Did anyone find they put on weight when they got to 1500 plan


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I put on weight this week, so of course I am now severly stressing, and trying to work out how to lose the 3 lbs I put on. I did go out and celebrate on Saturday, and I know the weight gain has something to do with the champagne and chocolate I had (yes I know, bad thing to do, and now I regret it). I dont know whether to go back to 790 to lose the 3 lbs, stay at 1500 and STICK to it for the next week or so and see what happens. I have increased my exercise and I dont know if this has affected it, but my measurements increased to, by like 1/2 to an inch.

Any advice from those of you who had been thru the stablisation process and had a similar experience would be so helpful. I am disappointed in myself as I was looking forward to finishing 1500 next week and starting my low GI journey.

And I know that I am probably overstressing, but it is what it is, and I need advice.


I'm thinking that it would be wise to stick with 1500 for at least one more week and see what happens.

Your 'blip' is probably due to your Saturday fun;) so is bound to be mainly water. I expect you'll lose that really quickly.

When I finished the stabilisation bit with Cambridge, I went on to calorie counting, but I stuck at 1500 cals for two more weeks. The only difference was the 1500 cals were my own choices without any cambridge meals. I wanted to be sure I had the carbs/protein levels up to 'normal' before I upped the calories.

As for 'stressing', I think that it's good to stress a bit. Especially at this stage. This is an important bit to get right, and using your stress in a positive manner will help you keep focussed.

You've done so well, and I'm sure the 3lbs will melt away again pretty quick on 1500 Cambridge.

I know it's annoying when you feel ready to move on, but another week is nothing in the grand scheme of things.

Best of luck
Thanks Karion

I will stick with 1500, I will more than likely do it for a few more weeks yet, to see if I stablise over that time. Obviously I will have a few divulges here and there (thinking work xmas dinner and xmas day). I plan to have a CD bar every day, and if need to, will replace a meal with a bar if I find that I have put on a few pounds. You have helped the stress immensly.

Thanks again


Always remember to look at your weight over a month and not a few days (I am sad enough to put it in a spreadsheet). You will find that if you eat more than usual then suddenly it will jump but then a few days of just normal eating and it drops away again as it is water.

Remember to put on 3 pounds of fat you would have had to have overeaten by 10500 calories. A glass of champagne (120ml average) is 89 calories so that means you would have had to have drunk 118 glasses of champagne to do it.

Assuming you didn't and therefore it is mostly water so just be good this week and you will see the 3 pounds drop off of the scales.

Thanks guys.

Well I lost 1.5 pounds this week, being good, was suppose to come off stabilisation today, but I will continute it for another week and the while Im away over xmas, I will substitute some meals for CD ones (you know, to get rid of that xmas poundage!!).

Onward and downward.