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Diet Coke

I know that we aren't allowed Diet Coke at all on the programme.

I was wondering if anyone knows why? My books say that it's the acid that could knock you out of ketotis. This makes sense, but what I don't understand is that you stay in ketotis on Atkins, and you are allowed any diet sodas on that diet?

There's no way that I will risk my weight loss and try it, but was wondering if anyone knew more about it. I would be so much easier if I could go out and have a diet coke in the pub....water is so boring, and does make it so obvious you aren't drinking!!!
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You may be allowed DC on Aitkens but you never ever lose as much weight as on LL. Not sure why though hopefully one of our intelligent lot will answer that for you.

I used to love diet coke but could do without it now, if that helps.
Thanks LadyLite, I didn't realise that you didn't loose the weight that quickly on Atkins, must say I've never tried it, I don't think that I could eat all that meat!

I might treat myself to some of the water flavouring this week....I'm been too stingy to pay the £9 previously! Think that I need something different to taste though!

I've lost 21 lbs in 3 weeks now, so I'm not going to risk coming off the wagon now!
Wow thats a brilliant weight loss, well done. I did find the water awesome at first, although I do like water. The longer I have been on it the easier it gets. The toilet trips slow down a bit after a while.

I have found that the flavourings really help and also not having iced cold water. If you put some flavouring in Sparking water it is really nice as well.


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It's not always about ketosis. Sometimes other things in these drinks can cause a weight stall.

I've done atkins, but I'm no expert, but I know of Atkiners who also have to leave out the coke or they plateau.

I think that it's not such an obvious ploblem with Atkins as many people expect a plateau some time along the way. We don't expect this with CD and since the food is so limited, it's easy to find what the culprit might be if there's a stall.

It often turns out to be the diet coke.
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FYI - new studies released have proven that diet drinks actually cause you to gain weight.

I will try and find the artical later - but it has put me off them forever. I was a MAJOR diet coke addict. But never again. They really are HORRIBLE for you.

I must see if I can find that article - it was very eye opening!!


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I asked my counsellor this the other day. She told me it's partially behavioural as well - if we're abstaining, the danger of using diet coke in place of food when we feel an impulse to eat rather than dealing with it is high due to its sweet taste and association with junk food and treats. I guess there is something to that, as I'd much prefer to be drinking diet coke than coffee right now...

On atkins you can easily loose as much as with LL. I did. I lost 10 stones in 8 months on atkins.
Diet coke does not knock everyone out of ketosis, but it is quite normal that this can happen and make you feel hungry (therefore more likely to eat).

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