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did anyone start on 790 plan?


id really like an answer of some sort lol

are the losses much different to ss?
Hi...My hubby and I both started on 790....twice now! I definitely stay in ketosis but Hubby reckons he doesn't. My losses this time have been a bit lower..but I had a blip in week 1. Now I'm into it though I seem to be averaging 3lbs a week. A bit lower maybe that SS but in my opinion a small price to pay to be allowed some food each day. Soon to be Gorgeous has had fantastic results on 790... so I suppose just try it and see. Good Luck x
Hi there! I loved 790. Really struggled with SS I have a family to cook for! I had a shake for breakfast, shake for lunch, jazzed up protein and salad/veg for tea (i.e. chicken tikka, cajun chicken) used all herbs and spices etc then a bar in the evening. I can honestly say I wasn't hungry and I lost quicker than my sister who did SS. Hope that helps. By the way, I came out of ketosis as soon as I ate a lettuce leaf but it didn't make any difference if the calories your consuming are less than the body needs you will lose weight. Good luck!
There are a lot of posts from people struggling with SS, as if that is the only way to do Cambridge. This puzzles me as (like a lot of us) I have previously done WW, Atkins, crash diets etc, from which I know that 790 and even 1000 calorie a day diet is looow and you will lose weight.

I try to stay on SS but know that every few days the need to actually eat something will be too great. So, using the motto "failing to plan is planning to fail", I make sure there is something in the fridge like chicken fillets or prawns (if Sainsburys have them on special offer!). When I have a "must eat" day, I have some of this standby protein, mebbe with some salad. None of it is carb heavy, so it doesn't affect ketosis, sure that day I may consume 800+ calories, but that is still very low and the next day I carry on as usual.

In 3 weeks I've lost 16lb (ok I'm a bloke with a lot to lose), but I know myself and if I didn't make these allowances I'd be sure to quit. Using this method I think this is sustainable and will keep me in CD for the long run.

So, to all those who despair when they "break SS", don't! Just accept it will happen and make sure you eat in a controlled way so you can continue on. Remember that Cambridge themselves suggest you prepare for SS by doing 1k or 790 first to get used to the lower calorie levels.

If that makes any sense.



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S: 12st0lb C: 12st11lb G: 8st13lb BMI: 30.7 Loss: -0st11lb(-6.55%)
Hi, I'm new on the forums but been on CD for the past 5 weeks on ss. I'm no CD expert but from reading other people's threads etc it seems you'll probably lose more or less the same on 790 if you stick to the specified portions. Like Peter I too always have some chicken breast slices in the fridge just incase I'm having a bad day, and I've had a few of them. I reckon its better to nibble on some chicken breast than have something with carbs etc.
I generally stayed in Ketosis on 790, losses are around 1 to 2lbs a month lower than SS.

Mrs B

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I started on 790 and got into ketosis no problem. I lost 7lbs the first week. After that I moved onto SS. Am thinking of going back to 790.

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