Diet Coke?

It can kick some people out of ketosis so the offical answer is no. Even if it doesn't kick you out of the pink, it can set off cravings with the colourings, etc. If you can resist, do honey.
If doing the CD SS plan then it is always advised that you wait until you are in established ketosis before introducing diet drinks.

If on 790 then diet drinks are allowed freely....
As far as I'm aware, diet coke is a no-no.

However, coke zero is OK in moderation (and once ketosis is firmly established).

A CDC should be along in a while to confirm this :)
Thanks Deb....both DQ and I have been along!!! :D :D
Thanks Deb....both DQ and I have been along!!! :D :D

I know - arriving late and tagging along at the back is my speciality!! ;)
You have no idea how pleased I am that the occasional zero coke is allowed :) I'm one of the lucky ones that doesn't drop out of ketosis easily and it will definitely help on (rare) nights out.
I was just thinking of New Years Eve tis all :)

My cdc said the occasional caffine free diet coke was ok, but I figured if people are allowed to drink coffee and tea then diet coke may be ok.

I think for now I'll just try and get over my craving
Coke zero is made with malic acid (i believe) which makes it more acceptable than diet coke. Given a choice between diet coke and coke zero, go for the zero! ;)
I have been doing 790 and had no idea that diet drinks were allowed!! This is true?
It sure is 8 of your yellow Weight Care booklet gives you all the details of what is allowed and not allowed on the 790 plan :)