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Has anyone been put on dianette with pcos?
I had it for about 2-3 years and was constantly getting my liver functions tested as iv heard it can mess up your liver. Everything was fine but doctor decided to change me back to Microgynonon and now all my symptoms i had before i went onto dianette have come back, weight gain, spots really bad down back, neck even a few on my legs (i was mainly on this because of my acne which was caused by my hormone imbalance), periods are still regular but are back to being agony with me having terrible cramps, headaches.

Has anyone else been the same?
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Its a drug used to treat PCOS, they use it for diabetes too..but why on earth did your doctor take you off dianette knowing you had PCOS?...xx


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Ahhh i getcha...
They put me on that when i was originally diagnosed at 13...but i stopped taking it as it made me put on more weight (and trust me i was already a big little lady!) ...but to be honest as i got older i never really got on with any type of oral contraceptive..so i had the deppo jab every three months instead and dealth with my PCOS seperatley x
Dianette is an oestrogen based pill which is why it's good for PCOS as it rebalances the testosterone that causes much of the symptoms. The reason it's not recommended for long periods of time is because it's a relatively new pill and the Dr's don't know the long-term effects of it which is why they recommend coming off it every couple of years and trying something else. Yasmin is a good alternative. Microgynon is the cheapest pill to make which is why Dr's are always very keen to push this on to patients! I've been on Dianette for 5 years and it still works great, my endochronologist said he prob would have taken me off it for a time but he's fine with me staying on it if it works. Metformin is predominantly a to help with weight-loss. Am pretty sure it's not an alternative contraceptive pill!


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No Rosie, Its not an alternative contraceptive pill and i cant see where i suggested it was?
I did however mention when i came off dianette, I had turned to the "deppo jab" (deprovera contraceptive injection) when i chose to be treated with metformin for my PCOS.
It is thought that Metformin helps a little with weightloss because of the way it works, but it is never prescribed for such a purpose..It is in fact a drug made for the treatment of diabetes, but because of the way it adjusts the absorbsion of glucose into the liver, , (something that PCOS sufferers struggle to do) it also in turn lowers testosterone and glucose levels..it works wonders for hormone balance, so is now reguarly prescribed for PCOS :)
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Hi Kirsty,

Welcome to the PCOS world, I was diangosed at 17, but started to get irregular periods at 15, I am now 33. Diannette is not a new drug/pill, I was prescribed it when I was 17 (16yrs ago!). It is also used for acne (and contraception) which could explain why the new pill isnt helping your spots.

I hope what I say isnt taken offensively, but the best way to deal with pcos is naturally. The pill isnt curing your problem, its just covering them up, which is evident by the fact the moment you came off dianette your problems (except reg periods) came back.

Metformin is meant to be good for insulin stablising, its what my brother uses and he isnt diabetic. However, it has never been tested for use on PCOS, its a tablet to help one of the symptons (insulin resistance). I have refused Metformin again because I dont believe its curing my problem.

Feel free to ask any questions, I am going to do a longer post
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metformin doest work for everyone... it is a diabetic drug and therefor you will beed to have your insulin and blood gloucos levels checked as if you dont need it, can make you ill. its not a drug to be taken lightly.... ive missed a meal and taken my metformin and ended up in hospital with my blood gloucos level at 2.1.... not fun!
talk to your dr, yasmin is also good for pcos and supports weight loss... its about finding whats right for you
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Dianette is a really strong pill I was on it for 5 years but I realised it didn't help with my weigh, mood and the rest. I have felt 100% since coming off it 1 year ago and you know my periods have regulated - I do get more pain and I have to be honest and say my other half would say I was more moody :( but I do feel better not being on it.



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Does anyone think Dianette can actually cause mood swings/PMT?
When I used to never have periods I never had PMT. It was great.
Then I got put on Dianette for PCOS and now I am proper PMT :(


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The pmt is caused by the change in hormones when u start your period so no period no pmt so wouldnt be the dinette as such just the fact ur having a period


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I was on Dianette for 8 years, came off it about 5 months ago. When I tried to come off it a few years ago I was like you and all my symptom came back, worse than before too so I went back on it. But I valued my liver over my skin so thought it's now or never and ditched it. So far so good. My skin has cleared up a bit but the periods have come back heavy with the agony like before etc etc

You can't ever cure the pcos but the pill is just masking the symptoms....that' not worth sacrificing your liver for. I've started putting weight on again since coming off dianette so I'm thinking of going back to the doctor to see about metformin myself.


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i was diagnosed with PCOS when i was 14 - 17 years ago!!! i was out on dianette and it was the best thing i did!! i was on it for 10 years and only got taken off it because i wen t over the recommended BMI. I have been offered metformin and did use it to help conceive but now im a bit hit and miss with taking it to be honest and i dont feel it fits well when im on Exante diet but it did work when i used it properly!
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My GP took me off Dianette because of the high risk associated with DVT. I am now on Yasmin and I can't really notice any difference between the two. It's interesting that you say Dianette is associated with liver function, as I've just found out I've gotabnormal LFTs... maybe Yasmin is associated too?

I was also offered Metformin but decided against it as one of the main side effects is hair loss and I'm already losing hair, so that's a no go for me. But my GP said essentially that if I lost weight then my symtpoms should decrease.
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Hey Kirsty,

I was on Dianette for about 5 years, been diagnosed with PCOS for about the same length of time. My doctor then changed me onto Marvelon. Been on it for just under a year now and not really noticed much difference between the two. Maybe ask about that route if nothing else works for you.
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Thanks for replys not been on here in a while, been on holidays!! Im going to make an appointment to see my doctor again and see whats on offer, the only real issue is that my spots are getting worse, my skin conditon with my hair too!!

I loved dianette, had no issues what so ever on it and it didnt effect my PMT or that.

I understand those of you who say it masks the problem probably does but for now i dont mind that aslong as it helps clear up the issues!! Obviously i dont want to damage my liver though so think ineed a chat with doctors!
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I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 14, started taking Dianette and it made my skin so clear and perfect it was great! (I have all the horrible symptoms - facial hair, a great big belly, NO PERIODS AT ALL, spots). When I was 19 I started having pains in chest so strong that I thought I was having a heart attack! Anyway, cut a long story short I had gallstones (yes at 19 y.o) hence the pain. My gallbladder burst so I have a HUGE scar across my stomach. A gallbladder bursting at aged 19 was considered very strange and a biopsy was done on the stones and what was left of the gallbladder. Apparently there were traces of something from Dianette!!

Apart from the gallbladder thing everything else was fine, it was great and nothing has ever compared. Ive tried it all - other hormone pills, Glucophage, primrose oil, agnus castus pills & drops and none of them have worked. I take Primolut every 6 weeks to induce a 'period'.

Have all the hair and spots though and spend a fortune on beauticians, creams, electrical accessories to assist with these symptoms.

The last time I managed to lose 60kg, my period starting coming naturally and regularly so I know that I need to lose weight to help and I think its the only thing that will work! This is one of many things that spurred me to do the Cambridge Diet cos Im 32 and I want a baby!
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this time its forever - god thats awful hope your ok now!

I went back to doctor yesterday and have been allowed back onto dianette :) so glad as it really does make me so much better, gets rid the massive spots/boils, hair clears up, periods are better etc etc!

Iv to just keep getting my liver functions tested :)

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