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Dettol pump


Mini crazy cat lady
Is it just me who has 'issues' with the automated Dettol pump thing? You touch the top of the soap pump before you wash your hands, and not afterwards (or at least I don't).

Now taps I have an issue with! As you turn the water on with germy hands, clean off the germs, then turn the same tap off, thus adding the germs back onto your hands.

*not that I have an OCD about such matters, but it's puzzled me for some time now! Perhaps I need a new hobby.......:)
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I know that what you're saying is right - but think about these things for too long and you'll drive yourself crazy!! Life is too short to worry about such things for the majority of people! When in doubt I always think what would gran have done, the answer to which would almost always be don't worry and have a cup of tea! All my grandparents made it into their nineties and none ever worried too much about germs, disinfectant or use by dates!
I'm hoping it just takes sheer bloody stubbornness Judi!

As for the Dettol pump thing, I thought exactly the same!!!

I usually 'wash' the tap (with my soapy hand)... hmm... yup,... OCD alert!!!!!
i thought the dettol pump was a hands free thingy with a sensor that gave out the right amount of soap once your hands were placed under the spout - or am i wrong??


Mini crazy cat lady
Yeah it dispenses soap when you put your hand under, which is clever. But the advert pushes the fact that you no longer have a germy pump!

*edit - I don't have hygiene hangups, just issues with silly marketing ideas. I'm one of those people who sniffs food that is past the best before, then eats it if it looks ok! And a mother with the "God blessed it before the devil licked it" attitude :D
I have issues with the same thing! Turning the taps off - heehee

Also when I clean I clean the door handle and the lightpull for the same reasons.

What also bothers me is using public toilets. You wash your hands and use the handle to open the door again but probably 100's of people before I haven't bothered to wash theirs. Seems a tad pointless really :D

But I agree.....just don't think about it LOL

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