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Didn't get the Job!

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:sigh:: Just got the feedback from my interview on Friday. I didn't get the job. Pipped at the post by the last lassie.

Apparently I interview really well, presentation is spot on, made the most effort but the winner beat me on a couple points on a personality test. THis is the 2nd job i've had an interview for and both times didn't get the job.

Feeling a little dis-heartened! :sigh:

Just needed a bleat!
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Bleat away. It is so good for the soul to offload and this is just the place to do it.

Sorry you didn't get the job but I am a great believer that everything happens for a reason. Let's hope the reason is that there is a fabulous, wonderful job waiting just around the corner for you.

hugs xx.


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I feel for you there is nothing worse than being in a job you hate. Im sure the right job is out there for you.Keep trying its there loss not choosing you.

Ive got an interview tomorrow 10am its only 16 hrs but fingers crossed its money that Im not getting at the moment.


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You have my symmpathy, I have a stack of "thanks but no thanks" letters. Apparently if you are the 2nd candidate you are the strongest person for the job. I don't know how true this is.

I am lucky in that I was able to leave my job in December which I hated as I was given a 10 hr a week job doing something I much prefer, however its half the pay and it is only til August so I have til then to find another job or my Dear ol' Hubby will be supporting me!

I also believe that the employer knows what they are looking for in a person and if you don't quite fit that hole then maybe you wouldn't fit in with the company. I know how you feel though. I have been for 2 jobs that I really really wanted and I had a good interview, one the feedback I got was amazing BUT there was still someone with "more up to date relevant experience" than me.

Hang in there chick, it'll come good for both of us!


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Oh poor you, that's tough when you came so close. Hopefully something better wil turn up soon. Good luck x
Sorry to hear you didn't get it, but on the other hand that really is excellent feedback to get.

The right job will come up soon enough though. xxxx
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Thanks everyone.

I have had my downer about it but now time to pick myself up, put it behind me, take the positives with me and go find the job that is meant for me!!

It's hard work trying to find a job whether it's the right one on any one, especially in this current climate. For all of you looking, try and not let the knock backs get you down.

I also believe what is meant for you will not pass you by. Good luck to everyone.

On the flip side.......back to the hell hole tomorrow! OH POOP!

Devon Dolce

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Hey hun, from one job hunter to another I'm sorry you didn't get the role, but great feedback and I'm also with Fillymum on this one - everything happens for a reason! xxx

Devon Dolce

1lb at a time!
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I am at work today, didn;t realise how bummed I am until I got here this morning!!

Maaaaan, I hate my job!!!

Good luck to you all on the hunt for a new one!
Keep at it, you'll get something you love soon enough! What are you looking to do hun? xxx