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Morning All!

Yesterday I was in the chemist looking for makeup and came accross DETOX PATCHES for your feet, I had read about them before on magazines, they were 5€ a pair so I said I'll give them a try! There is no medical risk in using them and it says they promote well being, body cleansing of toxins and helps aiding any pain the body may have.

Wellllllllll, my ohhhhhhhh my, woke up this morning and the patch uwwwh:eek:. It got me thinking, do we really know what we are eating, and the amount of horrible toxins we are storing in our bodies from fooooooooooood. I felt so much better this morning, like a fresh breeze!

Needless to say, SS was back on my menu this morning!!:)
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Wow thats sounds interesting, what do they do, suck all the nasty stuff out? Where did you get them from? I'm a sucker for stuff like that!
Hi chika!

Most chemists and health shops seem to sell them nowadays, you get two patches in a packet. There is no health warning or risk using them.

My feeling good is still lasting....I'll be using them more often!
Hi there

I've read something about these somewhere because I was going to get some but it said that they were abit of a con and its impossible for toxins to be extracted out through your feet in this way. They did explain what the colour on the patches in the morning is but I cant remember what it is! I will try and remember where I saw the info
Sadly I was in the doctors last week and they had an article in a magazine about them saying that the substance is merely "foot sweat" reacting with the patch and creating what looks to be this terrible foot discharge.

Then again it also said that they were safe and also said they are no more or less proven than say Reiki / Hopi Ear Candles etc etc



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S: 26st10lb C: 25st9lb G: 12st12lb BMI: 50.1 Loss: 1st1lb(4.01%)
Thanks for the info. i was a bit skeptical about the foot sweat business but I'll give them a go.

However hopi ear candles are AMAZING. This is where it gets graphic but the cr*p that came out of my ears has to be seen to be believed! Grim but I felt so much better afterwards!
I used to have Hopi done but then when I first started as a CDC I met a customer who worked in a salon in Yarmouth and said they were a big con and that the "discharge" was in fact the melted bees wax dropping back into the pipe and not wax or any ear discharge, i was also paying 25 quid for a session and you can buy the candles for 6 quid (or you could then!)

I then did some research on the internet and it said that they were a placebo health aid with no real benefit!!

But when I used to have them done I felt so good afterwards so clearly it was either placebo or they do something!!


Is Ear Candling a Ripoff? Probably yes. The theory is that ear cleaning via coning ear candles will help all sorts of aural difficulties (such as hearing problems, clogging and earwax buildup). Tests show that the only wax seen comes from the candle itself. In Canada, ear candles are illegal. Various internet reports (please read them by typing ear candling at your favorite search engine) indicate that ear candling or coning is probably just a placebo.
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I and many of my friends do alternative therapies. Re HOPI Ear Candles, this does work in my opinion my mum a sceptic had this treatement done recently and it has helped her hearing tremendously. I also practice Reiki among other treatements and it helps me - but at the end of the day what works for one doesnt work for another, if you feel the detox patches are working for you and felt better the next day then they were worth it. I think they do work, I have been getting the universal contour wrap and have been losing inches with it, you could just say is is bandages and mud no real effect and they then measure you wrong but I feel it in my clothes and in my self.
I have just ordered some Hopi candles on Ebay!! If nothing else they make me relax and they smell yummy as well


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