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ProPoints Diary of a sugar addict


The Prodigal Daughter
Hey I'm new here and going to start by putting up a diary. (Cant promise ill always update it though!)...

I like the sweeter things - basically; if it looks and tastes bad for you, I'm all over it! Which is why I chose ProPoints over Simply Filling. I can eat what i want as long as its not too much of it! So here goes:

Wed 4th Jan 2012
-Mr Kipling Sticky Lemon Pudding - 9pp
-Tinned Strawberries in light syrup - 4pp
-Knorr Curry Rice Quick Lunch - 10pp
-Mr Kipling Sticky Lemon Pudding - 9pp
-Banana - 0pp

32 Propoints used today. That leaves me with 46(?) weeklies if I'm not mistaken!

Thurs 5th Jan 2012
-Chopped up bananas mixed with 1tsp hot chocolate powder - 1pp (wouldn't reccomend this!!)
-WW Chicken Tikka Masala - 10pp
-Blackberries - 0pp
-Waffle - 7pp
-Rustlers Flamegrilled chicken burger - 10pp
-Kinder bueno - I put it as 8pp
-Banana - 0pp

36pp today - which leaves me with 39(?) weeklies i think! [never was good at maths...]

Fri 6th Jan 2012
-Banana - 0pp
-Kinder Bueno 1 finger - 4pp
-Half a Ristorante Pizza Speciale - 10pp
-Pack of Riesens - 4pp

*forgot to update for the rest of the week*

Wed 11th Jan 2012
-Grapes - 0pp
-3 Cadburys Mini-Eggs - 3pp (I usually point these as 3pp for 5 but i only had 3 left in the pack)
-Ferrero Rocher - 2pp (They taste a LOT better when you just have the one and savour it rather than eating multiples)
-Rustlers Flamegrilled chicken burger - 10pp
-Toasted Sandwich made with a slice of ham and a slice of LowLow Cheddar - 7pp
-2 Fererro's - 4pp

26pp today!

Thurs 12th Jan 2012
-Slice of WW bread - 1pp
-Tayto's - 4pp
-Can of Pepsi Max - (i think this is 0pp since its sugarfree)

Wed 25th Jan 2012
-Choc Pop Tart - 6pp
-2 Ferrero Rochers - 4pp
-Scotch Crumpet x2 - 4pp
-Roast beef dinner - 25pp [i think.. just an estimate..]

Mon 30th Jan 2012
-Fererro Rocher & a Banana - 2pp
-Banana - 0pp
-Fererro Rocher - 2pp
-Koka Chicken Noodles [in the red pot] - 10pp (i hope...)
-Grapes - 0pp
-5 Cadbury Mini Eggs - 3pp
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Full Member
good luck. there is a blog i found called chocolate covered katie which should help u out with some healthy but yummy desserts if you point them out.

you should be able to find it if u google it x


The Prodigal Daughter
Ehm...Was great yesterday. Got a takeaway and only used like 3 weeklies! Kinda fell apart today - ate a HUGE bag of mini-eggs so all my weeklies are gone!!! :-O Probably gonna go for a walk tomorrow to get them back but trying to figure out whether to put the pedometer to moderate or high! (I'm not usually a walker...) Hope you're doin' well!!


Gold Member
Don't worry your not alone I went out Friday and had a starter main and dessert and a few drinks so that was probably all my weeklies then I went out sat for more drinking and got in and ate two crisp sandwiches with white bread and lots of butter and a choc rice krispie square! So I have to be back on it 100% for even a STS thurs I think!