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Diary of a wannabe skinnie minnie

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by sarfrog, 11 May 2014 Social URL.

  1. sarfrog

    sarfrog Member

    Hi there,

    My name is Sarah and I'm new to all this...the diet, the site and blogging so bear with me!

    I have to lose about 6 stone as I simply can't bear to remain at my present weight. I cant look at myself in the mirror and dread people taking photos of me. I never used to be like this but have let things go over recent years (especially since having my little one). Now its time to stop with the excuses and get right on it!

    I'm doing SW as did it before I was pregnant and it worked well. I find it really useful to have so many free foods. I'm a veggie so on green days. Have been doing it since Thursday and so far I'm loving it. Have had a few treats (including a little alcohol, much less than usual at a weekend) and have stayed well within the syn limits. In fact I find that since ive been eating far more healthily im full for much longer and don't need to snack.

    I know that it is early days so im really hoping that i can maintain this in the long term.

    Would be great to meet some new friends on here and have that extra support. Im not going to a group as with the little one and a full time career I know I wouldn't make it often enough. So I would really appreciate any tips, help, encouragement or anything else!


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  3. sarfrog

    sarfrog Member

    Food planning for tomorrow;


    4 dark rye ryvitas with marmite (1 HEXB and FF)
    Banana (SFF)
    WW yoghurt (FF)
    Strawberries (SFF)


    Jacket potato (FF)
    light cottage cheese (FF)
    Saag Veg with rice (all FF or SFF except for tiny bit of sauce - 3.5 syns and 28g of grated cheese - 1 HEX A)
    WW yoghurt (FF)
    Bananas (FF)


    Saag veg as above (FF,SFF, 2nd HEX A, 3.5 syns)
    4 ryvita with marmite (2nd HEX B and FF)
    Fat free yoghurt and strawbs (FF and SFF)

    celery (SFF)
    yoghurt and mint sauce dip (FF)
    Cucumber (SFF)
    Cherry toms (SFF)

    TOTAL SYNS - 7

    Will report how I get on tomorrow and if I stick to the plan. As ill be at work tom and wont be in the office I think that planning is going to be the key to this one! Wish me luck!!:)
  4. sarfrog

    sarfrog Member

    Oh and to tonight... while writing this. .. I ate 15 jelly beans without even noticing so need to make sure that they are out of sight and out of mind from now on!!!
  5. sarfrog

    sarfrog Member

  6. sarfrog

    sarfrog Member

    Just set my alarm for 6am so I can do a fitness workout I've recorded before work. Hopefully wont rollover and press snooze as will feel guilty about not doing it for the whole day! Night night for now I best get some rest xxx:busted::4635:will be dreaming of a thin me!
  7. sarfrog

    sarfrog Member

    Did not get up at 6 and now running late arghhh

  8. josephsmummy

    josephsmummy Gold Member

    Looks good so far, lots of free and superfree food.
  9. sarfrog

    sarfrog Member

    Thank you thats encouraging. Just packed my box forthe day so fingers crossed xx

  10. denise42

    denise42 Silver Member

    Good Luck

    Hi Sarfrog,

    I also have just started back on the slimming world plan, it has changed loads since the red and green days....I'm on my 3rd day and so far not feeling deprived of anything, in fact quite the opposite really. I've just been out to do my shop and going to try a 'made from scratch chilli' tonight from a recipe found on here.

    I'll let you know how it goes :)

  11. sarfrog

    sarfrog Member

    Hi D Sorry for the delayed reply, ive had a hectic couple of days at work. Have been on the road a lot so was a bit worried about how things would go and whether I may give into temptation and get a service station sandwich! Thankfully I think it went ok and ill post my food diaries later on and my planning for tom as I think that reflection and planning is going to be the key for me. itstop me from cheating or getting desperate and grabbing anything!

    How are you getting on? How was your chilli?

    Sarah xx
  12. sarfrog

    sarfrog Member

    So here goes this was yesterday....not quite the plan that I had in time as
    1. I got up late and
    2. I was in my car driving around for most of the day.

    Was concerned about how this may pan out but I think it went ok. Don't think I ate anywhere near enough in the day as I had a banging headache and no energy when I got home. Guess that part of that is the change in my diet and the lack of previous fake highs I was getting from convenience food.

    Here goes!


    Nothing other than a cup of black coffee.


