Step 1 Sole Source Diet affecting fertility?

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by Jade x x, 30 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. Jade x x

    Jade x x Full Member

    Hi every1,

    Gave Cambridge a go at the beginning of Jan but unfortunately didn't have enough will power my mind jst wasn't in the right place! Anyway decided 2 try again on mon! :) Jst wondering has any1 had any experience with this diet affecting ur fertility in a negative way? Me & my man r already trying for a baby but r taking a break as such when I start Cambridge but I'm jst worried the diet could have a long term negative affect on my fertility? Jst don't want 2 do anything 2 jeopardise out chances x
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  3. Caz can do it

    Caz can do it Full Member

    I think cambridge can only help your fertility as you lose weight it will increase your chances.

    But that's just my opinion.

    week one- 17 1/2 pounds week two- 4 1/2 lbs week three- no weigh in week four- 11 lbs week 5- 5 1/2 lbs week 6- 4 lbs week 7- 1 lb week 8- 10 lbs week 9- 4.5 lbs week 10- 3.5 lbs wk 11- 2 lbs wk12- 6.5 lbs wk 13- 2.5 lbs wk 14- 2.5 lbs wk 17- 3.5 lbs wk 18 - 5 lbs week 19 - 5.5 lbs week 21 - 1.5 + week 22 - 4 lbs week 25 - 2.5 lbs week 28 - 1.5 lbs
  4. CrazyDiamond

    CrazyDiamond Gold Member

    I've heard people get more fertile on it, I've seen quite a few people have to stop due to pregnancy... So technically it's win win! X
  5. tazyb

    tazyb Member

    I was trying to conceive for nearly two years. I did 6 weeks of cambridge and fell pregnant. Apparently it's quite common and there are a lot of Cambridge babies about.

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