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Diarrhoea on day 4 of lipotrim tfr?

Ok I'm now in on this topic too .... Day 8 and I have due had a serious emergency dash to the loo!! So you are not alone emerald!

Was warned to be constipated, but complete opposite!

Anyone ever have this?

Oh my god it was a proper had to pull in at a filling station emergency! HELP!!

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I must admit it was a one off though not had it again yet (touch wood) and am on day 6, and without being gross it seemed almost fatty like what u would expect if u were on alli tablets. I hope it passes becky.boo :( xx
Yes it can happen in first week . I had it badly (I won't go into disgusting details lol ). My chemist told me that as we are on a liquid only diet for first 2 weeks (flapjacks can be only introduced after 2 weeks) - it is basically a total detox for our gut. It is like getting a colonic irrigation girls. It will pass don't worry but remember it is so worth it in the long run!!!!We can do this together!!!
Thanks Angela ... I suppose my body must be ejecting all the crap ( no pun intended) that has built up in my gut!

Makes sense it's a whole body clear out!

Emerald know exactly what you mean it was most defiantly not good body waste! Eek what was I doing to my body if that what was inside!

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So glad I got a response though thought something was wrong with me!!!! Well let the weight loss commence ladies. Thanks angela that's good info to have,very informative. :) xx
Hi emerald ... Not that you want a daily update on my toilet matters lol .. But I obviously was way unhealthier than you and my body is in shock.. I'm suffering day two!

Think I may ring the chemist later just to ask if it ok!? eek!

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Hi everyone.

Sorry to hear some of u r having bad side effects :(

Im on day 3 and I haven't had any toilet trouble (yet).

But I hav found I felt hot and clammy. Do u think the sweating is how my body is processing the detox ?

Has anyone else experienced this ?

Plus I'm on day 3 and not hungry, is this normal or is it gonna worse before it gets better ?

Also I wondered r we allowed to add to the shakes? If so does anyone hav any yummy ideas ?

Thank u ! X
Hi Becca,

Best guess is our bodies sweating out the badness so getting healthy is good!

Em I made the choc up last night as a moouse with cold peppermint tea .. And it was great like having one of those min aero desert yogurts!

And other than that I have made the vanilla with some coffee cold .. Must try it hot this week!

I tried the soup for the first time, just finishing it at my desk now and I think it's nice ... lots o ppl have said it gross ..
It's different not unlike a low fat cuppa soup .. Strong flavour which is a bit odd in my mouth but tastes good once it hits my throat and nice after taste! Good for a change!

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Oooh poor u, I do think u need to ring pharmacy for advice. I am due my weigh in tomorrow. Excited :) xxx
Just found this thread and know what you mean had this problem a few times over the week discussed it at weigh in today and have been told to take fibre clear to cleanse the system as the runs could be a sign of an over flow from constapation
It's dreadful isn't it!! Thank god it passed I've not experienced since then!

Hope the worst is passed (no pun intended) for you!!

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Hi becky.boo thankfully I only had the one episode,however I will bare the fibre cleanse in mind should it happen again, just so thankful I was home and not at work!!! Hope ur well xx


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lol....been there had that......

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