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determined to get there


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i am new to CS - got the box last week and have started out having the banana shake - its really not that bad!! i have decided to really take charge here and do this! i had restarted the lipotrim but found it really tough so i am hoping knowing i can have a meal will be enough to get me from one day to the next.

my overall goal is to get to 9st9lb for the start of summer but i am taking baby steps and my ticker is set up for the minigoal of getting me back to under 10st7 (ideally 10st3) and i would like to be there by the end of april. so a month to go.

i'm off to the shops now to get my salads - i am right in thinking i can have chicken in sweet chili and lots of salad and maybe even one slice of cheese - or is that too much before i get into the diet??? i had a bad weekend and know i am craving carbs and thinking of jacking it all in favour of some bread. anyone got any tips on beating the cravings for the wrong type of food??
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Hiya Smurfette! good luck by the way and the salad you just mentioned sounds like something i sometimes have for my evening meal so go ahead and have it! just be careful on the portion size of the chicken if you want the cheese aswell, as for cravings i rarely have them any more, just in the first week and i find the meal bars and snack bars help towards them :)


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thanx holliedollie - but last nite was a disaster on the eating - if i had just stuck to the salad that wouldve beeen grand...but no the floodgates opened and i ate before me and behind me til i felt i was ready to burst. i dont seem to have a stop button when it comes to eating and i weighed myself this morning 4and 1/2 lb heavier so i am wondering if its ok to do this CS without eating - prob not recommended but i am going to try the shakes Liptrim style as knowing i can eat is a nice safety net but obv not something i am in control of yet. thanx for ur support i will kee u updated!
Oh dear! don't worry if you have a binge just start again where you left off, yeah I'm sure the shakes etc are fine to take without the snacks, I'm going to do it next week, because I've had a bad week this week and I've got a big party next weekend (and a very tight skirt), hopefully i wont be too hungry :s


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good luck with that girlie! i am really liking the caramel shake mmm but its only the beginning and i am thinking of food bigstyle this morning!!
Try the meal replacement bars if your feeling hungry, they fill me up twice as much as the shakes, love them! and it feels like your being naughty and having a choccy bar!

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