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Diary of a food addict...

Hello there...my names Gina. I'm no stranger to minimins. Have been reading on off for the past few months and I have to say you people are amazing. The stories are all so inspiring I thought I'd stick my oar in and give it a go.

So Im 25 and from Ireland. The diets Ive tried are Lipotrim (lasted 3 days) and Weight Watchers (lost a stone, put on 3) so I wouldnt have the best track record. However, Im all for new starts so have decided to give Slimming world a go. Being a lifelong weightwatcher, Im used to points n all that jazz but im sure the slimming world method will come to me.

First weigh in - 15st 10. Shocking really. I weigh more than my boyfriend. Id ideally like to be around 11stone so in this for the long haul. If anyone has any comments or whatever, dont hesistate to post.

All the best, Gina.
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Well, day 1 over and not too bad.
Breakfast was weetabix and skimmed milk. (HeA and B)
Lunch was veg soup, and an orange juice (2syn)
Dinner was chicken breast, kidney beans in chilli sauce and rice.
Snacks - yoghurt, pineapple, orange and many cups of black tea!

Probably should be using up more syns but just didnt happen today.
Thought i should share with you something that happened today that made me even more determined. Went to a shop to browse for some new clothes for a work do (not enjoyable when u constantly have to look for things that are baggy at the tummy or that hide the bingo wings). Anyway, saw a suitable dress but they didnt have it in my size - 18-20 so i went for the 16 to try on. Got it on after quite the struggle and needless to sat,it didnt look so good. To my horror,wen i tried to get it off i found-i couldnt!!! I literally spent 5mins struggling, 5mins panicking then 5 mins thinkin of whether or not i shud get the assisant.eventally after removing my bra i was able to yank it off. Was covered in sweate and red blotches aftr from the strain. Not attractive. I mean how degrading is that? I had visions of the assistant hacking away with a pair of scissors n me having to buy the hacked remains. That should be an incentive next time i hear the biscuit tin calling.
You should have bought the dress so that in a short while you'll be able to get it on with ease and think back to that changing room horror moment :)

I think we've all been there mate!
Lol cheers emmylou...yea im sure some day i can look back n laugh. Hopefully!
Well couldnt get on to tinternet yest but food diary consisted of:
weetabix/skimmed milk
youghurt apple omlette
spaghetti bolognaise

todays - weetabix/skimmed milk
soup, baked potato with beans
chilli con carne

Goin good so far. Even goin to gym tomorrow. Even lookin forward to the weigh in on wed. Gonna start makin dinners in bulk n freezin them cus by the time i get hime from worjk in the evenings im so beat/ravenous.

Later chicos/chicas
Todays list
weetabix, milk
soup apple
ice lolly
Well-good news and bad news recently. Weigh in lost 3 lbs. Elated!!
Bad news-boyfriend broke up with me :(. As a result, fell massively off the wagon past 2 days. I know its not an excuse but as a massive comfort eater it was the only thing that (i thought)made me feel better. Feel alot better now tho- have realised the breakup wason the cards for ages anyway. Just gota drag myself out of the 'feeling sorry for yourself' rut n start afresh!

Hope everyones weeks been goin well. xoxoxo

Jane R

Silver Member
Congratulations on your weight loss!:)
Sorry about your bad news and yes it is hard not to comfort eat at a time like this.
I hope that your week improves. X
Aww hun, sorry to hear about your boyfriend, try and keep busy, see friends and family etc, makes it easier to avoid comfort eating then.

Massive well done on the 3lb loss, get and make a ticker (click on anyone elses and it'll take you to the site so you can make your own).

Hope you're feeling better and have got back on the wagon ok. xx

Never a good time when it come to the comfort eating but being single is no greater incentive to lose some weight. Once you feel good about yourself, you'll attract the right kind of man to love you too. I think when you have low self esteem you tend to attract men who'll take advantage of that. I certainly have in the past. Having your naturally skinny boyfriend telling you to lose weight all the time when you've already reached target in class is a lot easier to 'kick to the kerb' as you realise you can do better!! That's my experience anyway ;)

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