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diet coke chicken

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Nigella does a ham in 'fat' coke recipe which is lovely. Dont do SW but am guessing it's similar - you cook the meat in the coke?

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Oh, in Nigella's you basically boil it like making stock! Sorry, can't help then. x
Would love to try this... I do a gammon this way... I use the Sainsbury's basic cola as it seems such a waste of money when it is going down the sink.... and it is actually sugar free.



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I might be an idiot, but I think it only really works with full fat coke as the sugar does something that makes like a syrup. I know you can marinate meat it coke to make it tender and moist, might be worth trying with diet coke to see if you get the same effect :D

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Nope, it works with Diet Coke too and is delicious!

What I did with mine, it fry chicken breast chunks, with a little frylight until almost cooked, add a sprinkle of ground ginger and then add a can of diet coke and cook on a high heat until reduced and thick. I then added stir fry veg and it was yummy!!
Can definitely recommend it...even if you are skeptical (as I was), I can recommend you give it a try...you wont be disappointed!

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Let us know how you get on. X

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Divvy...nothing has happened to me and I've been eating this for a year!
If we worried about everything we would never eat again!


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I wont bang on about this being toxic....sweetners heated like this causes Methanol, you really want to eat that?
well it thats the case we put sweetener in puddings then cook them so wouldnt that be the same thing?

Im gonna still try it im sure i put worse in my body before now
I have never got round to trying it but I know that there are a lot of ladies on another plan (WW) who rave about it! Must pluck up the courage to try it!

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