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Diet 0 : LoopyLuc 1 !


And Again...........
Hey All,

So this is my first diary, and we will see how it goes. I hope it will help my morale! And if I help anyone else in the process, brilliant! :)

Im actually in week two, weigh in on a Monday. First week I lost 5 1/2 pounds. I felt so chuffed and happy, really proud! My Hubby is brilliant, and is also very supportive.

My first challenge, was dinner out this week, I had a salad, turns out to be about 6pts, Fabulous! So passed the first test. Have a wedding tomorrow, second test, but not as easy to pass, not sure if there will be a choice of what to eat, but will just cut down my portions!

Off on holiday on Sunday, but no breaking the diet, I need a good weight loss, as am missing this weeks weigh in!

So aims - dont yet know what weight, but a size 10-12 would be nice, im a 16-18 at the moment. I think size is more important than a precise weight.

I will put up some pics in the next few weeks, going to find one that really shows the belly off, to hopefully show great losses I make!!

Wish you all every success in your diets! Reading the posts on here keep me motivated, and seeing pics of what you have achieved - well how can that not make you want to work harder!

Loopy x
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Welcome to the diary section Loopy :D

Well done on your first WI
and good luck for your future weightloss
I do believe you are part of my team Loopy so look forward to seeing you around


plodding away
Happy new diary

Very brave starting ww when you have a busy time happening, hope it all goes well for you. Great 1st week loss too


And Again...........
Thanks All,

So I missed a weeks weigh in as I was in Newquay, the land of cream teas (one) and chips on the beach (one). I stuck really well, and had the above couple of treats, but made up the points elsewhere. Looking forward to todays weigh in, but its a Bank Holiday, so no w/w. Weighed on my scales, which I know will be different to the w/w ones, but wanted some sort of indication, and on them am down to 13st. so thats a loss of 11lbs overall.. Which is so much better than I hoped! Im just keeping my fingers crossed that they are not way out compared to my group leaders ones!

Went for my first run (cough.... jog) today, 17 mins, one min run, one min walk. Have tried to run before, but not with the diet, but am hoping this helps the weight loss, helps tone the flabby bits, and stops me from hitting that plateau (sp???) where you begin to slow down on the weight loss. Bought some proper running trainers, with the help of my hubby who is a keen runner, and the extra cushioning helped loads! The only trouble is, I cant keep up with him (he is off on his proper 6 mile run now!) so I need some running buddies at my speed!

So a jog on wednesday, and friday and sticking to the diet, hoping to loose a stone if i can by next mondays weigh in :)

Keep at it all :) Looooooooopy!


And Again...........
Just re-read.... I dont want to loose a stone by next monday!!! I want my total loss to be a stone.... A stone in a week, wow thats some weight loss!! Haha. Need 3lbs to loose the stone! :)


And Again...........
Hey All,

Still 4 whole days till my weigh in. Am dreading it, as having missed two (holiday and bank holiday) I just dont know where I am on her scales! I have lost a stone on mine, but thats from her initial weigh, to my scales, so I know there will be differences! Just dreading getting on them on Monday and her saying, so over the three weeks, you have lost 2lb or something similar! Im sure I havent, i have been so good, and I have actually noticed some change in my belly size! which is always good :)

New challenge has now come up, looking for a new job as my contract is ending.... Finding something suitable and quick is going to be a problem, but time to start looking. I would love to change career, to retail or bar/restaurant, but having no experience in that area is proving difficult! Well will perservere!

Hope everyone is planning a good weekend? :)



plodding away
Well done on the jogging/running you, a brisk walk is enough to send my for a quick lay down.

Positive vibes coming your way for your weigh in I am sure you will be pleased, have a great weekend


And Again...........
A quick entry, weigh in day and I lost another 6 1/2 over the last weeks, so a loss of 12lbs all together!!!! Fab news - good luck to all those awaiting weigh ins! :)



And Again...........
Thanks Vanda,

Am so tempted tonight to have chips from the chip shop, and peas :) Would love to nip round there now.....

My will power is waning!!!

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