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Diary of a Secret Eater

Hello all! I've recently started reading through all of the diaries and comments from this site and thought it might help me on my journey to post each day with my food and how I am coping with getting to grips with SW!!

I am currently at a meeting, and joined SW last Tuesday evening. It took a lot to go along, I have spent the last 4 years moving from diet club to diet club...with an ever expanding cupboard of slimming books to match my waistline!!! I even joined a self-help group in a bid to get to the real root of my eating issues - but it just wasnt for me.

Anyways, I remember a long time ago I started SW and enjoyed the diet (just not the Syns value of wine mind you....) and on my journey through the maze of diets I know one thing - I dont like weighing and counting too much - it makes me feel quite trapped and restricted. So! It looks like SW is ideal for me, and my leader seems very supportive. I lost 4lbs on my first WI, despite a bank holiday weekend filled with one too many cocktails and a sneaky BBQ burger or 2....hmmmm...

My biggest issue is SNEAKY EATING!! I am one of those people who will actively look for excuses to get on my own and shovel a bar of choc down my throat...and my car is just jammed full of little wrappers of this or that tucked away out of sight only to be found on my monthly (ok bi-yearly) car wash....
So I vow not to secret eat anymore - if there's one thing I can committ to it should be that. I'd love to hear from other miniminnies who have the same problem and have managed to overcome?

For today - here's my food rundown (Extra Easy)

B: 28g Fruit & Fibre + 1 Ryvita (HEXB) 150ml semi-skim + 1 Laughing Cow Light (HEXA)
Snack: 1 banana
L: Homemade Lentil soup, Tuna Pasta Salad (1 syn for tsp light mayo)
Snack: Mullerlite + Strawberries
D: Pasta & Tomato Sauce, Huge Salad, Light Salad Cream (2 Syns)

Total : 3 Syns (saving them all up for parties this weekend)

Hope you are all having a good day on the plan, hope to hear from you all on my journey to goal xxxxx
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Starting Again
My biggest issue is SNEAKY EATING!! I am one of those people who will actively look for excuses to get on my own and shovel a bar of choc down my throat
I'm exactly the same - I've vowed to stop it as I know it will make a huge difference to my WI's and my bank account!

Good luck!
Hi :D well I can completelly relate to you , I do , or did exactly the same .. if no one saw me eat it then surely it didnt count .....I have even taken food to the toilet in the past .....
I dont know if you have heard of 'The Beck Diet Solution ' but its a fab book , cognitive behavioural therapy which you use alongside a diet ... one of the first things it gets you to do it commit to never eating standing up ...if you are at home you must always sit at the table / sofa to eat , even a snack , and if you are out or at work you must consciously sit down to eat ....it makes you think about what you are eating and not do it 'mindlessly ' ... now I know this may sound like a 'new age ' mumbo jumbo ( which I hate !!) , but some of the suggestions are fabulous and it has made a big difference to my 'binging ' and 'sneaking ' !!!!

I hope you enjoy SW and I hope you manage to break the secret eating :D
Thanks for the response! Really pleased to be on SW as it seems to work for me.
Determinator - good advice, will lookup the book on Amazon as it would be good to have some useful guidelines.

Hope you are having a great day!

L xxx

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