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Diary of a Gym phobic girl on a 12 week challenge


will try harder !!
So this week I have joined (under my own free will) a 12 week challenge at work !

There are 3 of us doing it one is a skinny size 12 but she doesnt like her stomach the other is a man who want to slim down a bit and get fit, and then theres me, overweight, tried every diet not managed to stick to one - and see this as a bit of a last chance saloon !!

The challenge is to get fit lose inches and blog about it to encourage other people in our building to do the same.

To aid us in our quest is Dan the personal trainer - now its not often you get free personal training from a very qualified coach - this was my main reason for wanting to do the challenge. I have dieted and half heartedly exercised in the past, then rewarded myself with a rather yummy treat.

So this time it's different, it has to be - I'm doing it as part of a team, its bad enough that I'm the biggest and have the most work to do, I can't fail - I won't fail.

I'm enjoying the blogging, but obviously its tailored for a work audience, and not something I want to talk about the food struggle in, hence me starting this thread, to talk to people who really understand what its like, that support is invaluable to me - I'll cut and paste my blogs in and welcome any advice and support you experts can offer.

Thank you

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Thats a big challenge you have there but Very exciting too, I wish you all the luck xxx
They both count towards getting there, good luck with it hun :D what diet are you following?



will try harder !!
This week, we've just been told to watch our portion size, to remember food is not rationed anymore the war is over and it is now ok to leave food !! -

I've got a few days of cambridge shakes in the fridge and I'm thinking of doing those to kick start the loss, but is not enough calories with exercise, We get food advice next week so will see what he says, but to be honest I think this is gonna be a life style change - not a quick fix.......... which is what i've always failed at in the past, I get impatient and give up
Hows it going this week hun?



will try harder !!
Hi, Its going well - I've lost 7cm off my waist in two weeks ! I've twisted, lifted, huffed and puffed and surprisingly lived to tell the tale. I've not dieted though and am annoyed with myself for not doing it cause I know the result could be so much better, and so much quicker !!

Dunno if it's a sign or not, but randomly my old cambridge counselor rang tonight to say she has got some stock going out of date she is selling off - should i ???????

Have been a bit remiss about blogging on here, but will start to do it properly as need your support now I know I've got to get this diet started too

I've been in the gym twice this week, but feel like i'm hitting a wall this week, am having to force myself to go, but I think thats cause generally give up after two weeks - but am gonna really try to stick with it
Good luck all x
Dunno if it's a sign or not, but randomly my old cambridge counselor rang tonight to say she has got some stock going out of date she is selling off - should i ???????
its a sign. go for it. although i dont know if you can exercise with cambridge ?

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