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Determined to slim

Hi guys. I have tried just about every diet going and always regain whatever I have lost but I am determined not to give up. I am following the slimming world extra easy plan an home rather than going to classes but I thought I would join here to help keep me on track. Started yesterday and here is what I had:

HE A - cheese
HE B - one slice of wholemeal toast
Breakfast - beans, grilled tomato
Lunch - baked potato, prawns, green beans, mushrooms
Snacks - banana
Dinner - home made beef burgers, home made chips
Syns - 3 tbsp hp bbq sauce (3 syns)

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Lover of Extra Easy
Welcome Star, and good luck. You can do it!
Looking at you diary it looks fine but did you have any veg with your dinner?
You should be having 1/3 superfree veg with each meal.
Whoops -didn't realise about the 1/3 super food thing! I will make sure I do that next time. Today was ok. Had lunch with colleagues at Pizza Express. Thought I would stick to a tomato based pasta but all of their pasta dishes were creamy so chose a chicken salad instead. The menu didn't say that it came with bread so I was annoyed when I saw my plate. Was too embarrased to ask them to take it away so ended up eating it Hmph!

Extra Easy Food Diary

I had quite a good day yesterday. I have noticed that spending my syns on extras for my meals eg sauces is working better for me than spending them on chocolate and crisps. I am an all or nothing girl and having a fun size chocolate bar would not be enough for me but Ifind I am not craving it so that's good. The only slight pang I had was in the supermarket but I just refused to go down that isle!

Yesterday's diary:

1 slice of wholemeal toast with beans and grilled tomato
Banana, Fruit Salad
Jacket potato topped with salmon and cottage cheese, beetroot, tomato and greenbean salad
Mincemeat and pasta bake made with eggs and cheese plus 3 tbs of sweet chilli sauce 4.5 syns

I had half the pasta bake for dinner and then about an hour later felt peckish so ate the other half. Honestly - the size of that thing could have fed 3 but I ate it all to myself but its ok - there was only 4.5 syns in the entire thing
Well - Friday is the day I weigh myself at home and I was pleased as punch to realise that I had lost 5lbs in my first week but it all seems to have gone down hill since.

I really struggle with weekends as I am mostly with my OH and he always bring round cake, chocolate and crisps. Saturday and Sunday were spent eating and drinking rubbish so am trying to get back on the straight and narrow today. I live in London and he lives in Essex so we are constantly travelling between the 2 and eating out. We are moving in together in a few months so hopefully I will have a better eating pattern that doesn't involve splurging every weekend.

Going to try the mushy pea curry tonight with rice and syn free onion bhajis and am going to the gym tomorrow so hoping I can undo all my naughtiness of the weekend. Hardest part will be not getting on the scales until Friday. I know I have put on a couple of pounds over the weekend cos I can feel it but if I confirm it on the scales I will chuck it all in all together! Does anyone else ever feel like that ?


Silver Member

star i guess we all get our days but seriously keep at it you've seen it does work, i myself have tried doing diets online without going to meetings and i think it just doesnt substitue for the real thing its great for days when not got meeting for support and recipes etc but thats up to you , im starting my local meeting s for the very first time tomorrow im s**t scared but need it to reassure myself that im not the only one struggling with my weight
good luck to you
Thanks Lyns. I have joined and quit SW and WW at least 10 times now and the club environment just doesn't work for me so I am gonna do it at home and weigh myself.- although I do miss HiFi bars and wished they sold them in supermarkets. I find the hints, tips and support on here a God send and really feel like I can do it this time. Just so sick of being over weight and uncomfortable. Its funny - I have a picture in my head of what I will look like at target and that seems to be what keeps me going. I have been over weight since I was 10 so I don't know what it feels like to be slim but I cannot wait to get there! :)
Extra Easy - Easy Peasy

Hello Everyone. I am having a much better day today. I made the mushy pea curry last night with pork. Think I used too much peas (2 cans - opps). Will try again with less peas and chicken. The syn free onion bhajis were gorgeous. Will try swopping the curry powder for paprika for a nice mid day snack or even just onion to get a syn free hash brown!

