Determined man on Lipotrim - countdown to wedding!


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So I've started Lipotrim again this morning.

It's the 5th of September, just about 2 months to my daughter's wedding. I promised myself that I'm not getting a suit to wrap my 110 kg body. I've lost 3 kg over the past 3 months by being more restrictive on carbs, but it's not good enough. Besides, I really am very health conscious, and feel responsible to my family to be healthy. I totally agree that obesity certainly raises the chance of every illness, so why muck around with my life.
I lost 21 kg with Lipotrip about 5 years ago, but was stupid, as I came off and went straight back to bad eating habits (no breakfast, quick lunch, massive dinner and snacking at night). within 4 months I regained 15kg and felt sick and stupid.

So, I'm really determined to take day by day and not enter the kitchen until I'm under 90 kg, then to hire a nutritionist to map out a month by month sensible eating and excersice plan to lose another 10 kg.

I've done it beore, so I know how tough it is and it really is mental. But I am so hell bent on geting through the first 10 days, just need encouragement if anyone reads this diary. My wife is totally against this, ( "why cant you just eat some carrot sticks and cucumber for supper like me?!") which makes it harder, but in a way makes me want to do it even more, just to prove to me and her that I really can abstain from food and redesign my relationship to it, as now I habitually use food as a comforter to knock back stress; but I'll be minced if I fall off or regain what I've lost. So I've got a battle to wage on all fronts.

Anyway, will try to post on here most days, if only to feel responsible to my diary to not cheat, but also to share the ups and downs of it all.

Thanks for reading.


Just had my first choco shake. Was suprised the male version now cost £60 - used to be £48 - per week. Too bad, it's for a good cause and worth it if it's not abused.

I find the shake more palpable if I take each sachet in 2 halves with a spoon of coffee in hot water, I let it cool down somewhat then give it all a good shake.
I find it best to gulp down over 10 or 15 minutes while going trough the morning emails or some other distracting work. then a couple of hours later I take the second half of shake #1.

Any other good tips would be appreciated.
Hi Mike

The first few days are difficult (I'm day 5 on a different TFR) but just tell yourself that these are DAYS, that's all. These are nothing when compared to how great you will feel when the pounds start coming off and you start looking and feeling better. You have a great incentive with your daughters wedding plus you want to look after your health for your family. You then have the long term to focus on and the initial struggle will be but a distant memory!

Keep posting away as it really does help get things off your chest.

Good luck!
so the first 24 hours have passed without a hitch or glitch.

It's funny how habitual we are, the habit of coming home and aiming for a nibble or a quick taste of whats cooking for dinner. But those habits are bad for everything. The main reason for me doing Lt is to reinvent my relationship with food. Could sleep last night - not used to going to bed on an empty stomache - so created a mantra for my relationship with food going forward: FOOD IS NUTRITION NOT PASSION. I have to wipe out the habit of using food as a relaxant. I really hope abstaining 100% for 5 or 6 weeks and then adopting a strict refeed and maintenance will give me a healthy relationship with eating and food.

Feeling OK so far, not great, but some of that is in the mind, feeling deprived. What spurs me to march on is the vision of me not dragging around a 20kg suitcase on my person 24 hours a day. I have a picture of myself on my desk, 20 years ago weighing 72 kg. Quite sickening that its the same frame, same heart and lungs that now lug around 35 kg of useless fat. Imagine carrying 35 1 litre bottles of cooking oil on your back all day every day, or even better - 175 x 200g tubs of margerine!

So that's my inspiration for the day. Hope to forge on through another 100% TFR day, just glugging my 3.5 litres of water and running to the loo all day.

Thanks Malibu. great to know that someone cares! I get zero encouragement outside this forum, so every little helps!

just clugging through my first fix of the day, best not to think about it or it makes me gag. yesterday I felt cold so decided to have my shake hot. BIG MISTAKE. dont ever do it. I emptied the sachet straight into the hot water, thinking i'd let it cool down then give it a good shake. However, it just turned into 3 black golf balls, dry and hard. Gross. left me spending the next 10 minutes trying to mash down the mixture without success. still ended up with big horrid undissolved peices, was like eating mud.
So lesson to me - never pour sachet into hot water. This morning i shook it up in 300 ml of cold water, made a strong black coffee in a mug and threw it in. That's the way from now on.

Otherwise, feeling Ok. drinking 7/8 x 500 ml bottles of water a day. I went to a cash n carry and got 3 x 24 bottles for about £4 eack pack. It's unappropiate to keep a large bottle on my desk so i have 24 under my desk and keep sipping and chucking.

But bracing for days 4 & 5 which i know can be a challenge. Proud that I've stuck to 100% - well almost, I bought some Orbit gum and was chewing through one when i checked on Lipotrim site that its forbidden. It could be that the chewing action will get the stomach to think toast and eggs are on the way down. So the gum is shelved for now.

Right, finished my shake plus a litre of water, so back to my desk to tackle the world (virtually).
well done on being 100%-I think chewing gum is banned because even if its sugar free it contains sweeteners. If its for your breath you can get lipotrim allowed strips that melt on your tongue and have a VERY strong mint flavour and smell.

