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diet cola

is it just me or is anyone else addicted to this stuff????? i could go through 2 - 3 little bottles of diet cola a day if i could : / i cant even drink normal cola ne more :eek: i make sure i only have 1 a day now or even none cos i was becoming a little obsessive lol ..... cant be good for the stomach !
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Although it technically is free, I'd cut back on it and replace some of it with NAS squash or water.
My name is Lady A, and I am a diet-coke-aholic!

I had the same problem - I allow myself One Small bottle per day.

You cant give it up cold turkey but try and cut back its hard at first but Im doing better now!


Slow and steady...
I am addicted to fizzy. Diet coke, coke zero, anything zero.

I try and limit myself to 2 cans a day, one when the trolley comes round in the afternoon at work and then one at night time at about 8.

There was mention that fizzy drinks slowed down your weight loss but it hasn't affected me.

I can totally relate to this! At first I was using it to replace any sweet-stuff cravings I had, but now I try to use it as a treat or pick-me-up and only have one, maybe two a day!
I have a £3 a day diet coke habit.

I can have 6 cans a day on a bad day. I switched to Caffeine Free about 4 years ago and that still did nothing.
When I first started SW I cut down to 2 a day and I can manage without it but it's a struggle. Now if I have a can, I try and balance it out with 500ml of water. Have no idea how this would cancel anything out but it makes me feel better!
I used to drink up to 4 litres of diet coke a day. I wasnt loosing weight and the dr ha to run tests. I was told to stop drinking it and did successfully for 6 years. At the beginning when I stopped I had headaches, mood swings and shakes!! I now drink 2 cans a day (and sometimes not even that) and would rather have water.


Slow and steady...
I will happily stand up and say:
My name is Stacey and I am addicted to diet fizzy drinks.

I don't want to break the addiction though, because I don't drink tea or coffee I need my little caffeine boost in the afternoon. Plus it fills me up and stops me eating chocolate............. sometimes.

Im an addict too. All duet fizzy pop. I've never realy drunk regular coke except when hungover :)

My problem now. 1 can bloats me up to uncomfortable proportions. Especially my former favourite coke zero. So I have to pour it into a pint glass and let it go flat.

I have about 2 cans a week now!!!

I'm a recovering fizzaholic..
I love the stuff, I've strated on the pepsi Max. A fridge pack of 8 is only £2 at asda at the mo! But i have one to take to work with me during the week, and share a can with my sister at Dinner in the evening. I try not to have them at a weekend unless i'm going out and my tipple vodka is mixed with a diet coke! Thankfully i do drink a lot of water too. x


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Well done for cutting down! One of the problems with diet coke (and similar) is it's not good for the teeth. My dentist gave my sister a real telling off for drinking too much of it. We both try and limit ourselves to one can a day now - sob sob because we love it!
wohooo so im not the only one haha??? well ive bought one bottle today and itl last me allllll day lol hopefully ! otherwise i drink coffees i really need to up my water but it just makes me feel bloated : /
I drink it all the time -love Diet coke. Not keen on pepsi or own brands though.

I dont drink coffee or tea, so the DC and water with cordial is all i drink.

Apart from alcohol.......... but thats a different topic!!



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I am absolutly addicted to Diet Cherry Coke. I have had to stop buying the multipack of cans for work as I can go through 4 a day. I try and stick to 1 or 2 now.

I don't drink tea and coffee either, just NAS squash and diet fizzy.

There has been a lot of speculation that although it's free it can increase your waistline but i'm not listening to that, i haven't found a problem with it and plus i find it helps to keep me on track.

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