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Diary of a Devon Dumpling

I thought as I spend so much time on Minimins that I would start a diary on here to!

We've got a busy year ahead of us - three weddings, christenings, my 30th etc. and this is the year that I get to target!

My diary will develop as I go along losing the pounds so please do enjoy it and feel free to post xxx
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10 for 10

On NYE my best friend said she was doing her own 10 for 10 challenge! Basically 10 resolutions or promises to herself that she would do in 2010! I've been thinking about mine for the last couple of days and here they are (in no particular order!):

1. Get to target on or before my 30th birthday in September
2. Sort out finances - pay off credit cards and save more!
3. Do more freelance work
4. Ring/see my Nan more often
5. Continue to learn Italian
6. Finish my Event Planning Diploma
7. Be more productive on my days off (keep paperwork up-to-date, experiment with my cooking, Spring clean more regularly)
8. Exercise for at least 30 mins 5 times a week (trampoline, Wii, gym, Running Made Easy plan)
9. Gardening - make sure our little garden looks gorgeous all year round
10. Cleanse, tone and moisturise daily!

*** 11. When I get to target I'm going to start horse-riding again! xx

thought i would pop in and say hi!

i like the resolution that you have shared with everyone, good luck and im sure you can do them all

Good Luck for 2010 xxx


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I share the horse-riding dream. I love riding so much but couldn't possibly inflict myself on a poor old horse at the moment. Can just imagine it waddling along with bow legs and me on top!!!! (that's if I could manage to mount it in the first place in my current state!).
I used to ride every weekend when I was slim ( a long time ago!) and would soo love to be able to do it again!
Forgotten how good it feels to exercise! I've just done my Rosemary Conley dvd and am now suitably glowing! Don't think I'm quite at the exercise euphoric stage yet, but who knows.... !
Hello dear diary!

Well had my first WI of 2010 last night and lost 2 pounds! It's the 2 pounds that I put on over Xmas so am a very happy Dumpling! It means I start 2010 at my pre-Xmas weight and now I'm ready and raring to go! Class last night was great, we had the new members talk and it really helped me to think about the plan again! I also bought the new book so when I get 5 minutes this weekend, will sit down with a cuppa and go through it! I'm def a red/green girl, mostly because I like my 2 HEXs but may try EE occasionally! I'm also going to work towards gaining my Body Magic awards - go the food bit sorted (well almost!) so now on to the exercise! Wish me luck!

Started on the 12 week challenge on The Biggest Loser Wii game today - will use my diary as a record for gaining my Body Magic awards!

34 minutes - The Biggest Loser game xx
OK, so the workout I did yesterday didn't seem so bad at the time, however.... sitting down I can feel the muscles working!! xx


I will succeed!!!
OK, so the workout I did yesterday didn't seem so bad at the time, however.... sitting down I can feel the muscles working!! xx
Well done on doing it though! :D

Not doing so well at keeping my diary up-to-date am I???!

100% day for me yesterday - yay! And just tried on a couple of dresses that I'm due to wear for various 'dos' this year and they feel fab! Love SW! xxx
I properly started on my Body Magic journey yesterday...

I got off the bus 4/5 stops early and walked home (25 minutes) - so that's my 1st 15 minute session this week, just 2 more sessions to go this week and then BM week 1 done and on my way to Bronze! Was actually very easy to do and nice to get some fresh air after being in the office all day! xxx
I know I've got my mini-goals to aim for and even though I've put dates next to them, I'm not that bit bothered if I don't get to them by date, I know I'm losing so that's enough, I'll just celebrate them when I get to them! However we've got loads of other things going on this year so wanted to write down how many WIs before each event as of today:

Weekend away - 5
Hen Do - 12
Wedding - 15
Race for Life - 18
Hen Do - 30
Holiday and 30th! - 31
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