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  1. lalliali

    lalliali xPink Princess!x

    okay just needed a rant i think because im starting to think im being unreasonable?

    I have a uni friend who is doing cd also; she was like oh we can help and motivate each other i thought woo hoo great. she txts me every living moment and just keeps saying how shes weighed herself and shes a 1lb heavier or lighter and its starting to stress me out, no matter how many positive words i give its like shes obsessed.. shes much smaller in height i think around 5'2 and she needs to lose around 5 stones; the thing is she did the diet and lost weight but put it back on and i said to her you can do it, and dont compare ur losses to mine.. as im taller and weigh more which is why my losses are different to yours

    everytime i see her name pop up on my phone i feel abit :( coz its making me feel like crap and she doesnt seem to be pleased with my losses i get the feeling they're strained congrats but i dnt see the big deal shes still losing weight

    arghh! :sigh: im just glad im continuing my studies elsewhere as its my final year and i dnt need the added stress aswell; i work weekends also and shel txt me and if i dnt reply i have a influx of messages! Lol

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  3. Funky Mum

    Funky Mum Silver Member

    Oh that's hard. Its sounds like she's wanting the support but not really giving it, and she's sapping enthusiasm from you!
    Can you just ignore her txts and just reply to some? Don't let her drag you down!
  4. Hedgehog

    Hedgehog Gold Member

    I feel for you, I had a "buddy" on someother focus in my life that was similar, whenever I got a message from her, it was always moaning, but i was trying to support her, but if I needed a bit of support, I get oh thats terrible but its worse for me because of xyz..... she used to sap any will I had to be in contact with her right out of me.

    If she is someone you are good friends with it could be quite difficult, luckily for me she wasnt and I just stopped corresponding with her

    I would just say that text her once a day, and always end it with, text to you tomorrow so that she knows that you wont be on until then
  5. Fat-Boy-Slimmin

    Fat-Boy-Slimmin On a mission

    It's a difficult one, but I personally think the best thing you could do is be honest with her. If you let it go on it sounds like it will end up effecting your focus and motivation. You've done great so far and you need people to help and support you and vice versa, not use you and hold you back.
  6. lalliali

    lalliali xPink Princess!x

    thanks for the replies guys she hasnt messaged me today lol I have a wedding to go to next week so im sticking to the diet super strict so im going to ignore her for a while lol but the lack of support from her end is really getting me down i just dont think she realises what she is doing x
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