I am going to the gym tonight for first time in about 5 months and am actually really looking forward to it. I already know what I am having for tea so will do my food diary for today now:

Breakfast - Honey nut shredded wheat plus milk (HEB + HEA)
Snacks - Fruit salad
Lunch - Jacket potato with salmon and cottage cheese (blended into a spread), hard boiled egg, tomato, satsuma
Snack - Muller light strawberry
Dinner - Batchelors pasta and sauce. Tinned mackeral
I am new on here, but I have been following the plan for 10 weeks now. I think looking through your food diaries it might help you weight loss by eating more superfree foods. As someone mentioned every meal you have should have atleast 1/3 superfree. I find that sometimes I can't get superfree into my meals so I have some fruit after. Hope that helps! x x
Thanks StacieG! I can't manage 1/3 super free foods at meals either so like you I am upping my intake of fruit. Had a really good day yesterday. OH came round and before we went to the supermarket I explained to him that I don't mind him having whatever he wants as longas he doesn't offer it to me - so last night was the first time that he had goodies and I didn't. I was very proud of myself. He was eating cake and custard and I had pineapple. Yesterdays menu was:

Breakfast - 1 slice of toast with beans and half a grilled tomato
Snack - Strawberries, banana
Lunch - Jacket potato with spicy beans (kidney beans, butter beans, onion, chilli and passata
Snack - Muller light, Pineapple
Dinner - Shepherds pie
Treat - 2 glasses of red wine (12 sysn)
Weigh Day - Extra Easy

Hello People
Today is my weigh day so got on the scales this morning and I have stayed the same. I am ok with that because when I think about what I ate and drank last weekend - I must of spent this week losing what I put on. I am determined to get a decent loss next week so will be very careful this weekend. Here is what I had yesterday:
Breakfast - 1 slice wholemeal bread, beans, grilled tomato, scrambled egg
Snack - Banana, clemntine, strawberries
Lunch - Jacket potato wih salmon and cottage cheese, side salad
Snack - batchelors noodles, muller light
Dinner - Home made syn free shepherds pie
Snack - Pineapple, muller light

I didn't use my healthy extra A yesterday so I might have it today instead.
As long as you are happy with your weigh in that is all that matters. I weigh the members in for my consultant whilst she does the members talk and I find it really difficult when people get bad news and they are expecting better, I have to keep my opinions to myself and direct them towards the consultant but sometimes you can only say so much, well tomorrow is another way, there is always next week!
I would personally watch the way in which you use your he, I saw you said because you haven't had your A you were going to have it today, would that mean you would have two? or just make sure you have an A? I guess it is just ensuring when you are eatcing your he's that you are measuring them and only having one of each of an EE day :)
Glad you are happy with what you are doing though! keep up the good work! x x:)
I'm Back

Hi Everyone. After several weeks off the wagon I am back to food optimising starting today - Extra Easy

HE A - skimmed milk
HE B - weetabix minis

Baked potato, salad, home made shepherds pie, grapes

Munch bunch yoghurt - not sure how many syns this is but I'm guessing 2.5
I'm Back

Hello everyone. It's been a while since I came on here but I am back. I rejoined a slimming world class on Monday and I am back in the swing of things.

One of my best friends has asked me to be her bridesmaids for when she gets married in August so I am determined to shift several stone by then.

I made the half syn roulade yesterday and it was okay but not as nice as I thought it would be. Recipe may need a bit of tweeking.

Yesterdays Food Diary - I am doing Extra Easy

Breakfast - Baked beans and cheese (HE A) on toast
Lunch - Pasta and veg
Dinner - Salmon, roast potatoes, veg
Snacks - Grapes

I am really pleased that I resisted biscuits yesterday. I had a long meeting at work where several danishes, and plates of bisucuits were wafting under my nose, and when I got home my boyfriend was tucking into a packet but I didn't have any. Yay :)
Hi Star, me and you seem in the same boat.
I know what to do but the temptations of normal life just get in the way.
I am still trying it at home at the moment but come January if i have not increased the 1/2 stone loss, i am joining a class.

