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diet dilemma


going to do it!!!!
hi there,
i was just wanting some advice please, ive done cd for past week and lost 9lb i stuck to it for 6 out of the 7 days ( i ate on one day loads!!) i think the diet is fab if you can stick to it but having done half hearted attempts at it since august i always end up eating and then piling on weight within days so im back to square 1:(
ive been reading atkins diet book and just wanted to know what the average weight loss is per week?

i realise that the weight loss will not be as quick as cd but as much as i try cd i can only manage 9 days at the most before i crack then start bingeing !!

i need to do something about my weight and have been considering atkins but im so confused ( and a bit scared that im going to be eating too many cals after being on so few)

a very confused Jo xx

i would love to just find an eating plan that fit in with my life as i have 4 boys ages from 15 down to 2 & half and i want to set them a good example with my eating habits and not have to sit at the table with them whilst they eat and for me to have a drink it doesnt feel right to me .
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Hi Josie, there are quite a few on Atkins here who are ex CD'ers. I'll let one of them answer. For myself, I lost an average of 2lbs per week on induction, I did have a lot to lose though.


going to do it!!!!
thanks jim,
i woke up this morning and one of my 2 yr old twin boys got a readymade cd drink out of the cupboard and gave it to me saying 'here mammy your breakfast' it really upset me:( SO, today is the day i start atkins i have to the decision has been taken out of my hands really it was awful when he said that to me!!

i need to go shopping today but i did manage to have what i think is an ok breakfast for induction

3 rashers of bacon
2 eggs scambled with cream and butter
5 cherry tomato
2 cups of decaff coffee(1 with cream)

is this ok??

Jo x
Yes, I'd go easy on the tomatoes though, especially on induction. Did you read my stickie at the top Josie? It's calles "So you're thinking of starting Atkins"

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