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Dessert help please


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Hi all

Can I please have some suggestions for desserts.... I have to have one so i feel like i have been naughty but havent a cle what to have

I thought the ww desserts (which i quite like) would be ok but they seem to be high in syns :-(

I dont mind fruit now and then but seeing as I am eating stacks of the stuff in the day something different would be nice, same with yoghurts, I have been having the cherry 2 syn ones as a dessert (and no syn ones in the day )but dont want this every night

Thank you

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Ihave raspberries and 0% total greek yogurt, or sugar free jelly with a yogurt whisked through it, it turns into a moose type pudding, or on a green/ee day make some rice pudding


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meringues are quite low, either homemade or store bought. The regular size ones are about 2.5 syns(eg. tesco finest 8 pack or regular 8 pack), I usually put fruit on and anchor light squirty cream :) yummy!


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I love the alpen light chocolate and toffee as part of my evening munchies ( 2 for a hexB)

or 28g or porridge (i use oats so simple/pawridge) made with milk from allowence with 2 spoons sweetner and 1 level tsp of bournville cocoa (1 syn).Had this today for the very first time and it is absolutly devine!!! :)


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Hiya I feel the same so I have a mini milk or 2 in the evenin. They're only 1.5syns each so even for 2 it's still a low syn treat! Yum yum yum


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When a mullerlight won't do I enjoy:

Syn free pancakes - if you do a search on here you should find them. I have them with lots of free toppings - yoghurt/quark/fromage frais, fruit, or sometimes have a bit of chocolate spread, crushed meringue, jam, squirty cream etc

Sugar free jelly with fruit in it. I have also made up some jelly and fromage frais mixed together which made a mousse (think there's a recipe for it on here)

Some of the SW cheesecake recipes are lovely - definitely recommend the baked chocolate cheesecake!

I also like making chickpea cake BUT many people syn it now - I only ever have a small piece and would never eat the whole thing in one go so I don't syn it.


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What about using your mullerlight to make Ice cream?

In the back of this weeks mag it said to put some berries in a mould, and pour over a mullerlight then freeze?


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ive just had rice pudding free using HeA not keen on it with a muller I like my rice pudding to be like a real home cooked one like my Nan used to make with a browned skin on top absolutely gorgeous :) I cook 3oz in 1 half pints water simmer till water almost absorbed, drain and transfer to a oven dish add 250ml semi bake at 150 till the top browns add the sweetener at the table dont bother putting it in while cooking you wont be able to taste it :) this makes 2-3 servings using just 1 HeA
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1/2 syn roulade, it's in the recipe section. Lovely and sweet and cake like. Think I might try and freeze one for an arctic roll.:D

I'm like a broken record on here sorry!


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Fat free yoghurt with an options hot chocolate mixed in is gorgeous. Love it :)
MMmmmmm syn free pancakes, ill be looking for those...there is a mandarin cake on here too that looks nice -

SW chocolate and mandarin sponge cake.

12 syns for the whole cake, serve 8 small slices or 4 large ones and only 3 syns for a large slice

6 eggs
1 oz. self-raising flour
1 oz. cocoa powder
9 tablespoons splenda
2 teaspoons orange essence

1 tub quark
Tin of mandarin segments in juice
2 teaspoons orange essence
6 Tablespoons splenda

Whisk egg whites until stiff and in a separate bowl whisk egg yolks with either the orange essence and splenda, add a 1/4 of the egg white & beat until pale yellow.

Add the flour and coco powder gradually & fold into the mix carefully, when done add the rest of the egg whites & fold in.

Pour into 2 sandwich tins and even out with a spoon. Place in the oven on 190 for about 15 minutes and check regularly. Once done the cakes should be springy if you press your finger in the middle.

Take out of the oven, leave to cool, and carefully remove from the sandwich tins.

Beat the quark with the orange essence and sweetener, spread 3/4 on the bottom layer of the cake and arrange the mandarin segments. Put the top of the cake on & use the rest of the filling to top and add the mandarins as required.


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