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Diary of an 810er...


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I'm starting a new diary as I've been on 810 now for a couple of weeks and I'm finding more and more ways to expand on the allowances in terms of recipes and snacks!

I think it's quite neglected as part of the CWLP and I intend to change that!!

Let me tell you about myself. I started at 13 stone and want to lose at least 2 stone. I've lost 11 pounds so far. I'm 5 foot 10 so I carry the weight well but I have a spare tire and a half around my middle for sure!

I'm loving the CD. It's the first real diet that I've stuck to and the first time I've properly lost weight!

Anyhow my posts will be mainly concentrating on what I had for my protein and other observations (mainly what food I tried to dodge at work!).

Today I made a fabulous roasted marrow stuffed with chilli. I had the recipe in one if my low fat bbc good food coolbooks but it used butternut squash and beef mince. I made it before starting CD and OMG it tasted unreal! So I thought I would 810-ify it and voila! I've posted the recipe in the 810 recipes thread (see stickies).

I'm a bit confused though as we're only supposed to have a 200kcal meal but we're allowed 245g of turkey breast (with no skin/fat) which has over 200kcals in itself so not very clear!

Anyway, I've taken to snacking on raw prawns. Tesco does these packs of organic big prawns 2 for £5 which enough for 4 portions (1 per day) and they are lovely. Still missing my favourite crisps but they'll do. There was a huge pack of kettle chips at work today and guess what? I put one in my mouth, chewed a bit then promptly spat it out in the bin! Gross I know, but don't want to go off plan right now. Also dodged a box of brownies and bag of rhubarb custards! Torture!!

So that's it for today. I'm off to bed soon. I'm planning on having chicken kebabs with yoghurt and cucumber dip tomorrow night so looking forward to those already!

I'm stuffed anyway. I finished tonight with a mint choc bar which I accidentally froze rock solid but it made it last longer! It tasted a bit weird and stale but made a nice change!

Good night all! Stay strong! Xxx
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I totally agree - hardly any 810ers around and no real record of diets and what people eat and what people lose - people don't stay there for very long - I enjoyed my compulsory 810 week but I put 2lbs on during it even though I stuck to it religiously, so I can sort of see why people get demotivated after the first week! - I am coming to the end of SS+ and will be joining you very very soon as I think I want to do 4 weeks of 810 rather than the usual 2.


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Well said cerulean! Ideally there would be an 810 dedicated forum!

Good day today. I was was at work all day til 9pm had my 2 shakes and one soup then when I got home I had chicken kebabszzzzz! Yummers!

I marinated chicken with 0% fat yoghurt and added some perfect shake and black pepper and popped it on some wooden skewers with some chopped up green pepper and mushrooms, grilled in the oven and served with yoghurt and cucumber dip. Very tasty and super filling!!

I'm craving something sweet now so gonna have some water with sunshine orange. Anyone have the summer berry flavouring? Any good?



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good luck on your journey, here in Belgium 500 diet is not allowed so I have a 800 calories diet, but with special shakes made for this market, so I don't have "real" food, but I'm still on 800 cal. I've noticed that except for the first weeks, I'm losing the same amount as people on a SS diet...around 3 to 4 pounds a week.
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Hi all I'm starting cd on Tuesday and will be doing 810. I'll start a diary in the diaries section and write what I eat every day and my losses. hopefully that along with ur diary will give people a little more insight into 810 plan. I can't wait to get started. Wish u all well on ur weightless journeys :) xx


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Thank you guys! Good luck with your weight loss too!!

It'll be good to have more 810 diaries as I know they are out there and I want to know what they are eating!!

I had my weigh in today and I lost 5 more pounds and 2 inches from around my waist, since two weeks ago! Quite happy as I succumbed to some gin at the weekend!

So it's Friday and I survived a week from hell at work (60 hours in 5 days!). Sooo happy I can have a lie in tomorrow, and might go out tonight to celebrate my flatmate passing her exam. Bad news us that the weekend is my CD kryptonite but I'll try and be good!

Good luck everybody! Have a great weekend, TGIF!! X


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Okay so went off plan a bit last night (I can't help it on the weekend!) and had some pitta bread and houmous (which is ridiculously calorific!) but I felt I needed the carbs to cope with the sangria, white wine and mojito that I drank!! Whoopsie!

I'm sorry, but I have to live. I have accepted that during the week I am practically angelic and stick to the diet 100%, but I won't choose to do that at the weekend, even if it means staying on the diet longer.

Frankly I love this diet, the 810 suits me very well. I'll happily carry on until I reach my goal weight which is only 12 pounds away!!

I am a bit concerned about regaining glycogen weight. Is this reflected in inches or will I have to go under my goal weight then back to it via glycogen?

Anyhoo I'm going to have some water and see if I can motive to do the shred for the first time! X


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Alright! So I just did my first ever day of 30 day shred DVD! It was fun but pretty knackering!

I've learnt that I am a weakling and have no strength!! I'm so crap at press ups!! Cardio and abs were fine though, but was properly sweating and out of puff after 20 mins.

I've heard on this board it's excellent for inch loss so looking forward to the results! Hey what's 20 minutes out of your day??? X


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Also an unexpected bonus of all that jumping about helps with the dreaded CDC (Cambridge diet constipation)!! X


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So went massively off plan and ate dreaded carbs this weekend and drank loads of booze!! Back on it like a car bonnet tomorrow but I looked at my tummy before bed and it already looks bigger and feel very bloated!! Looking forward to the shakes and being healthy again!

