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Desperate Newbie!

Hi All

I firstly wanted to congratulate you all on your fantastic efforts, success, willpower and determination, and hope I can follow in your footsteps with reaching my goal.

Just started the Lipotrim today and am in desperate need of support. All my friends are either happy with their weight or don't need to lose any, so I am doing this alone.

My aim is to lose 8 or 9 stone but I am wondering if I am being a little unnrealistic with this or can I achieve my goal?

Any advice and support would be appreciated.

Thanks :D
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Hi and welcome!!

Your target is definitely not an unrealistic one, I am hoping to lose between 5 and 6 stone and others here all have their own goals. My pharmacist told me of a guy he had who lsot 12 stone on this so I hope that helps.
I know how you feel, none of my friends need to lose weight I have always been the fat one but i turn 30 this summer and get married next year so I just decided wnough id enough. I lost around 2 stone in a year by cutting down and that but it was just too slow, and I really want to see immediate results.
3 weeks in and I have lost 19.3lbs so its working!!!
This is a great place to check in, share stories, weird dreams about eating food and everything else, nothing is sacred..not even bowel movement!!

Hope this reassures you and if you have any other questions just ask and I will try my best to help.

Good Luck
Hello :) Welcome! Your goal is fine, Several people have lost 10= stone on here, there are some photos in the Inspirational photos at the top of this forum, worth a look as really inspiring! I want to lose 8 1/2 stone, i've already lost 3 in 11 weeks. It isnt easy but keep going and just picture yourself at the end of it and keep thinking why your on this journey. You have friends on here now who are more than willing to provide you with support, you are not alone, good luck x
hi feenixd!

it's my first day today aswell :)
excited but scared about the weeks ahead haha, but hopefully i can stick to it.

i'm also doing it on my own as my friends are all either skinny or happy with their weight. a food loving boyfriend doesn't help either! but hey we're all in this together.

hope everything's off to a good start with you anyway.

han x
Hiya Feenixd and a very big welcome to you!
I think this diet is aimed at people like us who need to lose about 8 stone so your target is very realistic, especially as you've not put a time limit on it. Very wise!
LT 100% is also great for giving you a complete break from food and a chance to reflect on how you got to this point and plan how you are going to maintain your loss. You will certainly lose loads! :D


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Good luck to the newbies.... We are all here to help!! I had a horrid day today but came on here for a moan and straight away ppl helped me.... So we are all here if u need to ask anything, moan and of course keep us updated xxx
hi feenixd

Im also a neewbie :confused: and have been on this site for ages. the posts are so inspirational and seeing people loose so much weight just gives you motivation.

Today was my 1st day and so far so gud. hows today been for you?

Good Luck :) xx

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