I take my shakes with cold water and ice. the ice really helps to mix it-no lumps :) must try it with coffee as I love coffee but since I have it milky I havent been having it! What flavour of shakes do you have?
I know what you mean about the gum Deflating. I *really* want some mints but haven't used any as I don't know which to have or if I can so I'm walking around with a mouth that tastes like something I'd imagine would be found at the bottom of the cats little box :confused:

You're doing really well and at least you know that the next couple of days can be a challenge so you're prepared.

Onwards and downwards my man!

Thanks Mrs Fitz, Maybe email Lipotrim and ask which mints are OK. I'm sure they've looked into it.

I'm quite prepared to stick it out even if its uphill at the moment, I've resolved to not even think about anything until my first weigh in on Monday.

It's pretty tough as half of me says 'c'mon just abit of vegetable soup won't do you any harm, or just a small salad', but we all know that once you let go you're out of control. Like a constant civil war going on in my head and stomach.

I don't even know which is more powerful, cravings for food, braking with habit and natural instinct, or plain good old hunger. Whatever it is, I find my head is full of these messages.

Just has my lunch - 1 litre of H20, so back to work!

Day 4 came and went without any great difficulty. I can feel energy depleted, which is not good, hope it recovers in week 2. Have a slight headache today, but i really am behind in my water intake, so will fill up soon.
Met a freind i haven't bumped into for a couple of months and he asked me if i've lost weight, Of course i denied it, but he insisted I had. In truth I have lost over 11lb in the past 6 weeks, but almost half of that since Monday! Well cool. I started at 110.3 kg and now i'm 105.0. Can't wait to see the double digits.

I know the weekend will be a challenge. Gotta be strong as steel.

Hope everyone is doing well.
Sorry just finding now. Well done you know the score and I believe will be in single digits in no time.

I'm so pleased its the end of week 1, cant say it's flown by, I must admit it was a fight every day to keep going and keep resisting food, it's unbelievable how much food is part of our everyday life, that without it you feel like you're walking around blindfolded!
I wasn't strict about my water intake last couple of days, i think it was less then 2 litres, and I'm feeling abit lethargic. I must get the fluid level back up today and this week.

Today I took a double take when i was closing my trousers and my belt closed one hole tighter without any effort. I only noticed as that hole had never been used before so was stiffer. So Lipotrim is doing something.

Looking foward to weigh in tomorrow morning. Would like to have lost 10lb!

Thanks Joanie & Derry for your encouragement, I need every bit of it.

Enjoy the rest of Sunday. Well kind of... cant forget all those who lost their lives this day in the Twin Towers and elsewhere. Innocent victims of murderous terrorists. My heart goes out to their families at this time.

Wish there would be peace in the world.
Good news that mate; well done! True about the world unfortunately and agree with the sentiments.

Well done though getting the first week out he way!

Good luck ;)
Can't wait to hear the scales results tomorrow. And epic non scale victory (nsv) on the belt love it.
Hi Deflating, I've just been reading through your diary. Well done and keep up your hard work. Hope all goes well for your weigh in tomorrow. I'm sure it will be good news.

Thanks for your kind and sincere encouragement and good wishes. It's amazing how the good vibes of friends even virtual ones that you'll probably never meet or know the identities of, do so much good. Especially in this business, where only people doing the same thing can really feel for you and with you. So, thank you.

I'm still reeling from the cruelty of 9-11 and thinking of the barbaric hatred of the perpetrators. The only way to combat that is to increase kindness and respect to all.
I'm not Muslim, but noticed it is their holiday of 'Eid' one of these days, so I last night I sent a small 'eid' greeting to a few Muslim associates - people who I have not had contact with in years, just to do my little part in spreading some love. The replies were heartwarming. It only takes seconds to make the world that much more pleasant.

Anyway onto Lipo, I was at the pharmacy at 830 this morning as they opened up for an early weigh in, (wouldnt want today's shake to count) and I've lost 9.4 pounds!! How cool is that! really chuffed. It's the first time that i've been really religious with the rules, I make sure to guzzle 3.5 litres (7 small bottles), 2 shakes and nothing else. Last time I thought I was clever by sneaking in a cooked egg and some chicken here and there, also I reasined that the shakes are milk based so no harm with skimmed milk in my coffees, but I crumbled after 10 days. It's such a waste of money and effort to do it 95%, cause it just wont work.

So here to week 2. I'd like to start building up an excersise plan - I havent moved for years. I bought a really good bike last year and have used it once! then in the winter I bought a top model Nordic Track elliptical cross trainer and have used it twice! shame on me. I also signed up for the gym in March and went once! so cancelled after first month. Pathetic! For this week I have charted 25 minutes fast walking plus 20 minutes on cross trainer per day. If I miss a day, I have to catch up to complete the 7 day total requirement. Watch this space to see how this goes down.

Tonight, I've got a really fancy wedding to go to. It's gonna be a tough call to keep off the food without making a scene of myself. I'll give it my best shot and hope for the best. Definately will not be touching a drop of alchohol as I'm driving back anyway.

Right, I've just licked my shake clean, - this forum is the best distraction - so gotta get some work done.
If you don't mind fibs tell them you have a tummy bug and the thought of eating is making you nauseous...

Well done and we're totally here for you 100%