My saving grace over the weekend was that I was very active, doing my shred Saturday morning and then 2 hours of rock climbing Saturday afternoon (burns loads of calories!!) then dancing like mad saturday night! Went for a veeeery long walk in beautiful sunny London today (helped with hangover a bit) and lugged my massive bag around too!

Going to do the 2nd day of my shred tomorrow and then possibly go for a bike ride. I need to go to tesco's as well and buy some proper hand weights!!

I'm actually moving in one week and won't be able to see my councillor anymore (although she says she can give me my supply monthly now), but I'm thinking about going onto exante as I don't think I desperately need a CDC now.

Im very keen to do the CD stages but I have the book and my plan is to move up to the 1000 when I reach my goal weight of 11 stone. I just hope I like the chocolate milkshakes as much as the Cambridge ones! Also do exante to tetras? I love the choc tetras, yum!!

Next weigh in on Thursday. I'm too scared to weigt myself after weekend of excess! I'll give myself a little time back on 810!!



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So did 2nd day of the shred today. I am normally very sceptical about work out videos as they are probably millions lying around the homes of Britain, untouched and covered in dust after one play!

But the 30 day is a bit more structured and goal orientated. Plus as Jillian says 20 minutes of intensity will save us hours at the gym! Here's hoping!

So day 2 was okay, except I'm completely useless at press ups!! I've got a new mini goal- be able to do 10 proper push ups with relative ease (still on the easy ones with knees on the floor- and struggling!!). How lame is that!? I still haven't got hand weights so used a bottle of vinegar and a massive tin of marrowfat peas!

Just watching 4 music with videos by beyonce, shakira and rihanna. I'd kill for a body like Shakira (although she's got a bit skinny lately). New mega-goal???


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Hmmm jut thinking about what to have for dinner tonight. Got some turkey breast so might mince that and make a turkey chili with salad. Mmmmmmmmm!

An other 810ers want to share what they are having for dinner? Also I bought some turkey rashers, they're low in calories but I'm worried about their salt content. Hmmm maybe if I'm desperate! Xx


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Just got back from cinema- saw Harry Potter! Twas damn good! I had a coke zero and managed not to accept any of the chocolate caramel buttons my friend had put between us. I wonder if she noticed? It's very unlike me not to scoff the lot!!

It really makes you realise your own will is SO SO powerful and ultimately we decide our own weight destiny. How profound!! I'm glad I found this board full of people who have realised this and are giving it everything. Keep it up guys!

On a less profound note I made turkey chili but I think I over seasoned it because it tasted funny!


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S: 17st2lb C: 11st10lb G: 10st5lb BMI: 27.3 Loss: 5st6lb(31.67%)
Ha - just read through this - I've noticed that if you have what some of the allowances say there is no way of getting your calories around 810 - some combinations are more like 950!

Also - I know what you mean about Jillian Michaels and CDC! All that joggling certainly gets things moving ;)


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Yeah it's a bit of a discrepancy. Also sone of the 810 meal suggestions have carbs!! For example rice noodles in the prawn stirfry. They explain it by saying the foods in combination are allowed. I've decided I'm not going to worry too much about the calories, just stick to allowances and that is that!

Quite pleased, just sat in a 3 hour meeting with choccies being offered at me left and right. I even took a couple to satisfy some people and gave them away afterwards! Ran back and had my chocolate tetra, what a relief! It's torture but it's worth it!

I'm having chicken kebabs tonight, yummy! Going to marinate in yoghurt, grill with corgettes and mushrooms and have a big green salad. Can't wait!!! X
You already know this but if you are gonna cheat at weekends you need to just avoid carbs! Stating the obvious but you could eat yummy protein, stay in ketosis and have minimal glycogen regain. Stick at it lol x


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Girlygirl you are so right, I can do weekends without carbs! And my weightloss will be so much better! Plus I love proteins and I was suffering quite a bit with hunger today. It was horrible!

It's my last week at work before my new job, and I promised my bosses I would bake so made a lemon drizzle cake! I'm not much of a baker but I haven't tried it yet to see if it's rank or not! Ill let you know what the folks at work think.

Good news is I weighed myself today and STS but I want to shift a few pounds before weigh in on thurs. Fingers crossed!

Dinner was lush. Chicken kebabs are so easy and super healthy! Deffo a keeper once back on proper diet! Oooh also I got some celeriac today as it's in allowances as you can make "chips" and "crisps" with it!

Good news (or bad news??) I'm working this weekend 8am-9pm Friday to Sunday so won't be tempted by social situations and booze, hooray! Xx


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Good news is I'm finally below 77kg (just! 76.9!!). Bad news, I went to a friend's house warming and had a glass or two of vino. Oh the shame!

Thirty day shred tomorrow then some serious packing to be done (moving in with the bf on Monday!). That should burn a few calories! X


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Did day 3 of 30 day shred with new 1kg weights and my god I'm such a weakling! Can't wait to get arms a bit more toned. A lot of my friends are scared about building muscle but there's nothing more I like than being about to flex a nice bicep (as long as it's not scary-big!!).

Got last meeting with councillor today. Hopefully will have lost a few pounds but won't be surprised if I stayed the same. Fingers crossed!

Just about to have my first pack of the day- Chocolate blended with ice, super yum!! Oh **** have I got any ice left???? X

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