Hi, A Big Welcome To Our New Members 2018!


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Dear Newbies,

Welcome to our very friendly supportive community of like-minded people, each one of us are on our own personal journey to lose weight and in the process we hope to become healthier and fitter along the way.

We would really like to get to know you, so please start a new thread in this section and tell us a little about yourself.

Once you have decided on a diet we suggest you start a diary thread in the diary section of your diet forum provided, or you can use the general diary forums if you prefer. Having a diary helps to keep your focus and it also gives our members a place where they can drop by and lend their support to you.

General diaries link below.


Have a read of the sticky threads in this Introductions section and in the Technical forum to help you find your way around this site.


Members who wish for a fresh new start are welcome to register with a new account...if you wish to just change your username, post on the thread below.


If you need any help please ask as our members are always willing to help out.

Wishing you success and all the best for 2018!

Mini and Pierce