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Destiny's diary

hi destiny and welcome to the lipotrain. just keep focused on your new self and you will get through the tough times. dont drink too much water, i think the daily limit is like 4ltrs as it can make you ill when you dont need it. on the other hand if your exercising or anythink like that you need to allow for that too.

anyway. you will be fine if you keep coming on here and reading everyones posts. there are so many inspirational people, you could be one of them:D:D:D:D.

good luck

kerry xxx


hey destiny... love the name.... welcome aboard... love your ticker! dont worry when the first few days are over it really is quite stickable! im on day 45 now and it has flown by.... the difference in my clothes, jewellery, shoes etc is just amazin and ive only lost just over 2 stone... good luck on your journey and hang around here its good fun!! x
Thank you 5stonetolose and leluna for your lovely comments. On Day 2 now and feeling good apart from a little headache which I'm hoping will be gone in a few days. I like the chocolate shake and would happily just have that for the next few weeks but variety is good so will stick to having all the flavours. I'm trying not to think too far ahead and concentrate on getting to the end of each day. Patience is not one of my strong points. :p Target at the mo is to make it to my first weigh in which is on Thursday. Off to have my secound shake.
keep up the good work destiny. day 3 tomorrow, before you know it it will be day 30. xxx

:):):):)hi destiny i love the chocolate ones the best as well x the headaches will go away after a few days make sure u r drinking enough that can cause them goood luck and welcome x gina
Thank you ladies. Day 3 is going ok so far. I am fuming due to comments made by a relative who I haven't seen since for quite a while. Her exact words were "how come you've gotten so fat?". She then went on to talk about my weight for the next 30 minutes. At one point, it was a case of "hello I'm still in the room". I just sat quietly fighting back the tears. I have avoided seeing quite a few family and friends for sometime which isn't good I know. I just couldn't handle any negative comments. I'm not going to dwell on it. I'm more determined than ever to lose weight, not because of the comments but because I want to make changes to my health and wellbeing.

I'm so happy that this site exists and everyone is so supportive. Its nice to know that there are others who understand and can relate. What will also keep me going is all the members who have lost the weight and are now maintaining. It proves it can be done. Sorry to go on, its nice to get it off my chest, especially when those around me either don't agree with what your doing or are not taking me seriously.

Hope everyone is having a good Sunday. x
I'm so happy to have made it to day 4. Feeling much better, headache haas gone. Day 3 was a struggle, I'm not going to lie. I felt quite light-headed and wanted to stay in bed all day but I carried on drinking water and felt better in the afternoon.

Today is going ok so far. I really hope I'm in Ketosis soon. I think I may be getting there. Don't feel as hungry as I did the last three days. Really can't wait for my 1st weigh in which is on Thursday. Roll on day 5.
hi destiny, your doing fab girl. you should have told your relative to shut up and get a grip. cant wait to see what youve lost on thursday, i get weighed on thurs too as my chemist is shut on friday. keep up the good work.

kerry xxx
hi destiny dont listen to people who put u down 2 make themselves feel better just think of when ur slim and full of confidents x u show them girl x good luck on WI:princess:
Thank you Kerry and Ginagee. Your support is very much appreciated. Have made it to day 5, so happy. I was surrounded by food last night but surprisingly I didn't feel tempted to eat and kept on drinking water. I think it helps that I think I'm now in ketosis, feels good not to be hungry. I think my determination to lose weight has finally overpowered my desire to eat. :D I will keep going and look forward to a slimmer me. I've also get weighed in 2 days and I don't want to jepordize that. Looking forward to seeing what the scales say.
I think I may have jumped the gun a little earlier thinking I was in ketosis. I did feel less hungry so thought I was. Don't think I am. Was feeling really good then started to feel a little wobbly. My stomach started to rumble so had half of a chicken soup. I've found that splitting the soup in two really helps. I thought it didn't taste too good at first, now I like it. Weigh in can't come soon enough.
I'm so happy to have made it to day 6. Get weighed tomorrow, can't wait to see what I've lost. I think I'm definitely in ketosis now, didn't feel hungry for most of the day. I'm feeling more positive about the weeks to come, I don't think its going to be too bad. Will stay focused and see the pounds drop off. :D
Hi destiny, well done on getting to day 6. I'm starting tomorrow for the 3rd time, I'm exactly like that with friends and family.... I avoid anyone I can because I feel so embarrassed, give it another week and you will the best you've felt in ages. Good luck for your way in. Xxx
Bit disappointed

Had my 1st weigh in today, lost 5lbs. Felt a bit disheartened because I hoped I'd lose a bit more. I had the strongest urge to have the biggest binge ever but thought wait a minute, this is why your the weight you are. I then went through a mental checklist of all the reasons I'm doing this and thought I'm not giving up now. Not sure if this may have affected my loss but I was accidently given 4 male lipotrim chicken soups. I didn't even think, just had them during the week. When I got my weeks worth today, I was given the female packs and I noticed that they are half the size of the male pack. I phoned up to ask if this would have made a difference to my weight loss and was told no, that the male and female packs were basically the same. Didn't feel like it when I was making them. Anyway, I'm going to soldier on and hope for a good loss next week. :)
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Destiny31 - 5lb is very good well done. Keep focused on what you want to achieve we are heading into the summer, think how fantastic you will feel in another few weeks when you will have lost a lot more weight. good luck
Hey destiny! Dont be disappointed with 5lbs thats an excellent loss. Just think of what 5lbs looks like and its a lot. They say the first week is mainly water loss and then you start to lose fat in your second week. Plus you'll prob find each week varies, you'll have some that are lower and some that are bigger! 5lb for me is my biggest loss so i see that as a fantastic achievement!

You'll soon feel the difference in your clothes and that always gives you a huge boost!

I also love the chocolate shakes and after the first week chose to stick with just them! Thought i may get bored but they just seemed to get nicer! Plus now ive started making them in the blender with ice and it makes a gorgeous frothy milkshake- big difference!

Keep up the hard work it will be well worth it hun!

Thanks so much Dudley and Emmielou. I've had a moment of weakness and eaten. I'm really annoyed with myself and feel like giving up. Why did I do it? :cry:I've decided to start again tomorrow and just try my best to stay as focused as possible. I was sticking to it 100% and in ketosis. Now its back to the drawing board. Have to get through day 3 again which was horrible the first time. I will carry on and see how weigh in goes in the week.

Hope everyone has a good bank holiday weekend. x

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