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Diary of a Food Addict!

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by Cordy, 2 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. Cordy

    Cordy Member

    Hello, i'm Cordy and I'm a foodaholic!

    I first did SW when I was in my 20's and it worked like a dream, I lost 3 stone in less than 6 months.

    Now, being a bit older and a bit more stressed with life, I'm finding it hard to put my fork down and stop eating. I've gained nearly all the weight back and I need to get it off again so I can look better in my clothes once again and ward of the nasty diseases that come with being obese.

    So.... i'm hoping a diary will keep me in check. I'm 14 stone 7lb and I usually weigh in on Wednesday so this week will be a short one, I won't hope for a major miracle, but 0.5lb would be nice.

    My first goal is to get to 14 stone..

    Off we go x
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  3. justjudith

    justjudith *waves hello*

    Hello Cordy

    Looking forward to walking beside you on the way down......

    Like me .... you know this plan works..... I lost 5st before...... but put some of that back on.....

    Together we can!

  4. Cordy

    Cordy Member

    Hi Judith, thanks for visiting.. it's nice to have support!

    My first day is going well. I'm so busy at work i don't really have time to eat or think about eating so I should be able to stick within the limits of the plan

    I'm doing an Extra easy day although i'm probably a bit light on Superfrees

    B - Pineapple, FF yogurt, muesli (heb)
    L - jacket potato and light cheese (0.5hea)
    T - M&S chicken noodles (6.5 syns)
    S - banana, apple and a yogurt/jelly if i need it
    Drinks - Tea(0.5hea), NAS squash

    I have a few ready meals on stand by when i'm on a late night-er at work, i know it's not particularly healthy but the work colleagues order pizza or chips so it's a darn sight healthier than those!!

    I promise to be healthier tomorrow..
  5. Cordy

    Cordy Member

    A Healthy day and an angelic day!!

    EE again today

    B - banana (didn't have time to eat much breakfast)
    L - bulghar wheat, chicken, butternut squash and onion, dressing (2)
    T - HM steak pie (pastry 25g 5 syns:eek:) sw chips in the actifry(2), big salad
    S - apple, nuts (heb) tea (milk hea)

    I feel absolutely stuffed!!
    I've been an angel today - they've had krispy kremes, subway AND pizza at work today.. I haven't touched a single bit :clap:

    On a normal day i'd have had all of it :eek: at least one doughnut, a subway and as many pizza slices I could get away with without looking greedy!! I can't even imagine the syns in that lot!

    Weigh in tomorrow :( dreading it because I feel bloated..
  6. lizzie_g

    lizzie_g Full Member

    Subscribing for the mutual support :) xx
  7. Cordy

    Cordy Member

    Thanks!! It's an easier journey with support :)

    Great news today - i've lost 2.5lbs since weighing on Sunday :woohoo: Wednesday is now my official weigh in day going forward.

    Having another EE day today

    B - fruit, yogurt, muesli (0.5 heb)
    L - chicken salad (2) pizza slice (10)
    T - cous cous fritters, fish, salad, pickles, chopped nuts 90.5heb)
    S - yogurt jelly, milk in tea (hea)

    We always have a treat on weigh in day and as I missed out on all the naughties yesterday I saved a piece of pizza to have today. Very impressed with myself for only having one AND i waited until lunch time to have it, instead of stuffing it my face this morning at 8am as I would have previously done.

    Now off to try and figure out how to change my current weight on my profile lol
    Last edited: 5 February 2014
  8. lizzie_g

    lizzie_g Full Member

    We'll come on your loss, wow 2.5lb in a few days, great work! I think you deserved the treat ;-) xx
  9. Cordy

    Cordy Member

    Well another day in the office surrounded by sweets and chocolate!! it's like torture everyday here, no wonder i've put on a couple of stone since i started lol

    Right i've decided on a green day today as i've hardly got any fruit in the house

    B - yogurt, peanut butter (1 tsp = 2syns?) banana
    L - spaghetti hoops, toast (heb)
    T - cheesy pasta with bacon, (hea&b)
    S - milk in tea (hea) lil bag of skittles (3.5)

    73 syns remaining

    I've decided this week to try having 105 syns for the week instead of 15 a day. Not sure how it will work out but it's always good to have a bit of experiment isn't it! I'm running it Sunday to Sunday so that I have lots of syns left for the weekend in case i'm naughty...

    Anyone else bank syns or do you all stick to 15 a day?
  10. Cordy

    Cordy Member

    Afternoon :D

    Extra Easy today

    B - porridge with nutella (10 syns) :eek: bit naughty but gorgeous!
    L - salad, ham, cheese (0.5 hea)
    T - turkey & courgette burgers, sw chips, hm coleslaw, wholemeal roll (heb)
    S - milk in tea (0.5hea)

    I got the new magazine yesterday so I've made the key lime pie out of it but without the biscuit base so it should be free instead of 5 syns each, I couldn't have biscuits in the house :eek: I made it in little pudding dishes so you can just spoon it out to eat.. yum!

    Right I've got some time today to have a little rummage rounds all the boards so i'm off to find some thinspiration!

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