    4 dark rye ryvita and a scraping of dairylea (I mean an absolute tiny amount so I could taste it and save some of a HEX A). HEXB
    2 cooked beetroot (not pickled and cold) SFF
    3 raw mushrooms SFF


    Pasta with leeks, mushrooms, potatoes, onion cooked in a creamy sauce using quark, lowlow mature spread (rest of HEX A 1and 2nd HEX A), lazy garlic, a veg oxo, black pepper, herbs. Was yum yum and probably used less HEX A than it appears as there is enough for about 6 portions. So divided between them not bad and was very tasty!

    Cheese is a big issue for me but I seem to be coping with using the HEX As and now ive discovered Quark all in the world seems good again! Not counting any syns for today yesterday as all carefully weighed and accounted for. No sneaky jelly beans either!

    Will post todays in a moment xxxx
  13. sarfrog

    sarfrog Member

    So today here goes, think I have had another syn free day. I would quite like to save some this week as out on Saturday for drinks and Sunday lunch eeeekkkk ........ so any banked along the way this week will help. Recorded the others so have had about 14 in total this week.... and those are from sat and Sunday. Leaves about 45 syns so far working on 15 a day. Not going to over indulge at the weekend and think on sat I will have vodka, soda and lemon juice which are I believe 2.5 syns each for a small measure and have a glass of water in between each one to help my body flush it all out. Should help with the hangover as well! On Sunday I think a big plate of veg and no gravy will be ok.... as a veggie anyway this isn't too hard...providing they have a good selection I will be happy.

    Anyone have any other suggestions for dealing with drinking/meal eating? xxxx
  14. sarfrog

    sarfrog Member

    So missed the point and gpt distracted there and havenet posted todays menu!


    2 bananas (SFF)
    WW yoghurt (FF)


    Cooked beetroot (X2)
    Healthy dollop of quark
    WW Yoghurt


    Leek, mushroom, onion. potato pasta as above with a creamy garlicky cheesy sauce. (2 x HEX A as above)

    Pudding will be some strawberries and fat free yoghurt...going to try a new fat free coconut flavour one so will see how that goes....

    Really craving sweet things this evening... getting tempted by jelly beans and haribo strawbs but so far have resisted the urge! Any other suggestions to avoid falling off the wagon?

    No syns today either (yet!)

  15. sarfrog

    sarfrog Member

    Have now finished off with a glass of sugar free lemonade, strawberries and a WW yoghurt....satisfied my sweet craving and all FF!
  16. sarfrog

    sarfrog Member

    So for tomorrow;


    bananas x 2 (SFF)
    WW Yoghurt (FF)


    4 ryvitas and marmite (FF and HEX B)


    Leek pasta as above (small portion) (FF SFF and Hex A x1)
    Sweetcorn with herbs and flavourings (FF)
    WW yoghurt


    2 packs of raisins (FF)
    banana (SFF)


    baked potato (FF)
    Cottage cheese (2nd HEX A)
    Sweet corn (FF)
    Salad (FF)
    Spinach (SFF)


    strawberries (FF)
    Natural yoghurt (FF)

    If I stick to it = 0 syns so still only 14 for the week so far which banks a lot for my extravagant weekend! Wish me luck! Will update tom to see how it has gone!
  17. sarfrog

    sarfrog Member

    I think the change in my diet is doing wonders for my energy levels! Used to be out like a light by 10pm at the latest...hopefully will have as much energy at 6am tomorrow morning as have a lot to do including packing my tuck box for the day!

    Time to try and get some sleep.

    Night night everyone xx Sleep tight xx
  18. sarfrog

    sarfrog Member

    Setting goals and planning makes me feel very positive about how things can go if I work hard!! Motivated! Tomorrow will be a good day!!
  19. sarfrog

    sarfrog Member

    5 syns so far today on some chocolate I was force fed by one of the girls in the office! Oh well that makes 21 syns for the week so still banking a lot for the weekend! (75 available so far = 54 left)

    On a plus side two people have told me they can see I have lost weight and no one even knows im on Sw so that's cheered me up!

    Ran out of time this morning to pack my box properly so have sweetcorn and butterbeans for lunch and 4 ryvitas for HEX b snack. Have some dairylea to put on those too so a bit of a HEX A.

    Will update later on how it panned out!

  20. sarfrog

    sarfrog Member

    Have been aiming to drink 3 litres of water a day but constantly needing the loo!! Oh well they say ots good for you so ill try it!
  21. sarfrog

    sarfrog Member

    Going to try and step up the exercise as well. Swimming tonight (as little one with the Grands) and hopefully in the morning before work! Well that's the plan! xx

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