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Diary of a Student!

Hi everyone :)

I had posted in the Slimming World Food diaries section, but thought it more appropriate to post in the weight loss diary instead, due to the fact I fancy writing down my thoughts and feelings about the day I have had and ref to my slimming world day :) i really feel it would help me keep on track of how I am doing on the plan.

I just joined this board today! Everyone seems really nice, from what I have read so far and its nice to be around people who are all trying to achieve the same thing :)

I have an underactive thyroid (bah!) which I feel may make this a little slower, but I am on medication and so hoping once I find my correct dose my metabolism will speed up again!

I thought i would share my story of how I got here :)

Well, I started doing Slimming World again properly yesterday after a couple of months doing it on and off. I did attend a group before (last august-October) but ended up having to stop going as i just couldnt afford it anymore. Mostly because I am currently a student in my second year of Uni!

At the mo I am around a size 12, sometimes need to go for a size 14 (it really depends on the shop!) but I hope to get down to a size 10. I have before been a size 8-10 and that changed when I moved in with my boyfriend (who is actually now my fiance!) :love:
Of course I dont blame him for me putting on weight, but we did enjoy very high syn meals together! such as spagetti bolognaise with full fat mince, topped off with lots of garlic bread and normally a bottle of wine between us! We also enjoy meditarrean food, and used to eat quite a lot of ciabatta dipped in olive oil and lots of meats like chorizo.

We went out partying/clubbing quite a lot too, which also wouldn't have helped things in the calorie department! we still do go out but not as much as we used to. I now try to use flexi syns for the odd night out on the tiles! :party0016:

I was around 10.5 stone before i moved across to Scotland with him, and when I went to a SW group last august, I was horrified to find out I had gone up to 14 stone! i may have actually pulled this face! ---> :eek:

While i was at that group, I did manage to lose around a stone :clap: and the last weigh in I had back then I was at 13.1 stone.

Now that I am being a bridesmaid for my sister on 18th June this year, I am dying to lose another stone for it! I have my bridesmaid dress all fitted and made, however i would love to have it altered dur to the fact i have lost weight for the wedding!

After the wedding, I hope to lose another stone again! all on extra easy of course! extra easy is definately the plan for me - I cant live without my pasta you see! ;) Slimming World fits in to my life so well! Even while at University, when the stress can be overwhelming at times.

I also would like to be slim for my own wedding which is going to be in August 2013!

anyway, enough rambling on! I feel i have typed too much already and i havent even got to what i have eaten today yet! :eek:

here is what i ate today and feel free to comment or if you want to advise anything. :)

Breakfast - quorn sausages, beans, grilled cherry tomatoes and 2 slices wholemeal bread from 400g loaf(B choice) - absolutely yummy!

Lunch - Baked potato with spinach/cucumber and spring onion salad and king prawns with 3 tbsps extra light mayo (1.5 syns) - delicious!!

Dinner - 2 small skinless cod fillets with slimming world chips and peas. also 2 tbsps extra light mayo (1 syn)

250ml semi skimmed milk - all enjoyed with mugs of tea! (A choice)

Snacks i had today:
cadburys light choc mousse yogurt (3 syn) - yummy yummy yummy! :clap:
strawberries with fat free fromage frais
one satsuma
Rocky bar (5.5 syns - i think?)
1 piece of toast from 400g loaf (3 syns) with mushrooms fried with fry light, rest of the beans i opened earlier and one quorn sausage.

so far syn total for today is 14.

the day is not yet over so cant say im not going to eat anything else! (will try to keep it free though!) om nom nom nom! :party0051:

I am at university all day tomorrow and so I think I shall make my lunch to prepare before hand to stop me buying rubbish!

