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did anyone watch the fat DR on home &health?


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It was about a woman who weighed 40st and was having bypass surgery. The thing that worried me was... she said she had lost 16st 2yrs earlier on a meal replacement diet, but once she started to eat normal food she gained it all back with a vengance.:eek: What are ur thoughts on this?
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I didn't see the prog....but maybe she did not do the maintanance steps properly and just went back to eating as she had before. Therefore putting it back on.

I think food has to be introduced slowly and also it teaches us how to control what we eat. Don't let Food control us!
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Hi Linda

Didn't see it but I think it is to do with how you approach the diet. Personally I don't think it has anything to do with which diet you follow if you are not prepared to change the way you eat when you reach goal ultimately you will always regain the weight. I suppose you could argue that on something like WW you are being trained how to eat as you go but as long as you follow the CD programme up through the plans this will train you how to eat well. If you choose to ignore this and go back to you old ways the result will be regaining the weight. I don't think the statistics for regaining are any worse on CDs, in fact, I've got a feeling they are slightly higher but the overall figures for people who regain after dieting are pretty poor. This is probably due to the fact that we all have a tendency to over eat and choose the wrong things and it is easy to slip back into this. The journey is ultimately a life long one not just 3/4 months of CD. I would just add that weight gain is a mathematical process, you need to eat 3500 calories more than your body requires per week to gain 1lb and that remains the same whatever diet you use to lose the weight.

It is something that concerns me as I don't know whether it is something I can control forever but I am hoping that being the weight I am comfortable with will inspire me to maintain it and also making sure I weigh myself regularly and nip and gains in the bud.

Anyway enough of my ramblings.



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Maybe she just went mad with eating after thats why it all went back on cos she went back to her old ways thats why she gained it back ?


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Thank's for ur input guy's.. i think ur all right about her going back to old way's... still i think once ur head is in the right place, losing weight is easier than keeping it off.... as that's going to be the hard part for me. I'm so bloody greedy, lol.
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I know what you mean Linda, I agree and think that for me its gonna have to be a case of being fairly careful most of the time, being naughty a bit (cos lets face it i know im gonna be naughty sometimes!) and being extra careful after the naughty days! if you see what I mean? I know i will always have to watch what I eat as I do have a slow metabolism and am lazy (hate exercise) so I suppose if I want to eat rubbish occasionally I will have to allow for this in my weekly eating and eat less to make up for it! Ah well its a long way off at the moment so not gonna worry too much!

Thats what I reckon anyway, what do you think?

WBS xx


I can do this.
I think ur right, maybe i will do the same, but it is worrying because i've done it twice before and hav'nt learned my lesson.... third time lucky hey.lol.
My Dad lost 6 stone last year on LL.

He lost it over 3 months and then followed the maintenance steps religiously. He has not regained a lb!!!

His diet has competely changed. From copious amounts of red wine, cheese on toast (as a snack), steaks, sausages, crisps, loads of bread. He now eats vast amounts of fruit, salad, veg, lean meats and fish, some red meat and some treats. He now doesnt drink alcohol at all.

He still eats large quantities but of low calorie density foods.

Am very proud of him and it shows that if you do it properly and change your eating habits too then it definately does work!!!

Good luck!
Hi Linda, a colleague/friend of mine started CD in Sept 2005. She got to target (to lose 4 stone) by Sept 2006 and is now still at target (nearly a year later). Ok, when she first started the diet she thought she'd lose the weight and then just be able to get back on with life as normal once at target - originally she was hoping to be off the whole diet by spring '06!! But diets - regardless of whether its VLCD (ie LL or CD) or healthy eating plans (S.W or W.W) need to be part of your everyday diet for the rest of you life - not just until you get to target or a for a few months after. Now my friend is at target she is on calorie controlled diet - and if she has a "bad week" she goes back on to CD for a fortnight or so. It can be done - but its not easy!!! Laura, xx
yes i'm sure that we will all have to change our eating habits for life.

I am thinking of following the WW core plan when I have finished. It is very healthy and there is no weighing. You are basically just eating low fat, low GI foods and I think that this would be a good way of maintaining.

I am also considering having one cheat day every 2 weeks. If I know I can have one day of eating what I like - maybe a take away and some choc, then I think I could get through the rest of the time! Not sure if that is the best way as it probably doesnt kill the demons that makes us fat in the first place!

Also, I'm reading some books at the moment on "emotional eating" and I'm hoping that they will give me some insight into why i was eating like i was and perhaps change my views on food.

Good idea JodieJoJo. Apparently, the Paul McKenna 'I Can Make You Thin' programme is quite successful - because there's a bit in the journey which completely re-programs your mind regarding eating habits - I watch him on QVC sometimes (sad , i kno!) and a lot of the things he says really makes sense. One girl lost 6 stones and kept it off using his method. Laura, xx
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I'm reading some books at the moment on "emotional eating" and I'm hoping that they will give me some insight into why i was eating like i was and perhaps change my views on food.

That sounds like a great idea. Which books are you reading and what are your thoughts on them?

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