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Diet and excercise


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I am following SW to the letter. I am eating alot, but mainly superfoods.

I have been going to the gym 4 times a week. Doing 1 dance excercise class and then 3 sessions concentrating on toning up. ( mainly weights and floor work). I have already lost 7 stone, so I am trying to conentrate on strengthening my muscle tone.

Now the problem I have is that I haven't list any weight so far this week (in fact it looks like I have put on 1lb).

If this is because of the gym work, then I can handle that, but if it's the diet, then what am I doing wrong??

Please help xxx
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I have recently really upped my exercise and have found my weight loss slowed for a while (and at first it stopped) BUT I have noticed a massive difference in how I look and my shape. People that haven't seen me for a while have really commented on how great I look- I keep saying "but I've only lost half a stone since I saw you last" but it seems that the difference is really noticable.

By building muscle you will increase your muscle mass which weighs more than fat- you will also be losing fat, but it may not seem fair when you look at the scales. BUT you are defining your shape, increasing your metabolism, improving your skin firmness and (most importantly) getting even healthier.

Maybe you losses will slow a bit at first, but don't see exercise as a way to get the numbers to come down quicker, but a way of looking and feeling better

yep I agree , sounds like you are converting your fat to muscle .. so it wont show on the scales but will show in your body :)
also make sure you are having enough syns ( at least 5 ) . But sounds like you are doing brill :) keep it up


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Have you been taking note of various measurements - waist/hips, thighs, top of arms, etc as you go along? If you're excercising and toning muscle - then you may find that these measures are changing fast even if the scales aren't changing that fast.

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