I will fit back in to a size 10 pair of jeans if it kills me!
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Morning everyone! :p

Well, i found out my early morning lectures are cancelled this morning, so i decided that i had time to make myself a scumptious breakfast :clap: which consisted of:

2 quorn sausages
Beans (half a tin)
2 pieces of bacon with fat cut off - although I noticed I had picked up maple cured bacon by accident - does anyone know if this will give it syns?? :confused:
and 2 slices bread from 400g wholemeal loaf (B choice) fried in frylight and a yummy cup of tea! :clap:

I have been thinking about the areas that I really want weight to come off...everyone has certain areas they dislike dont they? I will admit that the place I want to lose weight is my boobs!! They cause me all sorts of problems...like buying a nice dress that fits everywhere else but is too tight on the boobs! :rant: I really want them to shrink a good few cup sizes!

Does anyone else have this problem?!! Or has anyone overcome this problem with their weight loss? It is the area where i feel most of the weight I put on went to actually :sigh:

Over and out!!

Hi there. sorry if i missed it, but didnt notice if u was following EE?
I was just wondering, was your superfree mushrooms? that is alot of mushrooms lol.

Since iv been on SW my boobs have grown, but they were pretty small to start with - so im not complaining! :)

When is your weigh in day? x
hi! yeah Im following extra easy :)

i love mushrooms haha! I guess they would have been my superfree! Im not at a group as i needed to leave it due to being a skint student! So im going it alone, although have lots of motivation and being on this forum really helps as well! :)
I decided to weigh myself on wednesday mornings.


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Hiya hun, your diary is looking really good so far!
The only minor tip regarding your food is that I don't think peas count as superfree! So your fish dinner needed some more/different veg with it to still count as extra easy :)
Apart from that though it looks excellent and I really enjoyed reading it :D
Good luck with your weight loss, I'm sure you'll do really well with motivation as good as yours. You seem like you're really enjoying it already.

Take care
haha! i have just realised that peas are not superfree also! thanks girls! :) i will be sure to use superfree foods from now on! With my dinner tonight especially!

Thanks Lornagrace, i will check out the link you showed me!

Im studying Animal Biology at the mo, and of course I dont mind you asking :) its very easy to go mad with all the chocolate and stuff at uni but thankfully with Slimming world extra easy i feel like I dont have to miss out if I have things in moderation! thank god we can still have a few biscuits or a chocolate bar!! it makes it so much easier to keep on trrack. Although lots of the free foods are also just as satisfying.
oh sounds interesting. i loved being a student but soo glad its over. lol.
totally agree, my weakness is chocolate! My faveroite at the mo it a cadburys cream egg (9syns) as a treat when i have enought syns left.
Have a nice day! :)
i always thought a cadburys cream egg was 8 syns? :eek:

So I had my dress alteration today for my bridesmaid dress and it actually needs to be taken in, espcially around the chest, which is a good thing! managed to buy a bra today that was 2 cup sizes smaller then my last bra buy! Was pleasantly surprised as it was always a nightmare to buy myself a bra due to big boobs haha! but as long as they keep shrinking thats the main thing eh!

Im doing a 90 mile hike with my fiance in a couple of weeks! taking 5 days to do it! the west highland way in scotland, so hopefully no doubt that will help shift a good few pounds! no idea what to bring foodwise for a camping/hiking session! looooots of alpen lights for the walking i reckon. and some instant noodles which are hopefully free! will need to check them all out!

the scales here at home say im 4lbs lighter then my scales in my flat in scotland. hmmm! i know i shouldnt weigh myself though! Im looking forward to weighing myself on wednesday morning though becayse i think i have done well this week. may go slightly over my syns today as im getting a wee pic n mix at the cinema. not a big one though! i'll try to keep it small! :)




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grea tnews on your dress needing altering. and the pick and mix won't hurt anything i am sure. your doing great, and good luck on your hike, it sounds painful lol :)
Ooh hope they are 8 syns, that gives me one extra, lol, i sound a bit desperate now!
Have you tried the MugShot Noodles, i think there nice and good for a quick snack! and FREE!
Hope you enjoyed the pick and mix! ;)

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