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oh god look at my spelling!!

I think there are a few others floating around as there team (old team 9 - slimtastic six) appears to have disappeared!

I think it's supervixen, LucyLou and stinkabell that are still around.............


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I am dedicated and motivated at the moment ( tho with this nice weather tonight may be a struggle.. the pub is calling me.. but i will be strong).

May I be apart of your team?

Hi k,

Yeah but i have no clue how we go about sorting it out, we need a leader as i've only been on this diet for three weeks i'm not sure how the forum etc works.

Anyone know what they are doing and fancy leading our team??

Good luck resisting the pub hun,

hi guys, you need 6people for a team and then need a leader someone to collect the wi's each week. sorry to tell you's that stinabell is taken!! she joined our team :) xxx


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Ok then H we need 6 people and 1 of which a leader?? Leader just collects WI?

For time being shall one of us just do leader? Also what shall we call ourselves?

Surely we can run on the 2 of us until some more join and sure it wont be long x


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Ps anyone wanna help or join??
Thanks saraian - but if H is still up for it will stick by her and create a new team? Otherwise will see if waterbabies will have me
hi folks
what is the team thing i would like to join what do we do (i don't want to be a leader tho) i could do wi the support altho does it matter that im going on holiday 17th sept so therefor would be off diet until the 5th october. I'm also kind off restarting so if i can get support/ join the team let me know
Hi girls,

Ok, looks like we have a little team shaping up!!! (loving the solidarity K!!)
Shall i be acting leader until we beg steal or borrow someone more experienced?
Any ideas on a name??


Sorry Samsmummy forgot to say, basically there are a few teams on the forum each with 6 members and each week we post our weigh in results, the team that loses the most wins as far as i can see. But on a more practical level it will prob help us to stick to our diets if we have other team members relying on us.... what do you think??



Watch out I am about !
Any room for (not so little) me on a team? I am restarting tomorrow and have loads to lose so will guarantee big loses for at least the first couple of weeks or so :D
course there is welcome aboard both of you! We just need to decide on our name now.

H xxx
Ok so team.....?consists of:
soontobelittle gem

We just need one more then girls...any takers???

like it!

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