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determined to lose

Hi all, tho I am new to the site, I thought the best thing I could do was to start a diary,to help me record my food and moniter my weightloss.
And also to hopefullky have some support when its tough.

So a bit about me, I am 28 years old, and a mum of one little girl.
I have steadily gained weight over the last few years and by my BMI I am now officially over weight, which brings me to the site.
I seem to be unable to control my eating anymore, and have no will power.
Its so upsetting, I have hundreds of clothes I cant fit into, I cry every time I am trying to find something to wear, and any recent pictures of me I look like a fat person :cry:

I suffer from bi-polar and depression and I need to lose the weight now as it is just getting me down even more.
I have no idea what diet to try yet, I have approximately 2 stone to lose.
I guess thats it for now.

Today is my last day of pigging out, so I have, and now I feel terrible, but am still hungry, I am hungry all the time lately, and never feel full for any length of time.
Tommorow I will start diet. I just hope I will find the strength to succeed this time :sigh:
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Bouncing back
Hi Miss Chaplin!
Welcome to minimins - I hope you'll find that this is a truly wonderful place to be. Everyone here is so helpful, encouraging and supportive!!!
Good luck in losing the weight you need.
I do have to mention that I'm a little concerned that your goal weight is 90lbs - 6.4 stone. Please tell me that's not right!


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I think 90lbs, if you're 4'11" and of very slim build, is an okay target. I have a friend who's a little shorter than that, extremely slight bones, and she weighs 86lbs, but she's a bundle of healthy energy and looks great.

Best of luck to you, miss c., time to banish the binging demons once and for all, and fill up on good foods. I recommend calorie counting to anyone - it's steady, it's reliable, and -you're- in control of food, and the choices you make.

Maybe get rid of all the high fat, high sugar foods in your kitchen that you know will tempt you - it's a decent place to start.
hi all, and silence and iris thanks for the replies.

silence- I would love to reach that weight, as for my height I am then still in a relatively healthy place and feel so much happier.
But I do realise it may seem extreme to some people, it is simply a matter of personal choice.
I am by no means going to be silly about it, and before I reach that weight, I may decide to stop at a slightly higher weight, it will all depend on how I look and fell, whilst striving towards my goal.
I am more concerned about how I actually feel happy than anything else.

Iris- thank you for the advice, I just have to stay strong and motivated and I sincerely hope I can do that with some support from people here.
I am hoping that by having to come on and admit to what I have eaten rather than bury my head in the sand, I will stick to my diet, as I hate to let people down. :)

So........today DAY 1 of diet, its gone well, mostly because I was very busy all day helping my friend with her garden.
I have eaten app 900 calories so far and was hoping to stay around the 1000 calorie mark, so im very pleased, as I still have room for a yogurt later on this evening, to keep my sweet tooth quiet :rolleyes:
I am a bit annoyed at myself for not drinking enough water, but its sooooo hard, as it seems to go straight through me, I feel its important tho, as I want to get as healthy as possible and also to improve my skin.
Tommorow I already have my meals pretty much planned and am off to the gym in the morning to get some cardio in.

I really hope that although I am trying to reach a lower weight than alot of people that I will still be accepted and will find friends and support here.
will be back tommorow with another update.
thanks guys, hope your days have all gone well too:)
I can understand you having a lower target weight, I dont always feel comftable in how I look, but I really think I would have to go hungry to look and feel happy, but I'm just going to stick to healthy eating and not going to be silly, good luck in your journy and try to stay positive I know its difficult especially with your illness, my friend has bi-polar and depression.
thank you georgiestar.
I dont think I will reach that weight unless, like you said I was to not eat enough.
Plus a BMI of 18.2 is not classed as "healthy weight"
The problem is i a soooooo short :rolleyes: lol

I will see how I get on.
Today is sports day, have done my 100 sit ups today, my stomach muscles HURT, which has gotta mean its working.
Had a snack last night, 2 weightwatchers biscuits and a Weightwatchers pinapple yogurt ( which was delicious)
No breakfast this morning yet, but will grab so something on the way to taking isabelle to school.
Then we are all having a picnic at lunch time, for the sports day, so will be low cal for me.
Tea is going to be a jacket potato, with 30gs of low fat cheese and sweetcorn.

back on later to update, have decided to weigh of a monday morning from now on.
I cant have lost anything yet, but already feel thinner, more confident and generally happier about things, simply because I am taking action!
have a good day peeps:)x


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I cant have lost anything yet, but already feel thinner, more confident and generally happier about things, simply because I am taking action!
have a good day peeps:)x
Sounds great! Getting started really is a big part of the battle, isn't it? Getting into that frame of mind and deciding you're going to do it. Well done you on doing that. Sounds like your diet and exercise regime will yield fab results - just remember to give yourself enough rest days for the body to recuperate.

Hope it's going well today! :)
AHHHHH i have been posting my diary entries in my introduction!!!! silly woman, must be the lack of food ;)

so, I have moved them here now
Today has been another good day.
Done 100 sit ups (challenge on here)
Went to the gym and done 35 minutes of cardio.which hurt as I am sooooo unfit.
felt good for it afterwards tho. spent the rest of the day lounging in the sun and bth me and my daughter are now very brown.
Hoping for more hot weather tommorow, just makes me feel more positive.

As for food intake, been low, as not had a whole lot of time today.
so have kept below my 1000 cals.
Can have a snack tonight if I am peckish which is good to know.
Its funny, but when I know I have cals left to eat I am not hungry, but when I am trying not to snack I am starving.
sods law I guess.
Anyway, have 100 more sit ups to do tonight, and its my daughters sports day tommorow, so that should keep me occupied :)
Its her first one, Im so looking forward to it.
Hope every else has had a good day too.
And if anyone is reading this thankyou :D
HI mummy B thanks for dropping by
I see we have the same start BMI too, hopefully mine will go down soon like yours lol.
thanks for the site, I will have a look in the morning.

Well today has been a bad day, felt bloated, and had about 1200 cals too. not to happy with myself, also sat about ALL day doing nothing. not even housework.
bloody alcohol, its sooooo not worth it.
I will be up and about again tomoz tho, so hopefully not too much damage done.
On I good note I did get 100 sit ups in this evening.
Hopefully tommorow will be a better day.
Now slightly confused by which day is which, but never mind over all this seems to have been a good week, just hope i can keep it up over the weekend :confused:

So today, I did my 100 situps, and walked dog, apart for that I have not really done enough excersise. I rely on my friend to get to the gym as I dnt drive, so couldnt go today.
I had brunch as opposed to breakkie and lunch, simply worked out that way, and I was very naughty indeed and had a sausage and onion sandwich!!!!!!
But.......I am only having a jacket potato with cheese and sweetcorn for tea, so I worked out app 1000 cals for today.
Which is fine as thats what I have been aiming for.
Will still allow myself, my weightwatchers biscuits and yogurt later if i fancy them.
And another 100 situps yet to do tonight.
Tommorow should be fine food wise, but sunday is going to be a problem, as we are out for the day, its always so difficult to avoid hot dogs, burgers, chips ect in that sort of enviroment, we are at an outdoor fair thing.
Any tips much appreciated.

Anyway guys, all enjoy your weekends


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That sausage and onion sandwich sounds like it was worth every calorie, though!

Well done on keeping up the healthy eating AND the exercise. I admire anyone who can execute those two in tandem. Takes discipline!

Hope things go well at the fair - hopefully you'll get good weather for it and resist too much of the temptation on offer. Although, a little never hurts... ;)

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