Desperate in Devon!!!!!!!!!

Hi all,

This is the first time that i've ever been on a forum website so i hope i'm doing this right!!!!

Had always been that annoying skinny girl who could eat whatever she liked but about 4.5yrs ago i fell very ill and was diagnosed with severe endometriosis. I was in and out of hospital for the best part of 2yrs and shot up from 9stone to 11stone in a few weeks. i then went on to develop a problem with severe overeating and my weight rocketed to 13stone. I have spent the last few years dieting with various degrees of success but every time i seem to get anywhere close to my target weight something bad seems to happen and i fall back on my crutch of overeating and so the cycle begins again.
My current problem - and what i'd really appreciate some advice on - is that over Christmas i put on over a stone and am now back up to 12stone which i really don't understand as for the last 2yrs my weight has yo-yo'd between 10&11stone - no matter how much i ate i never went over that. Can't undersatnd how i put on so much weight as - don't get me wrong i certainly wasn't sainly in my festive eating habits - but i definitely didn't eat as much as i have done in my binge days and it never went up that much then.
I've been dieting for 10 days now and haven't lost a lb. Loosely doing WeightWatchers but really just being very sensible - Grapefruit and 30g of cereal for breakfast, Green soup from M&S for lunch (110cals, 0.2g sat fat), Omelette with salad or calorie counted meal for dinner, snacking on a very small amount of fruit throughout the day and washed down with 1.5litres of water. I've never eaten this healthy in my whole life!!!! Have also been walking everywhere to try and gently start to up my exercise. Am getting increasingly depressed by the amount of weight i'm not losing as in my experience your first couple of weeks are your best weight loss. Would love to hear anyones thoughts as i'm really at a loss.

If you've stuck with my inane ramblings until now then i thank you so very much and hope to hear from you soon.

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I feel for ya. I was so good over christmas, then come new year I put on 7lbs in 2 days!! How did it happen? Ive no idea honestly, I did eat more , but not tons more, so where did 7lbs come from?

Ive lost it now and a bit more so back on an even keel again, but was scary at the time.

I do think January is a bad time to get on a weight loss regime, although im not saying dont do it! But this time of year its cold, little good daylight, our bodies want to hibernate and preserve what its got to get us through the winter. Its true that in the first couple weeks weight losses can be good, but dont despair if its coming off slowly. It will come off and thats the important thing. Healthy eating is so important, especially as you have been throught mill health wise. Also you do need to eat enough, especially this time of year. Fool your body into thinking its summer again, spend the winter in australia. Only joking, but you get what i mean (hopefully).

Anyway, good luck and keep strong. The weight will go, just stay on track.
Thank you so much for your kind words of support Lynn. It's really getting me down now - over 2 weeks and only lost a couple of lb's. Never had such slow weight loss. Bizarrely it's kind of making me all the more determined to stick to it but it's incredibly disheartening to see no "payback" for all my hard work!!!!
As you say, i'll continue to "fight the good fight" and hopefully i'll get there in the end. Congratulations on your incredible weight loss - you're an inspiration!

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Its really really frustrating when you are 100% sure you are being good and nothing happens, last spring i was having that problem until I started walking briskly for 40 mins a day, i lost about 16lbs (needless to say I have since put it back on!!)
I am now feeling more like dieting properly again and am currently in discussions with myself about starting the walking again...its just so wet n muddy !!! hehehehe
Good luck tho :)


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Hi Fallenstar!

I know how you are feeling! I wish I was still in the days where I could eat anything! I used to be so small and sporty and ate just about anything I looked I only have to look at chocolate and crisps and I've put on weight! I lost a lot of weight about 5 years ago and since I have got bigger and bigger over time and at 13st 8lb I was desperate to get it off but no ammount of dieting or exercise gets me below 13st!!! Its such hard work when you eat well and exercise! I have managed to lose 4lb in my first week of slimming world but so far this week I dont think I have lost a thing and weigh in is tomorrow and I am not looking forward to it!!! Keep going and it will pay off...we can and we will!
On a separate note I'm from Devon too!

Thornhill Cate

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Ladies, have you thought about having your thyroid tested? I only ask because I found I had to be on starvation rations in order to lose weight which of course I couldn't sustain and then I when I started eating normally again I put the weight back on and more. I found out by accident 2 years ago that I had a severely underactive thyroid and am now on daily medication. I don't know how old you are. I was 47 when mine was diagnosed but it can occur younger and can be triggered by pregnancy. Just a thought.