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diet after total food replacement?

:confused: bit worried about what diet to follow when i come off of tfr?

i love fish,salad,veg so eating that wont be a problem, i like quorn products, dont mind the odd bit of chicken, i dont think atkins or anything like that will be any good for me as i am not a huge meat eater.

was thinking along the lines of slimming world 'mainly green days' as it seems to have most of the food that i like to eat and can be eaten freely if you wish 'although i want to stick with small portions' i went to buy some multi vitamins yesterday to start to take when i eat again to ensure i am getting the nutrition that i need, i got some vitabiotics wellwoman so will take those along with small meals,

just not sure what diet to follow. any ideas? i am just scared in case i make a mistake and end up stuffing up:sigh:
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hi i didnt know you had to go on a diet too hehe think i need to read up more on things. i personally would surgest watch watchers this was the only diet that made some weight come off me, but i know my friend does slimming world and is doing well at it but due to me being a fussy cow and not liking pasta, rice, veg and salad i decided ww was better for me as i could eat food i liked and just watched the points. can i ask how long you are on the diet for after your refeed?


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oh rgt so sorry hun i think you have done so well and am so proud of you. i have to read up on this refeed as i am not sure on it at all lots of people talk about it but i dont have a clue. ww i was losing about 2-3lb a week and you was aloud ya treats as you done a bit of exercise to earn more points but ofcourse my problem is i slipped righ back into my old ways as tbh it didnt show i lost much and couldnt tell at all. good luck and keep us upto date on how well you going. xx

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Hey Nicki :) Can't see why SW wouldn't work so I'd say go for it if it's the option that you think will suit you best x


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Slimming world would be fine...low GL etc etc its personal choice you know your body... think about the foods you used to eat! They were the reason you got fat...try and aviod ... with me, i was a carb mosnter after a long time of not eating carbs...i got fat! So i will be avoid them like the plauge!!! what was it for you? when you have sussed that you should be able to take the best bits from an eating plan to suit xx
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I must admit that after reading various posts from Nic on GI diets I am looking into doing that when I finally hit my target. Someone told me it is what the South Beach diet is and is loaning me a book on it.


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S: 15st1lb C: 12st6.6lb G: 8st10lb BMI: 30 Loss: 2st8.4lb(17.25%)
Yep, the site that someone (again, I think it was Nic) posted that listed all of the GI ratings for each food etc was brill and that's the kind of thing I think I'll try and go by once I'm off TFR
i think the worst thing was carbs for me 2, i couldnt have a 'normal' portion of pasta it had to be a whole plate piled with it with loads of grated cheese and pizza and garlic bread 2 sometimes!

couldnt have two bits of toast i had to have 4,same with crumpets,muffins etc and sandwiches,couldnt have one sandwich with two bits of bread i had to have 4 slices of bread plus one or two bags of crisps.

i think portion control is going to be a key issue in trying to maintain my weight as i know my HUGE portions werent normal, i felt i had to eat that much to feel full although sometimes i kept on eating even when i knew my tummy was full so portion size and not being so greedy lol

i used to make pasta n sauce packet meal at midnight as a snack if i got hungry or super noodles or something with loads of cheese,then maybe one of the kids dairylea dunkers and a bag of crisps or two, boredom didnt help at all either, hehehehehehehe greedy greedy greedy

learn self control ! is a definite,small portions, STOP eating as soon as i am comfortably satisfied with my meal and not think i have to polish everything off.......


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Yeah, i would limit carbs...and the carbs you do have make sure they are wholemeal pastas bread etc ...low gi would be great for you and like you say portion control!
Best thing about Low GI is you're never left feeling hungry...Kylie Minogue has donr it for years and she looks fan blady tastic!!!


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GURRRR i just wrote a big reply then my internet crashed and it didnt post!!!! ok heres a shorter version


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I dont see low gl as a diet as you can eat almost anything... healthy eating xxxx
After refeed and during maintainence if you stick to loe GL with a few med gi thinks you will do fab!
Lipotrim and ther maintainence products use the same concept..its all about keeping blood sugar level and fibre! All the carbs used are wholemeal, which means it lowers the overall usable carbs as it is packed with fibre! ( you dont need to know that as you dont count them, but i just thought i would explain)
Its dead easy when you have read a book or 2 I would definately reccomend
Amazon.co.uk: antony thompson gl this one... it explains everything very well and has some fab recipes x also have a look at these links
The GI Diet - About the Glycemic Index and GI Recipes
After losing my last few lbs on atkins (in ketosis, as i only have 2 weeks of shakes :()i will be switching to low gl Sorry this one is shorter but my fingers hurt now lol xx
Am refeeding in conjuction with The Gi Diet by rick Gallop. Lovely recipes in there. Am cooking with balsamic vinegar instead of oil and it is scrummy. Also using my steamer a lot, put in portion of salmon or chicken and load the rest of the tier with veg, loads of black pepper and away i go!! xx


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Hi Nicki, ive bought the south beach diet book, looks very intresting. All about GI and has a great index of which foods have what etc. But your diet has to be what fits in with you and more importantly your NEW lifestyle x
Nicki you could try looking at Nutracheck with is basically an online food diary, that you can also put on your mobile, you put your weight , if you want to lose or maintain and it tells you how many calories you should eat each day, also tells you to do 200 cals worth of exercise which to be honest is a stroll and a bit of ironing.
Anyway you can then eat what you want but it keeps an online record via you updating it after each meal (my cousin swears by doing this
on her mobile) and it tells you how many you have left for the day

But a slimming world green day style would be fine also aslong as you watch the milk, cheese etc and keep your pasta portions to a reasonable level

I think nutracheck costs about 30 odd quid for six months so compared to LT its cheap!

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