If you aren't generally happy with your diet of choice then try another because I'm sure there is an ideal one out there for most people.

Good luck. :)
Hi Sarah, I have had exactly the same problem over the years. I think for me, I just woke up one day and realised THIS IS IT. I WILL do it. I know it will take me a good year, or maybe a bit more, but I WILL do it. The first month was a bit touch and go, but now the results are showing, there's no going back. Never again will I feel uncomfortable in an aeroplane seat. Never will I feel embarrassed on Summer photo's. It's all about frame of mind. You have got to be totally ready, and in control. You'll know when the time is right
I have felt like you so many time before. The two diets that have worked for me are Slimming World and South Beach. They're very different, but the one thing they have in common is you can eat unlimited amounts - of the right stuff obviously, but I really think knowing I can keep eating if I want to helped me.

I am convinced that stabilising my blood sugar through South Beach has helped me enormously. I was in a cycle of craving food because of changes in blood sugar levels and sorting that out has left me much more able to be in control. It might be worth looking into this (low GI eating has a similar effect).

Don't despair though, how ever many times you haven't succeeded before, it doesn't mean you won't succeed the next time.

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