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diet coke


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sorry hun l dont know about diet coke l usual have a coke zero now and again and it doesn't affect me :D


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Hi, I have a small bottle of coke zero a day as it helps me with that nasty taste in my mouth and helps my metabolism. My CDC as a few others I've met have all said its fine but it must be coke zero. It hasn't affected my weight loss. Good luck.


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You can also have Dr Pepper Zero, but as Shanny said no diet coke, I think it has a certain acid in it that will effect your ketosis x


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Diet coke and the decaf diet coke contains citric acid, this can cause you to come out of ketosis. Coke Zero and Dr Pepper Zero don't contain citric acid so are theoretically okay, but might make you feel hungry.... It's doesn't with me and I have a can or two a day but don't count them in my water consumption so they're extra.

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Tesco's own brand caffine free diet coke has no citric acid in it and its only 47p a bottle not £1.50+.


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check what sweeteners/colourings they use because some of them - I can't remember which - have citric acid in them but they don't need to list it.

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The fat is melting away!
S: 20st0lb C: 16st11lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 36.8 Loss: 3st3lb(16.07%)
I was a total diet coke addict before CD (2ltr bottle a day) but now gone cold turkey and cut it out completely.

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