Good Luck, I am too going to be a bridesmaid in May for my best friend, this is the 6th time i had too be one and i am really hoping this time i will feel good about myself and not be concerned about being the fattest there. Fingers Crossed x x

The problem is there are 4 of us and they are all size 10 so me at size 16 will really stand out.

I am sure we can do it, Well done on keeping away from the biscuits i did too yesterday at a meeting but ate a whole bag of sugarsnap peas instead. Got some odd looks but i know at the end of the day it will be worth it. Good Luck
Hi Teresa, we really are in the same boat aren't we!

The bride is a size 12 and her other 2 bridesmaids are a size 8. At the moment I am bursting out of a size 18 so really want to slim down. Plus the bridesmaids dresses are from Karen Millen which only go up to a size 16 which would really be a size 14 in somewhere like Dorothy Perkins so I am determined to slim down.

I have almost 8 stone to lose in total which is very daunting so I explained to my my consultant that I didn't want to set a target just yet and she agreed I could aim for 7lb losses instead which seems a lot easier.

Here is my food diary for yesterday:

Breakfast - Heinz sweet chilli beans on toast (HE B)
Lunch - Pasta, sweetcorn and feta cheese (1/2 of HE A)
Dinner - Baked sweet potatoes with 2 light cheese triangles (1/2 of HE A)
Snacks - Activia snackpot, grapes, amaretto and diet coke (2.5 syns)
I hate my jeans

I made the mistake of weighing myself this morning and was dirheartened to see that I had only lost 1lb. I will try to just leave the weigh ins for class. Here is yesterdays menu:

Breakfast: Heinz sweet chilli beans on toast (HE B)
Lunch: Rice with peas, sweetcorn, peppers and soy sauce
Dinner: Home made chilli con carne with rice with dollop of low fat fromage frais (from this months magazine - was lovely)
Snacks: Grapes, activia snackpot mango, small skinny latte (milk = HE A)
Syns: Gin and slimline tonic (4) Snowman cake from Greggs (aprox 11 syns)

Its Children in Need today and we are allowed to wear jeans to work. I tried mine on this morning and could just about do them up. So annoying when they used to be my baggy pair. I really want to get this weight off - it feels so uncomfortable - I look in the mirror and it doesn't look like me at all.

Weekend starts tomorrow and I am going to go to the market and get lots of fruit in to try and speed up my weight loss :sigh:


My belly this will be!
Here is my food diary for yesterday:

Breakfast - Heinz sweet chilli beans on toast (HE B)
Lunch - Pasta, sweetcorn and feta cheese (1/2 of HE A)
Dinner - Baked sweet potatoes with 2 light cheese triangles (1/2 of HE A)
Snacks - Activia snackpot, grapes, amaretto and diet coke (2.5 syns)
you are not going to lose to your potential eating like this because you are not following the plan. One third of your plate should be superfree.

Breakfast - Heinz sweet chilli beans on toast (HE B)

tomatoes and mushrooms and some fruit perhaps or maybe start with a grapefruit?

Lunch - Pasta, sweetcorn and feta cheese (1/2 of HE A)

salad or vegetables?

Dinner - Baked sweet potatoes with 2 light cheese triangles (1/2 of HE A)

again no salad or vegetables?

Looks like only grapes for the whole day. Grapes are not the best fruit for weight loss and also added fruit would benefit your health.

Melon is a good one and good old apples are cheap at this time of year. :)
I did ask my consultant about the 1/3 super free food with meals and she said as long as the it is 1/3 over the course of the day then that should be okay. I use the veg in my meals (eg chilli or spag bol) and bulk out to try and get in the super free food because I just can't eat massive amounts of veg.

Here is yesterday's menu:

Breakfast - Heinz sweet chilli beans on toast
Lunch - Jacket potato with salad, prawns and harboiled eggs
Dinner - Baked sweet potato with 1 laughing cow light triangle and noodles
Snacks - Apple, banana, grapes, activia yoghurt

Yesterday was Friday which is when I would usually have my first out of 4 bottles of wine for the weekend. I didn't have any alcohol yesterday so really pleased with that. And - my OH had chinese last night but I resisted and had noodles and sweet potato instead